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 Chapter 351: Dual Flame Arts and the Dual Dragon Burst!

"Master..." Bai Yunfei hesitated. This was the very first time he'd ever seen his master reveal such a pensive look.

Was there something wrong with him having two essence fireseeds?

Now that he was thinking about it, the question was making him nervous.

"Oh? Ah. Yunfei, there's no need to feel worried. It's a good thing! A very good thing!" Laughing, Zi Jin replied to alleviate Bai Yunfei's worries.

"This situation of yours is completely unprecedented. Whether it be from the history of our Crafting School to the several millenias of the Tianhun Empire, no records have ever mentioned a person doing what you have done!

"But... do you remember when told you about the predecessor of our school. The one who had had a companion fireseed?"

Bai Yunfei nodded.

"Your student remembers. Master said that having two complete essence fireseeds co-existing in the same body was impossible. The best case is when one essence fireseed absorbs the other one, and the worst case is the body explodes into pieces, but that predecessor found a different solution. He formed a companion fireseed and shocked the world."

"Correct. It took that predecessor many years of hardwork, yet there was still a bit of luck involved to form a companion fireseed. You experienced tremendous luck as well by successfully forming two fully intact essence fireseeds! Perhaps you don't understand the significance of your achievement... Yunfei, you've an unlimited amount of potential in you. If you continue to train hard, you'll definitely bring forth a new paradigm to this world!"

Bai Yunfei felt lost with the amount of praise Zi Jin was showering him with, "Master... while your student does have two essence fireseeds, I can only use the one in my body and control them one at a time. Though the second one in the Cataclysmic Seal can increases its strength by a lot, it's..."

What he was trying to say was: while I'm a lot stronger now with two essence fireseeds, they're nowhere as powerful as you're describing.

Naturally catching onto what Bai Yunfei was trying to hint at, Zi Jin shook his head, "Yunfei, do you know why I wanted to talk to you about the predecessor with the companion fireseed?"

"Your... your student knows not..."

"That's because this predecessor was not only someone who reached the top of the world, he also left behind... an eternal amount of treasure for our Crafting School!

"He created the methodology of training with dual fireseeds, and he was also the one who invented an unbelievably strong soul skill!"

Only adoration could be heard in Zi Jin's voice as he spoke. This predecessor was clearly someone of great importance to him.

As he spoke, his right hand rose into the air and cut into space.

Then, in front of Bai Yunfei's very eyes, Zi Jin's hand went into this cut part of the air!!

It was like the opening to a cave or like something had opened up of the air. His hand had reached into the opening, and the parts of his hand that had entered the tear couldn't be seen on the other side.

Bai Yunfei wasn't able to see what Zi Jin was grabbing, but the moment Zi Jin pulled his hand out, Bai Yunfei was again startled by what he saw.

In Zi Jin's hand were two crimson scrolls. He extended them to Bai Yunfei to take.

"Master, these are..." Bai Yunfei's voice shook as he accepted the scrolls.

"These are the invented art and soul skill that our predecessor left us, the mid-heaven tier art, the Dual Flames Arts and the mid-heaven tier soul skill, the Dual Dragon Burst!"

Bai Yunfei's hands started to shake violently once he processed Zi Jin's words. His heart started to skip several beats-heaven tiers! The both of them, and both were mid-tier as well!!

It is extremely crucial to note that the rarity of a soul skill was many times more precious than a soul armament of the same rarity!

Pausing to take a deep breath, Zi Jin waited for Bai Yunfei to calm down before continuing. "I was planning on giving you them to you if you had successfully managed to form a new essence fireseed. It was unfortunate that you failed then, and I never expected you to form a second one during your trip to Mo City...

"Yunfei, from today on, you'll practice the two scrolls here, especially the Dual Flame Arts. That predecessor said that he had created this art so that he could learn how to train with both essence fireseeds, but he failed and only managed to form a companion fireseed instead. But still, he was able to use the Dual Flame Arts, just not its fullest extent like he had hoped. He passed down these scrolls, hoping a student would be able to fulfill his wish...

"The Dual Dragon Burst is a complementary soul skill to the Dual Flame Arts. As long as you familiarize yourself with the Dual Flame Arts, you'll be able to make use of the soul skill. It's power... is rumored to have once killed two Soul Kings when our predecessor first used it!"

The more he listened to Zi Jin's explanation, the more Bai Yunfei was sent into a silent state of shock, but when he looked back to the two crimson scrolls in his hands, a fire was starting to burn to life in his eyes.

Noticing how excited Bai Yunfei was, the corners of Zi Jin's lips started to curl into a smile. "Yunfei," he warned, "take some time to study and learn the Dual Flame Arts. Don't be hasty, even your master doesn't understand much of the records left behind by our predecessor. Use the Dual Flame Arts only if you're in immediate danger, do you understand?"

Putting away the scroll, Bai Yunfei nodded earnestly. "Your student understands, master."

"Good. Go back and rest for now. After traveling for so long, you must be tired, right?"

For two whole days and night, Bai Yunfei had traveled with Tang Xinyun to Mt. Crimson without stopping. He dropped Tang Xinyun off at the Eastern Point and headed straight to see his master, meaning he hadn't rested since they had left.

Even now, he was still planning on seeing the rest of the brothers and elders in the school before he'd rest.

Bai Yunfei rose to leave the room, but then a sudden thought struck him.

"Master, your student still has one last thing. If master could give his guidance for this, please."

"Oh? What is it? Speak."

"When your student was in Mo City, I watched Xinyun use the fireseed spirit mushroom to regain her essence fireseed and form yet another soulbound armament... what your student would like to ask is this:

"For us of the Crafting School, the formation of our essence fireseeds is a chance to forge a soulbound armament or refine it even further by increasing our soul compatibility with it. Then, couldn't we dissolve our essence fireseed and use a fireseed spirit mushroom to reform another essence fireseed? That way, as long as we have enough fireseed spirit mushrooms, we could make more and more soulbound armaments, or maybe even refine a soulbound armament and hope to turn it into a lifebound armament...."

This question surprised Zi Jin, but he shook his head with a faint smile. "Yunfei, it's not as simple as you think... using fireseed spirit mushrooms is not ideal. First off, fireseed spirit mushrooms aren't cost-effective, and secondly, we don't have a small amount of low-heaven tier soul armaments. Fireseed spirit mushrooms require at least a thousand years to mature, making them very rare outside of nature. However, more importantly, using the fireseed spirit mushroom again and again has its limits..."

"Limits?" Bai Yunfei asked. This was the very first time he had heard of such a thing.