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 Book 1 Chapter 35: +13 brick! Hurling!

After being stupefied for half a minute, Bai Yunfei acted the same as before. He stood up with a whoosh, threw the brick to the ground fiercely, stamped his foot and shouted abuse.

"F*ck you! Are you kidding me?!?!"

... ... ... ...

Only after another five minutes was Bai Yunfei finally able to calm his trembling heart and body down. As he picked up the brick, half of which had been sunk into the ground, and brushed the soil from its surface with his hand, he almost burst into tears.

"If I had known it, I would have upgraded the Glacial Piercer..." Staring at the brick in his hand with a complicated expression, Bai Yunfei started to regret upgrading it in his heart.

With a thought, the properties of the brick showed up in his mind.

"Item grade: Normal.

"Upgrade level: +13.

"Damage: 9.

"Additional damage: 132.

"+10 Additional effect: Attacks have a 1% chance of confusing the target for a maximum of 3 seconds (when attacking the head, the chance of confusing increases to 5%).

"+12 Additional effect: Attacks have an 8% chance of stunning the target for a maximum of 5 seconds (when attacking the head, the chance of stunning increases to 15%)."

"+13 Additional effect: Attacks have a 30% chance of hurling the target through the air.

"Upgrade requirement: 50 soul points."

"This..." The gloomy expression on Bai Yunfei's face disappeared in an instant and was replaced with an extremely astonished one, as if he did not dare to believe the information in his mind.

After being astonished for ten something seconds, he put the brick down on the ground again in a somewhat stupefied manner then picked it up once more and examined it. He put it down again, picked it up once more and examined it...

After doing so several times, he was finally sure that this was real. Holding the brick with both hands, he murmured: "This... can also be considered a small compensation for the losses. Though both the Icesoul Silver Needles were destroyed, this one's additional effects seem not bad either. At least I didn't lose all those items for nothing...

"Then, let's go and test its power next!" Bai Yunfei's dejection had been swept away. He unexpectedly looked a bit excited now. With his face filled with a desire to test the brick, he carried it running towards the village.

Li Chengfeng was lifting a large wooden barrel with each of his hands, running back and forth in the village. Normally, when full of water, the barrels could only be moved slowly with difficulty using a pole by the villagers, but they looked as if their weight did not exist in his hands - he had just finished his training and was using his break time to help the villagers collect water.

When he had just filled the water tank of a family and was about to go and collect water again, he saw Bai Yunfei rushing back in haste from the mountain behind the village with a brick in his hand and a face full of expectation.

"What's up, Yunfei?" Seeing him like that, Li Chengfeng asked in a somewhat confused manner.

"Ah, I just got a good thing. Chengfeng, stop what you're doing first and come test its power with me." Bai Yunfei said to him while weighing the brick in his hand.

"Er... this one? A brick?" Li Chengfeng asked doubtfully without reacting.

"Yeah, this one. Don't ask. You'll know after checking it out. Let's go!" After saying so, Bai Yunfei went impatiently towards a vacant area outside the village.

"Oh, alright..." Seeing him so eager, Li Chengfeng became a bit curious. He put the wooden barrels down and followed him.

"You put up a good defense first. I'll hit your shoulder with it to see what will happen." Having arrived in the vacant area, Bai Yunfei said after thinking for a while.

Despite not knowing what Bai Yunfei had in mind, Li Chengfeng still channeled his soulforce without saying a word, causing the flesh of his shoulder to wiggle slightly for a while. When he had already prepared his defense, he thought doubtfully to himself: "What did he mean? He wants to hit me with that brick? How can this kind of attack be effective against a soul cultivator? Or there's something special about that brick? But no matter how I look at it, it's just an ordinary brick..."

Just when he was still guessing to himself, Bai Yunfei walked up to his face and raised the brick in a simple manner without using any technique then smashed it down on his shoulder.



Before a soft collision sound could ring out completely, Li Chengfeng's surprised, painful cry was heard. He unexpectedly could not help taking two steps backwards while massaging his left shoulder nonstop. As he grimaced in pain, he drew in breaths of cold air.

"How is this even possible?! Just now this brick... Yunfei, you didn't use the Overlapping Waves Art, right? Just like the Threefold Thrust, this was... the Threefold Smack?" Li Chengfeng asked while staring at Bai Yunfei with a face full of bafflement. He had channeled his soulforce and made the pain in his left shoulder disappear.

"Smack my ass! Just now did I look like I was using a soul technique?" Bai Yunfei snapped then said to himself in an engrossed manner, "Um, but... Threefold Smack? Ha ha, I'll think about it..."

Li Chengfeng was somewhat speechless. Such a powerful soul technique would really be applied to this brick?

"Yeah, let's continue. This time you must defense yourself properly." After thinking for a while, Bai Yunfei said again.

Li Chengfeng was stupefied: "We'll still test it? What do you actually want to do? Alas... Alright, come hit me again."

Just like before, Bai Yunfei hit Li Chengfeng's shoulder with three continuous strikes. This time, Li Chengfeng had already prepared himself by strengthening his defense so despite still feeling a little pain, he did not even move half an inch. He looked doubtfully at Bai Yunfei, who would stare at him hopefully for a few seconds whenever hitting him with the brick.

After the third hit, Bai Yunfei looked at the brick in his hand rather disappointedly and said to himself: "Strange... Why hasn't it happened yet?"

He then raised his head again looking at Li Chengfeng and said smilingly: "You're really lucky, Chengfeng..." After that, he smashed the brick down once again.

"Oh? What do you mean? My luck..." Li Chengfeng said in puzzlement, but before he could finish what he was saying, something unusual suddenly happened just when this blow landed on his shoulder!

When Bai Yunfei felt a strand of soulforce flow into the brick in his hand, his eyes brightened: "Here it comes!"

Li Chengfeng, who had still been nonchalant just then, suddenly flew into the air without finishing what he was saying as if he had been rammed into head-on by a big truck... er, big horse carriage. He flew away more than three meters then, after landing, slid away nearly ten more meters before he finally stopped.

Li Chengfeng sat on the ground with his mouth half-open. He was not injured, but he had been somewhat stupefied by this sudden situation.

"Ha-ha, it was finally activated. This is the 'hurling' effect, isn't it? It's even more formidable than I thought, ha ha..."

Bai Yunfei's slightly complacent, happy laughter woke Li Chengfeng up with a start from his stupefaction. He stood up and looked at the brick in Bai Yunfei's hand with an astounded expression, asking: "Yunfei, what happened just now? My body suddenly flew backwards uncontrollably but I'm not injured at all... Could it be this brick was the cause of this?"

"Yeah, you're right. It's miraculous, isn't it? Ha ha, I'll explain this to you in a while. Come, let's continue..." Bai Yunfei stopped talking to himself when hearing his questions then walked towards him again with a totally excited expression.

"Wait, wait! I quit. This is a strange thing. I don't want to play with it anymore..." Li Chengfeng looked at the brick in Bai Yunfei's hand, which seemed to be slightly emitting a red light, and said while waving his hands repeatedly. Bai Yunfei's longing expression had given him the creeps.

"Alas... How can you be like this? It won't hurt you... That hurling effect just now only has a 30% chance of being triggered." Seeing Li Chengfeng backing off continuously, seeming unwilling to cooperate with him in his 'experiment' again, Bai Yunfei thought for a while then had no choice but to change his tune, saying: "Alas, forget it. How about you hitting me? At least this is okay, right? I'll have a taste of its effect myself."

"Er... is this really okay?" Li Chengfeng was stupefied and stopped retreating. Looking at the brick held out to him by Bai Yunfei, he received it hesitantly. As he weighed it in his hand, a hint of curiosity gradually appeared in his eyes. He then raised his head, saying: "Alright, I'll help you test it. What should I do? Still hit your shoulder with it? How much force should I use?"

"Let me think... Don't hit my shoulder. Hit my forehead, okay? But don't use a lot of force. Just hitting me gently is enough." Bai Yunfei said after thinking for a while.

"Forehead? Alright, then get your defense ready. I'm hitting you now..." Li Chengfeng was a bit stupefied then said somewhat uncertainly.

"Yeah, just do it, but wait for a while after every time you hit me. Don't hit me again until I tell you to." Bai Yunfei lowered his head slightly and warned.

"Oh..." Li Chengfeng slowly held out the brick in his hand and smashed it on Bai Yunfei's forehead with a small force.


Although he used a very small force, when the brick hit Bai Yunfei's forehead, it created a strange soft sound.

Afterwards, just like what had happened to Li Chengfeng earlier, Bai Yunfei flew away a good distance with slight buzzing sounds as if he had been rammed into by a galloping big horse carriage.

Looking at Bai Yunfei, who was sitting on the ground in some confusion, then looking at the brick in his hand, Li Chengfeng was stupefied for a short while then suddenly laughed out loud with his hands holding his stomach.

"What did you say? The hurling effect has an activation chance of less than one to three, right? Ha ha... then looks like I'm really way luckier than you, ha ha!!"

Bai Yunfei struggled up from the ground, brushed the dirt off his body and said in a somewhat embarrassed manner: "Er, that was unexpected, unexpected... Let's continue."

"Continue? Alright, alright. Get ready, here I come." This time Li Chengfeng appeared to be very active and even to be quite enjoying himself. Regardless of what this so-called 'hurling' effect actually was, at the moment he found it very interesting and especially delightful.

"Yeah, hit me." When Bai Yunfei saw that Li Chengfeng's face was full of expectation, the corners of his mouth twitched in an unnatural manner.

"Hopefully... all the effects will be tested soon..." He prayed to himself in his mind.