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 Chapter 339: A Safe Rescue (Sixth)

"If you really want to make a sneak attack on me, hide your killing intent at the very least." Jing Mingfeng spat at the corpse in front of him. Shaking his head, he gave a sigh, "Too bad I didn't ask him who he's working for, but I doubt he'd give me an answer anyways..."

Jing Mingfeng really wanted to keep Hidden Snake alive, but the situation wasn't progressing to a state where that was possible. If Hidden Snake had attacked when he had pulled the dagger away, it was quite possible that something unexpected would have happened, so to do nothing when Hidden Snake started to leak killing intent wasn't a possibility

Jing Mingfeng and Hidden Snake were of the same level of strength. However, Jing Mingfeng was just slightly weaker. In a straight up battle, Jing Mingfeng would have no advantages or contingencies to help if Hidden Snake were to run away. Holding onto Tang Xinyun only complicated the matters.

After failing to find anything of importance on Hidden Snake's corpse, Jing Ming took his space ring and headed straight for Tang Xinyun.

Roughly at the same time, a rustling sound could be heard from the bushes before a figure came darting over like a bolt of lightning.

That figure was Bai Yunfei.

"Haha, what's the rush, Ol'Bai? The enemy's already dead, and your wife is safe." Upon noticing the worried expression on his friend's face, Jing Mingfeng couldn't help but tease him.

Bai Yunfei didn't say anything at first and chose to look around the area for any potential threats. His eyes lingered on the corpse of Hidden Snake for a moment before moving back to Tang Xinyun. Rushing toward the two, Bai Yunfei asked, "How's Xinyun?"

"Not sure," Jing Mingfeng shrugged, "take a look yourself."

Crouching next to Tang Xinyun, Bai Yunfei could tell that she was unconscious. Bai Yunfei took her wrist to check for her pulse and began to send his soulforce into her. A preliminary scan revealed that several of her acupoints had been forcibly suppressed, but that was about it. The blockage in her acupoints wasn't very severe.

Bai Yunfei concentrated as he sent his elemental fire into her body. He then began to burn away the blockage in her acupoints.


A slight groan escaped her lips as Bai Yunfei pulled his soulforce away. The eyelashes on Tang Xinyun's eyelids fluttered before finally opening to reveal her eyes.

The very first thing she saw was a very worried and concerned Bai Yunfei looking at her.

Strangely, Tang Xinyun didn't seem that surprised or jubilant.

Instead, she gave Bai Yunfei a warm smile and said, "I knew that you'd come save me..."

"Haha," Bai Yunfei laughed, his hand was still clutching her wrist, "Of course! I brought you here. If I didn't bring you back safe and sound, how would elder Cang Yu ever forgive me?"


Jing Mingfeng couldn't help but give an exaggerated shiver at the amorous interaction taking place in front of him. "Hey, if you're going to make love, you might want to choose a better place for that, yeah? There's a dead corpse right over here you know!"

Sputtering incoherently, Bai Yunfei coughed in embarrassment before he helped Tang Xinyun to her feet.

"Do we know who the dead guy is?"

"Didn't get a chance to ask."

Jing Mingfeng looked through Hidden Snake's space ring, but he didn't see anything that might identify who the man was working for, "Nothing here either. I can't tell who he is."

Bai Yunfei's eyebrows narrowed together as he tried to think for a moment. Two seconds later, he turned to look off into a distance. A ball of orange light was flying toward them; it was the Cataclysmic Seal with its barrier effect activated.

Within the barrier, a good deal of what appeared to be dirt was held in it.

Tang Xinyun was confused about why there was so much dirt, but Jing Mingfeng wasn't.

He knew that Ta Shan's corpse was in there...

For the sake of not letting Tang Xinyun see such a bloody sight, Bai Yunfei made a ball of fire envelop the Cataclysmic Seal when it approached. After a while, a space ring was thrown from the fire. It landes in Bai Yunfei's hand.

Bai Yunfei found nothing in the ring. He sadly shook his head, "Nothing suspicious here either... let's forget about it and leave. We can look into it later and try to find clues then."

Together, the three turned to return back to Mo City. While Tang Xinyun was left gasping in shock over the crater left behind by the Cataclysmic Seal, Bai Yunfei set to collecting the Fire-tipped Spear, the Glacial Pricker, and the Lightning Bolt Dagger.

He, of course, picked up the rod Ta Shan had left behind.

As soon as Bai Yunfei was done putting everything away, he walked back to where Tang Xinyun was waiting.

He noticed two streaks of light flying in their direction when he arrived by her side. One was a golden color, the other was orange, but both lights were traveling extremely fast.

At a closer look, Bai Yunfei could see that the two people were skywalking in order to get to them-though they weren't traveling as fast as the Tempest Sword did-their speed was still comparable.

Skywalking was a technique Soul Exalts could pull off while the act of flying was something Soul Kings could do.

Since the two were skywalking, that meant they were both Soul Exalts.

Bai Yunfei was wary at first, but his concerns bled away in relief when he recognized the two auras.

He didn't recognize the older one of the two, but the youth was the eldest son of the Tang, Tang Jing.

"It's your eldest brother," Bai Yunfei said to Tang Xinyun, "and an old man. Is he someone from the previous generation, or...?"

The two figures were within a hundred meters when Bai Yunfei was asking, prompting Tang Xinyun to look closer at the two. Eyes widening in surprise, she said, "It's my third uncle! Even he came!"

The third uncle to Tang Xinyun meant that he was the third brother to Tang Qianlei, Tang Qianshan.

Bai Yunfei nodded; the man was a late-stage Soul Exalt.

As expected of the Tang, no one was weak in strength.

The two figures had already noticed Bai Yunfei and the others, so they landed not too far away from the three when they drew closer. They looked surprised to see the crater left behind by the Cataclysmic Seal, but they managed to recover their emotions in time to walk to the group.

"Sister, brother Bai, and brother Jing, are you alright?" Tang Jing asked.

"Big brother, third uncle," Tang Xinyun nodded her head in greeting, "I'm unhurt."

"Thank you for your concern, brother Tang," Bai Yunfei nodded as well, "I'm fine as well."

"And the enemy?" Tang Jing asked as he looked warily around the place.


Looking as though he was annoyed by their late entrance, Jing Mingfeng gave a short and off-handed answer.

"What?" Tang Jing remarked, "Do you mean to say that..."

Deciding to explain things as simply as he could, Bai Yunfei said, "The ones who kidnapped Xinyun are dead. One was named Ta Shan, but his corpse is basically gone. There's another corpse over there. We don't know who he is, but he's dead too. What we're not sure about is if there were any other accomplices with them..."

"Are you saying you killed the Ta Shan the Stone Asura?" Tang Qianshan questioned.

He found it hard to believe, Bai Yunfei was only a mid-stage Soul Ancestor at best, so how could he kill someone who was of the Soul Exalt level like Ta Shan?

"Yes, it was a difficult battle, but I won in the end."

It was a modest statement. He said that it was a difficult battle, but how could it be if he was entirely unharmed?

Because of that, Tang Qianshan doubted Bai Yunfei but wasn't interested enough to press for the truth.

"Shouldn't we head on back, Ol'Bai? Running left and right for two battles in a row makes me pretty tired. Let's go home and rest it off." Jing Mingfeng sighed with his head facing the sky.

Not willing to argue, Bai Yunfei nodded his head. "Brother Tang," he spoke to Tang Jing, "Since Xinyun is back, we shall return to Mo City."

"Very well then," Tang Jing nodded, "You three should return first. Third uncle and I will stay to inspect the area. Perhaps we'll find a clue about who's responsible for trying to kidnap Xinyun."