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 Chapter 342: The 'Soulbound' Yun's Soul Ring (Third)

The report Tang Jing notice mentioned that a very old fireseed spirit mushroom existed within their family' storehouse!

Tang Xinyun's father had finally decided to help Tang Xinyun reform her essence fireseed with it...

A long state of shock followed shortly after Bai Yunfei heard this information.

Bai Yunfei had painfully tried to think of a way to find another mushroom, but who would've thought that one would just drop into his lap?

Bai Yunfei was ecstatic now that he knew there was one to be gained. It didn't even matter that the Tang didn't bring it out earlier. They made up for that by taking it out now.

The more important thing was that Tang Xinyun would be able to reform her essence fireseed! She would be able to practice the path of fire! She would remain a student of the Crafting School!!

All of the problems that Bai Yunfei was so worried about had been easily resolved!!

There was a complete turnabout in the way the Tang were treating him after Ta Shan was killed. Even Tang Xinyun and her mother were starting to be treated better.

Each action the Tang did had to be thought of well in advance, but Bai Yunfei didn't care what they did. All he cared about was seeing Tang Xinyun recover her strength and state of mind.

If the Tang said they'd do something, then they'd do it. On the second day after Bai Yunfei heard the news, Tang Xinyun was personally protected by her father while she ate the fireseed spirit mushroom and reformed her essence fireseed.

The formation of an essence fireseed was an special situation for a crafter. It was the only time in a soul cultivators life that they could take advantage of the situation to create a... soulbound armament!

Tang Xinyun joined the Crafting School when she was only a late-stage Soul Warrior. Not long after that, she was able to craft and form her first soulbound armament.

Now that she could reform her essence fireseed again, she could... forge another soulbound armament!

A second option existed as well. If a second soulbound armament wasn't wished to be gained, then that person could choose to 'refine' the first soulbound armament. While this option meant that a second soulbound armament couldn't be obtained, it was still a huge power boost to the first that would increase its soul compatibility.

That in itself was already very useful.

With two equally appealing options for Tang Xinyun to decide on, Bai Yunfei didn't try to influence her decision.

He decided to let her choose for herself...

Bai Yunfei was actually very sorry that he squandered that opportunity himself. When he had formed his second fireseed, the same opportunity presented itself to him. Whether he made his Ardent Sun Gloves into a soulbound armament or made his Fire-tipped Spear or Flameblade Bracer even stronger, Bai Yunfei would've benefited greatly either way.

Unfortunately, the affair with Tang Xinyun being kidnapped by an extremely strong Ta Shan left Bai Yunfei no choice when he formed his second fireseed and the opportunity was lost.

Even though Bai Yunfei was sorry the chance had been lost, he had never regretted his decision.

Should the same choice present itself to him again, Bai Yunfei would still choose the same.


Tang Xinyun found herself back in the Soul Sprite realm after reforming her essence fireseed; in fact, she was now a mid-stage Soul Sprite, which brought her quickshade bird into the realm of a fifth class soulbeast. The birds wounds were also rejuvenated.

Time was needed for Tang Xinyun to readjust to her strength, so Bai Yunfei waited until afternoon to see her. While he waited, he spoke with the Flying Dagger Brothers in his courtyard, asking several questions about the technique.

The two brothers had come before, but Jing Mingfeng had met with them to say that Bai Yunfei was still recuperating from his battles. Having been told that, the two left so that they could visit another day.

"Xinyun, have you adjusted yet? How do you feel?"

As soon as Bai Yunfei saw Tang Xinyun come out of her room, he stood up from his seat to rush over to her.

"I'm fine. My essence fireseed has settled down, so there shouldn't be any problems..." Tang Xinyun nodded with a small smile

Her head tilted as she noticed Han Chong and Han Lin, "And these two are...?"

Rising to greet her, Han Chong said, "You must be the only daughter of the Tang? This one is Han Chong, and this is my younger brother, Han Lin."

"Nice to meet you." She nodded. She knew who they were, but she was confused about why they were here.

Realizing why she was confused, Bai Yunfei explained, "The Han brothers were there the day I took the fireseed spirit mushroom. Without them, I never would've been able to get it."

"Haha, brother Bai, since it's getting late, my brother and I will head home first." Han Chong smiled to Bai Yunfei.

It was indeed getting late. Night time was rapidly approaching. Bai Yunfei realized that he had spent the entire afternoon talking with the brothers about the Flying Dagger techniques.

Apologetically, he said, "Alright, I'd like to thank you two for your explanations. I've learned a lot."

"You're too kind, brother Bai," Han Chong replied, "It was only a small chat to share our experiences, that's all... we'll say our goodbyes here then. Perhaps we'll meet again another time, brother Bai."

From their earlier talks, Bai Yunfei knew that the two brothers were planning to leave Mo City tomorrow morning, so Bai Yunfei bowed to them, "I hope to see you two again as well!"


Only Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun were left in the courtyard after the two brothers left.

Well, there was also Xiao Bai.

"Hey, Xinyun, did you refine your 'Yun's Fire Sword'?"

Sitting down at the table next to Tang Xinyun, Bai Yunfei inquired about her decision.

The Yun's Fire Sword was the name Tang Xinyun had given her soulbound armament, a meter-long soft sword. Since there wasn't anything else comparable to that soul armament in terms of power, Bai Yunfei thought that she'd choose that one to refine.

Tang Xinyun laughed contrarily, "No. I made myself a new soulbound armament actually..."

"What?" Bai Yunfei uttered, "You made a new one?"

Tang Xinyun was already raising her left hand as Bai Yunfei asked, "What... what are you doing, Xinyun?"

"This is my new soulbound armament..." She smiled before pointing at her left hand with her right.

"What!?" Bai Yunfei cried out, "You... you made the Yun's Soul Ring into a soulbound armament!? That's... that's just crazy! The Yun's Soul Ring grade isn't high, but you really made it into a soulbound armament? Isn't that... isn't that a waste of such a great opportunity?"

"How could you say that?" She laughed still, "Didn't I turn it into a soulbound armament? It's even stronger now!"

"Can... can you even say that it was worth it? If you refined your Yun's Fire Sword, then..." Bai Yunfei started to speak until he realized that the situation had already passed, he sighed. Rather than complain, he extended his hand, "How good is it now? Can I see it?"

"Go ahead."

Taking the ring off, she dropped it into Bai Yunfei's hand.

Equipment Grade: Mid Human

Elemental Affinity: Fire

Upgrade Level: +13

Attribute: +160 Spirit

Additional Attribute: +300 Spirit

Soul Compatibility: 40%

+10 Additional Effect: Increase spirit by 90.

+12 Additional Effect: 10% chance of immunity to a spirit-based attack.

Cooldown of 1 hour.

+13 Additional Effect: Recover 4 soulpoints every second.

Upgrade Requirement: 75 Soulpoints