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 Chapter 353: Meeting Mo Ni Again

Bai Yunfei was surprised Since he hadn't expected his visitor to be Mo Ni of all people. Managing to disguise his shock by cupping his hands and bowing, Bai Yunfei greeted the other man, "Ah, so it was brother Mo, what brings you here...?"

Mo Ni smiled, "I've always admired the glorious Crafting School, so when it came time to journey the world, I decided to visit here. I had hoped that I'd be able to request a soul armament if I brought some of my more precious treasures. The esteemed elders have already agreed to my request, so I'll be waiting here until elder Huangfu Nan finishes making one."

"Oh, so elder Huangfu Nan is making a soul armament for you." Bai Yunfei replied in realization. "I heard that someone offered enough materials to make five high-earth tier soul armaments, but I didn't realize that it was you..."

"Haha, if I require the assistance of another, it's only logical that I uphold my end of the deal. It's really unfortunate that the materials needed for a heaven tier soul armament are many. I had to compromise for a high-earth tier soul armament instead." Mo Ni shook his head with a sigh.

"Brother Bai, I really didn't expect to see that you, the one who caused such a ruckus back in Mo City, would be a student of the Crafting School, let alone an esteemed disciple of the old headmaster Zi Jin... when I came across the truth just a few days ago, brother Lin and I were incredibly shocked... brother Bai-ah, perhaps I should be calling you senior uncle Bai?"

"Very humorous, brother Mo, since when should I be referred to as such? Just refer to me like someone else from the same generation." Bai Yunfei waved his hand.

"'Brother Lin'? Did you come with someone else, brother Mo? Would it be..."

"Correct, I came with Lin Dongxiao. He has some business with the Crafting School."

"The junior headmaster of the Beast Taming School, Lin Dongxiao?" Bai Yunfei asked for clarification. "What's he here for?"

"Brother Bai, do you dislike the Beast Taming School?" Mo Ni asked when he saw the look on Bai Yunfei's face, "Was it because of what happened in Curopia City?"

"You know about it?"

"Haha, only a little. Actually, that's the reason why Lin Dongxiao is here today. He's here to make a formal apology..."


"That's right. You might not know it, brother Bai, so let me explain the situation to you. The Beast Taming School had something to do with the house of Xiao in Curopia City. But those people were traitors to the school, so the Beast Taming School didn't know about their actions. After investigations were made, the school was able to root out the rest of the rebelling members. Those members were actually rebels from three years ago who did evil on pretense of being from the Crafting School. They were even colluding with the evil Spirit Refining School. Despite their investigations, the Beast Taming School was unable to stop things in time before your Crafting School was involved. That's why Lin Dongxiao is here today, to offer an apology in hopes that there won't be any unpleasantries between the two schools..."

Bai Yunfei listened to the 'explanation' with a nod of his head in understanding, but his mind was thinking the exact opposite. "Can it really be that simple? Is that even possible? The Beast Taming School can claim these actions were made by 'traitors,' but that's far too convenient and takes them out of the equation. To save the king, you sacrifice the rook. That's exactly the situation right now..."

Mo Ni smiled when he noticed that Bai Yunfei didn't seem to want to continue talking about the Beast Taming School any more. "Brother Bai, your heroic antics of saving miss Tang that day in Mo City were made known to everyone." He changed the subject, "I heard that you managed to kill the 'Stone Asura' Ta Shan before saving Tang Xinyun. He was a horrible, but strong Soul Exalt. If you were able to kill him, does that mean you're a Soul Exalt as well? It's no wonder you're the disciple of senior Zi Jin then..."

"Haha, you give me too much credit, brother Mo. I'm nowhere as strong as you think I am. It was only a fluke that I was able to kill Ta Shan." Bai Yunfei modestly replied, "I'm nowhere near as strong as you, brother Mo. You're already a Soul Exalt. I can't help but admire your talent."

"What is there to admire? I heard that you're only twenty years old. I'm older than you by a good ten years, but when I was your age, I wasn't strong enough to kill a Soul Exalt like you are..."

Becoming a Soul Exalt by the age of thirty was talented enough to be regarded as a genius who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Jiang Nan.

The two talked for a while longer before Mo Ni had to finally leave. He promised that he'd go sightseeing with Lin Dongxiao below Mt. Crimson. He invited Bai Yunfei to go with them, but Bai Yunfei declined, saying that he still had some training to do.

Mo Ni's coming was a mystery to Bai Yunfei, but he didn't care enough to really think about it any longer. If the Beast Taming School was trying something, then senior Kou Changkong would deal with it appropriately. Whatever goal or sinister plot the Beast Taming School was planning, Bai Yunfei was sure that the elders would deal with it the way they knew best.

They had after all thought more about the situation than he did, so Bai Yunfei didn't need to blindly worry about it.

After returning to his room, Bai Yunfei continued to train once more...


Two days later, in the morning-

About a kilometer away from the Western Point dormitories on a patch of grass-

Though winter was already approaching, it was still quite warm and summerlike on Mt. Crimson. This was extremely apparent with how many trees had leaves sticking stubbornly to their branches. The only hint was the withering grass, but there was still many tufts of grass that retained their lush-green color as a final sign of resistance.

Bai Yunfei lay on a slope with his head resting on his hands. A shabby strawhat lay on top of his face, protecting his eyes from the sharp sunlight.

He looked as though he was asleep.

After two days of constantly studying the Dual Flame Arts, Bai Yunfei was thoroughly unsatisfied with how little progress he was making.

He was starting to get impatient, so he decided to take a break today and try to loosen up before attempting again.

As he lay there, Bai Yunfei couldn't help but think more about the Dual Flame Arts-more specifically-one of the questions he had.

As his mind wandered off, Bai Yunfei felt the strawhat on his face get pulled away by someone, causing sunlight to sprinkle onto his unprotected face. Meanwhile, an aromatic fragrance wafted into his nose.

Noticing the two changes, Bai Yunfei looked up to where someone was stooping over him with a hand on his strawhat. A smile could be seen as well as long hair that drifted in the wind.

"Oh? Xinyun, what brings you here?" Bai Yunfei sat up to ask.

Smiling as she sat down next to him, Tang Xinyun replied, "I came here to see you, Yunfei. What were you thinking about? You were so distracted you didn't even noticed me get close."

"Oh, haha, I really didn't. Was just thinking about a few problems I have run into while training, that's all." Bai Yunfei smiled.

Noticing that something was missing when he looked around, Bai Yunfei asked, "Where's Doraemon? She didn't come with you?"

Like a tail, the girl known as Huangfu Rui was always behind Tang Xinyun.

However, she wasn't here this time.

"She's playing with Tingting. They get along just as well as she does with me, and they're basically stuck together like candy since it's been awhile since they were last together. Little Rui wants to learn the art of hydrotherapy as well it seems..."

"A fire-type soul cultivator trying to learn hydrotherapy? What a silly thought..."

"Haha, maybe. Little Rui is still like a child. Just yesterday, she was trying to form an essence waterseed, but when it failed, master immediately started to scold her attempting..."

Tang Xinyun looked a little lost when it came to trying to deal with Huangfu Rui, but still, a smile could always be seen on her face.

"..." A drop of sweat rolled down Bai Yunfei's forehead.

"How silly Doraemon is..."