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 Chapter 372: Dual Desert Eagles and Gun Fu

When Bai Yunfei was preparing to depart from the Crafting School and head to the Soulbeast Forest, he was gifted a scroll from his master, Zi Jin. The scroll contained information about many soulbeasts. It was akin to an encyclopedia. Every soulbeast recorded inside was meticulously researched.

The violetmist bat was a soulbeast of the lightning affinity. While it could absorb elemental lightning, it couldn't use it as a form of attack. Instead, what it used to attack was poison! It could expel a large amount of purple powder from its purple fur with a tinge of elemental lightning to strengthen the poison!

Violetmist bats were only as big as one's palm, so the poison they carried wasn't by any means a large amount, but what it lacked in poison it made up with numbers! They didn't gather in trifling amounts of hundreds, but in the thousands! Thousands of violetmist bats could sprinkle their poison in a concentrated area to kill absolutely anything near them!

Of the many soulbeasts in the forest, there were a few soulbeasts that weren't affected by its poison at all. The poisonous jumping rat was one of those few soulbeasts. This water affinity soulbeast was adept in poison as well! A poison constantly festered within these soulbeasts. It was dark-green in color and could evaporate into a poisonous fog! Furthermore, these rats could inject poison in people via their fangs. These rats were commonly seen hopping forward and were well-suited to travel with the violetmist bats.Wherever the violetmist bats were, the poisonous jumping rats were not too far away!

Today, Bai Yunfei was the one unfortunate enough to face thousands of both species.

While he was fortunate that they were only class four soulbeasts, there was still far too many of them...

The average Soul Ancestor would have to flee if they didn't want to die if faced with this swarm. Even a Soul Exalt would have a headache trying to deal with this problem.

This problem was something that Bai Yunfei could solve. Of the many solutions available to him, the easiest one would be to use the Cataclysmic Seal and smash the swarm. Through this method, not even a housefly would be able to escape.

However, this method possessed a flaw.

Using the Cataclysmic Seal to smash everything required more soulforce than he'd like to give and was slightly overkill for this situation.

Plus, he had yet another solution that'd fit the bill.

"Well then, how about I try out 'that' then!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up at the prospect of testing out 'that.' His lips curled into a smile as he watched the incoming soulbeasts that were traveling by air and by land. His left hand shook once to put away the Fire-tipped Spear. Then, as a sign of warm-up for what he was about to do, Bai Yunfei cracked his neck and narrowed his eyes.

Both of his hands shook before he raised them parallel to the ground.

One hand held a red soul armament while the other held a violet soul armament.

The soul armaments Bai Yunfei was holding in his hands wouldn't be recognized by any person in this world, but if he was in the other world, everyone would recognize what they were.

What Bai Yunfei carried was a pair of pistols!

That's right. Bai Yunfei was holding a pair of pistols!

Anyone from the other world would be able to recognize the model of these pistols as well, for they possessed a mighty name.

The Desert Eagle!

Author Note: I won't describe the Desert Eagle since the descriptions on Wikipedia were a bit boring to me. Should any reader have interest, please take a look yourself. Just know that Bai Yunfei is using them.

These were the new 'soul armaments' that Bai Yunfei had spent the last two years 'designing!' At last, he had finished them! His tribulations had been many and hard, but he was able to recreate one from his memories of the model.

There was a difference between the Desert Eagle he was using and the ones from his memories.

For example, his used a completely different type of bullet...

The Desert Eagle in his left hand shined with a violet light, indicating that it was made primarily from materials favoring the lightning element (hereby known as the 'Lightning Eagle'). The one in his right exuded a faint amount of elemental fire, making it a soul armament of the fire affinity (hereby known as the 'Fire Eagle').

These two 'Desert Eagles' that Bai Yunfei had crafted could be called his biggest profit in the field of crafting. He had spent the most time crafting them with many iterations and failures.

He ultimately found a rare type of material that'd help him craft a better version of the soul armaments. After asking his master, Zi Jin, those materials were found and given to him to craft with.

In the end, only three successful Desert Eagles were made with the limited materials he had. There was still one more, the 'Golden Desert Eagle,' but that one exploded when he tried upgrading it past +10. Thus, he didn't upgrade the next two Desert Eagles beyond +10.

As mentioned before, the strongest soul armament Bai Yunfei was capable of making was only a mid-earth tier soul armament. These two Desert Eagles were both mid-earth tier soul armaments, but since they were upgraded to +10, their attack power was as strong as a high-earth tier soul armament.


It seemed nigh impossible for Bai Yunfei to ward off the thousands of soulbeasts coming at him with just these two pistols alone. Even though the pistols shot bullets made of elemental energy rather than solid material, an infinite amount of ammunition still wouldn't be enough.

There was something in these two pistols that gave Bai Yunfei confidence. Confidence that stemmed from the memories of when he first used 'that' with the Desert Eagles...


Bai Yunfei looked to the incoming swarm of soulbeasts while his hands tightly gripped the dual Desert Eagles. He closed his eyes and slowly exhaled. His right foot took half a step back while his left hand tilted forty-five degrees down so that the muzzle pointed at the ground. His right arm was held to his side at ear-level for him to aim and fire.

Anyone that looked at him now would remark that his posture was strange.

The swarm of rats was already within a hundred meters of Bai Yunfei, ready to drown him in the waves of soulbeasts!

That was when Bai Yunfei struck!

Without even opening his eyes, Bai Yunfei directed his legs to move in a strange way, as if trying to sway between two points within a very small radius. While his swaying movement looked very 'subtle,' his entire person had somehow turned blurry!!

Simultaneously, red and violet balls of light suddenly shot forth from his figure. Like marbles, these balls of light flew forward with frightening speed!

In the blink of an eye, a 'barrage of bullets' filled a small circular portion of air in front of Bai Yunfei, flying straight for the swarm!

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang..."

A series of concentrated pops could be heard as the 'bullets' made from elemental energy tore through any soulbeasts they touched and then the next two or three soulbeasts after! It didn't matter if the bullets hit a bat or a rat. The bullets destroyed and even reduced the soulbeasts to nothing but ashes after they struck!

In no time at all, more than a hundred soulbeasts had been shot to death. Due to the nature of their deaths, the bats and rats left behind a mist of blood in the air and on the ground!

This was the armament skill Bai Yunfei had invented, gun fu!!

With his impeccable movements, his extreme accuracy and soulsense, and his unlimited bullet-shooting Desert Eagles, Bai Yunfei could take on the swarm without any gaps in his technique!

The wave of soulbeasts stepped over the remnants of the first few, who had been shot to death, with shrill cries as they stormed toward Bai Yunfei, but before ten meters of distance could be crossed, the next wave of soulbeasts were blown apart. Bats dropped from the sky, leaving behind a mist of blood, giving off an extremely eerie sight.

It didn't matter where the soulbeasts were coming from. They were shot relentlessly and in great numbers. Only those who were fortunate enough to be outside of a hundred-meter radius of Bai Yunfei were spared.

Eventually, the soulbeasts surrounded Bai Yunfei in a large circle. The fact that there was such an empty circle within this swarm of soulbeasts was more than enough to demonstrate the capabilities of Bai Yunfei's gun fu!

From the countless barrage of elemental bullets being fired, the ones that were violet in color were unmistakably faster than the red ones. The soulbeasts who were trying to run past Bai Yunfei were shot then, even if they were outside the hundred-meter radius.

The only sanctuary of peace was just the village itself. The bullets of the Desert Eagles covered every other inch of the area. It didn't matter if they were aimed at the sky or the earth...

Not even a minute after the swarm had tried to get past Bai Yunfei, all several thousand soulbeasts were dead-just like that!