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 Chapter 373: Dual Flame Arts: Coil!

Bai Yunfei stood still within the circle with both arms crossed over each other. A wisp of light was starting to disappear from the two Desert Eagles now that he had stopped firing.

From start to finish, Bai Yunfei hadn't moved more than half a meter from his original spot, and everything within twenty meters of him was without blood.

Beyond those twenty meters was a bloodbath-corpses and blood pooled everywhere!

Two seconds after things had died down, Bai Yunfei's eyes twitched open. Observing the area around him, he looked pleased.

"Used about a third of my soulforce and feels like I just used an Eighty-one Fold Fist Force if I'm not wrong... that's a good result!" Bai Yunfei clutched his Desert Eagles in excitement.

"If that's the case, then I've gained a powerful move for dealing with many enemies. As long as the enemies aren't too strong, they won't be able to stop this move..."

Today was the first day he had tried out his gun fu in actual combat. The results were very pleasing to see.


His left hand shifted down to reveal the 'ammunition clip' of his Lightning Eagle. There was a faint glow from his Violet Soul Ring as soulforce flowed out of the ring and into the clip, refilling it with a new violet luster. Now that the clip had been refuelled, Bai Yunfei tapped the handle of the Lightning Eagle on the clip and pushed it back into the pistol with a clack.

The Fire Eagle was a fire type soul armament. Thus, Bai Yunfei could shoot bullets made from elemental fire straight from his body. However, the Lightning Eagle couldn't do this. It required a special 'ammunition clip' made from a lightning type primal stone. Then by using soulforce to feed the clip, even more 'bullets' could be made.

Of the two Deagles, the Fire Eagle technically contained an 'infinite bullets.' The Lightning Eagle, while technically housing an infinite stock of bullets as well, had to be reloaded every so often, but reloading didn't take much time at all.

Like the Lightning Eagle, the Fire Eagle had a clip, but it was in a constant state of being maxed out, so there wasn't a need to craft any special clips to reload the gun. If Bai Yunfei really wanted to, he could install another elemental clip in his gun to shoot different types of elements, but the power behind those bullets would be weaker since he wasn't trained in other types of elements.


An ear-deafening explosion reverberated through the air with an accompanying tremor reverberating through the ground. Bai Yunfei's Eyebrows lifted up in surprise as he turned to the source, only to see a ball of red light form on the horizon.

From what he could see, the red light was taking the shape of a mushroom cloud-

Someone was clearly using a super-strong fire move.

"What an intense battle they're having over there!" Bai Yunfei sighed, but then he whirled around, "Are the reinforcements here? I didn't notice them before..."

A large bubble of soulforce was radiating from the direction of the city. All sorts of varying fluctuations of soulforce and elemental energy could be felt for ten kilometers. The strongest of Beast Suppression City had already been deployed and fighting, but due to his concentration, Bai Yunfei hadn't noticed them until now.

Another wave of soulbeasts was rapidly advancing from several kilometers away, making Bai Yunfei quite glad that the village was located so far away. If the wave were to hit here rather than there, Bai Yunfei doubted that he'd have the strength to fend them off.

That didn't mean his fight was over just yet. Another small wave of soulbeasts was on its way to the village, forcing Bai Yunfei to run to the west to fight it. Compared to the first soulbeast wave, the amount of soulbeasts coming now was drastically smaller.

"It's over so fast!?" Elation filled Bai Yunfei as he swept the field in front of him with his soulforce.

"This is it... this is the last push!" He thought after two seconds.

As soon as Bai Yunfei's mind fill with glee, another occurrence immediately swept the emotion off his face. He looked up and stared off into the distance without being able to say anything.

"But... but why! Why is something like this showing up only now!?"

Bai Yunfei's nervousness was palpable even with his strength. "If that thing runs over to the village, there won't be anything left of it!" he remarked after looking back at the village.


"Is this the final test? Then bring it on! I can't let something like this scare me! I'll use the Cataclysmic Seal if I have too!" The more he thought to himself, the more determined he felt. The next wave of soulbeasts was nearly within range now, filling Bai Yunfei's eyes with an indomitable willpower, "Good thing this wave is the slowest of them all, so... I'll take care of them first!"

Lifting the two Desert Eagles, Bai Yunfei began to fire at the soulbeasts.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang..."

The red and violet bullets felt more like an individual stream of light than bullets being shot from Bai Yunfei's pistols. In the blink of an eye, another barrage of bullets was already upon the soulbeasts charging at him. He hadn't revealed another technique of his gun fu, but his rate of fire was much faster and his power was unwavering.

Of these next two hundred soulbeasts, the weakest of the bunch was only a late-stage class four while the strongest were ten late-stage class fives!

When the first barrage struck the soulbeasts, the first ten soulbeasts were reduced to nothing but holes. Some managed to evade with only a few non-fatal wounds while two of the mid-stage class five soulbeasts managed to completely evade all of the bullets!

"Roar!!" From the middle of the barrage, a mid-stage class five tiger let loose a furious roar. A ton of green energy was forming in the space between its jaws.

This was a unique move of the tiger, a roar that could fire off elemental power!


Before the tiger could complete its move, an elemental bullet the size of a peanut struck it without warning. The bullet shot into the tiger's jaw and soon made its way out the other side!

Compared to the bullets from before, this lightning bullet was both stronger and faster!

Lightning Eagle stats:

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Upgrade Level: +10

Attack: 1001

Additional Attack: 520

Soul Compatibility: 10%

+10 Additional Effect: 8% chance to fire a bullet twice as fast and strong.

Upgrade Requirement: 105 Soulpoints


The fact that the additional effect of the Lightning Eagle had activated didn't seem to catch Bai Yunfei's attention. He continued to let loose bullet after bullet.

Meanwhile, ten bursts of energy were headed in his direction.

Without dodging, Bai Yunfei directed the Cataclysmic Seal to provide a barrier to protect him from the ten bursts.

With countless of bullets aimed at it, another mid-stage class five soulbeast only managed another dozen meters before collapsing to the ground. In just a few seconds, another twenty soulbeasts were struck by the fire bullets.

At last, this round of soulbeasts had finally managed to make it within a hundred meters of Bai Yunfei. At the helm of this group was a golden monitor lizard; any bullet that made contact with its skin was brushed aside, leaving behind only a spark on its seemingly impenetrable scales!!

Despite the imperviousness of its scales, the bullets seemed like they were hurting the lizard. Each time a bullet struck, the lizard would cry out in pain, but these injuries were very small since the lizard continued forward. The eyes of lizard became more bloodshot with each bullet that landed. It seemed like it wished to tear Bai Yunfei from limb to limb.

Subjugating this next round of soulbeasts would be difficult with just these two Desert Eagles. Storing away the two pistols, Bai Yunfei chose not to take out another one of his soul armaments. Instead, he clenched his fists and brought them to his sides. He looked at the soulbeasts and smirked.

"Well then, let's try this move!"

As if responding to his remark, the Cataclysmic Seal shuddered. A fireball the size of an egg flew out. It was the second fireseed essence!

The fireseed transferred resting spots from the Cataclysmic Seal to Bai Yunfei, powering him up. Feeling the power course through him, Bai Yunfei began to perform a series of complex hand seals. A powerful aura of soulforce exuded from his hand seals in response to his gestures. In just seconds, dozens of hand seals were formed and the powerful elemental fire being melded by them became more and more visible. Before, Bai Yunfei's strength had remained obscured by a mysterious power, but when he started to go form the seals, his strength was revealed to be that of a late-stage Soul Ancestor!

"Dual Flame Arts: 'Coil'!"

Bai Yunfei shouted aloud as he finished the final seal, and his figure immediately vanished from sight!

The next second, he was on top of the golden monitor lizard's head!

What he had used wasn't the Wave Treading Steps. His figure didn't blur which was a common trait of that skill.

He had instantaneously moved to where the soulbeast was fifty meters away!

The flames that circled Bai Yunfei distorted the air around him with their intense heat. When closely studied, one would be able to see that the flames weren't a single unbroken chain of fire; instead, they were two halves! The color to the flame segments were different as well; the way the two streams of elemental fire behaved together clearly revealed that one was different from the other, like the Jing and the Wei rivers.


As soon Bai Yunfei appeared on the golden monitor lizard, he delivered an Eighty-one Fold Fist Force to its head.


Following the collision, the lizard's head was slammed into the ground, reduced to nothing but paste!!

"Whoosh!" With his right hand came the Fire-tipped Spear, and since the lizard was dead, Bai Yunfei moved on to kill other soulbeasts!

"Roar... boom... bang..."

With each roar came a different explosion as Bai Yunfei killed soulbeast after soulbeast with his spear. Not a single soulbeast was able to get ten meters behind him even the late-stage class five soulbeasts. At most, it only took him three strikes to fully kill each one!!

This round of soulbeasts was stronger than the previous ones, but they died just as quickly!

The strength Bai Yunfei was displaying was no different than that of an... early-stage Soul Exalt!!