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 Chapter 323: The 'Blackwind' Dagger (First)

It was only after a good moment to think that Jing Mingfeng finally agreed to trade.

A baby wind squaller, several speed-increasing accessories, and two blades that he wasn't even expecting. Just these three things were enough to convince him, but Bai Yunfei sweetened the deal with two more clauses.

Improving the might of his current soul armaments by a half!! He had no doubts that Bai Yunfei could deliver on what he said.

If he said he could do it, then he could do it.

Besides, the Blackwind Dagger he was using was already strong, but if it were to be improved by half over...why, that left Jing Mingfeng absolutely giddy at the thought!

But what left him completely unwilling to refuse was the final part to the deal-a very own heaven tier soul armament of his own!

Likewise, Jing Mingfeng didn't doubt that Bai Yunfei couldn't do this. Bai Yunfei' future was practically unlimited, so making himself known under the entire continent was only a matter of time. So if he could get a heaven tier soul armament...that'd be great!

A heaven tier soul armament!

Jing Mingfeng knew that if he were to have one of those, his strength would increase by at least twofold!

With each new chip Bai Yunfei threw onto the table, Jing Mingfeng wasn't willing to decline at all since his strength would increase with each chip.


Jing Mingfeng's answer elicited a secret sigh of relief from Bai Yunfei. If what he offered still wasn't enough for the Soul Concealment Art wasn't enough, nothing would.

After playing around with the Crescent Moon Blade, Jing Mingfeng stored them away into his space ring and took out a small black dagger.

Halfway through tossing the dagger, Jing Mingfeng started to warn Bai Yunfei, "Ol'Bai, that's my best soul armament, so take it easy when you refine it. Don't you dare break it!"

Bai Yunfei couldn't help but smile at Jing Mingfeng's worried expression, "Don't worry. If I say it's no problem, then it's no problem. I'll be sure to improve it to your liking!"

He smiled as he reached his hand up to grab the dagger, but as soon as it touched his hand, the notification that popped up for it stunned him.

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Wind, Darkness

Attack: 2300

Equipment Effect: After a successful strike, inflict a curse onto the foe and drop all attributes by 5% for a duration of one minute.

Effect cannot be stacked.

Upgrade Requirement: 140 Soulpoints

This dagger was a heaven tier soul armament!! And one with an effect!

Even Bai Yunfei's Ardent Sun Glove didn't have an equipment effect like this dagger. Even after becoming Zi Jin's disciple, none of the heaven tier soul armaments he saw had an effect, but that was due to the rarity of soul armaments in the first place. They couldn't exactly give soul armaments of that level as gifts to every disciple.

Staring strangely at Bai Yunfei, Jing Mingfeng couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong, ol'Bai?"

"Eh? Oh, it's nothing."

Came the reply. Quelling the raging emotions in his mind, Bai Yunfei looked over at the dagger in his hand again for a second look. "Hey, Mingfeng, never would've thought you'd get your hands on a heaven tier soul armament. I'm at a loss for words really..."

Jing Mingfeng was surprised at his response, but then he sighed, "Well, it's no wonder you're from the Crafting School if you can see the grade of my Blackwind Dagger. Haha, this is my most precious treasure, if you can improve the power of it, then I'll thank you as much as you want for it!"

The fact that he was so willing to hand over his heaven tier soul armament without a moment's hesitation was just a testament to how much he trusted Bai Yunfei.

"Ah, no worries, I'll do what I said I'd do." Bai Yunfei nodded as he put away the dagger. He promised that he'd upgrade the attack of the dagger by half over, but in terms of overall 'might', increasing that by a half over wasn't too hard.

Even an increase of a hundred points would be quite the substantial increase.

With the dagger put away, Bai Yunfei was surprised to see a scroll tossed over to him by Jing Mingfeng. Taking a look at it, he was surprised to see the writing on the gray parchment.


"Weren't you interested in it? As per usual, I'll give you an entire night to look it over, alright? Just give it back to me by tomorrow morning."


By the time Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng returned to the Tang residence, the streets were already lit with lanterns to ward off the coming night. Since Jing Mingfeng was a 'client' of the auction house, Tang Jing was of course acquainted with him. What Tang Jing didn't expect to see was that Jing Mingfeng was actually friends with Bai Yunfei as well. At his request, Tang Jing had the closest courtyard to where Bai Yunfei was arranged for Jing Mingfeng.

The two of them walked into Bai Yunfei's courtyard only to see Tang Xinyun and Kou Tingting already there. Both women were seated at the table as if discussing something.

"Oh, Yunfei, you're back. We were just planning on looking for you." Tang Xinyun's face lit up when she saw Bai Yunfei step into the courtyard.

Jing Mingfeng smiled, "Haha, is thinking about Ol'Bai all you do after all this time, Xinyun?"

Noticing that Tang Xinyun's face was starting to redden, Bai Yunfei smiled, "Don't listen to his nonsense, Xinyun. What were you talking about?"

"Oh, Tingting and I wanted to wake up the wind squaller, but we didn't want to do it without your approval, so we were planning to go find you and ask." Tang Xinyun pointed at the small box on the table where the baby wind squaller laid dormant inside.

Jing Mingfeng's eyes brightened at the mention of the baby wind squaller. Honing in on the box, he looked almost like a starving wolf staring lecherously at a beautiful woman with saliva dripping out from his mouth.

An internal sweatdrop rolled down Bai Yunfei's head as he watched Jing Mingfeng's reaction. "Well, since I gave you it already, go ahead and wake it up. Find a way to make a soul contract with it, if you fail, that's not my problem."

He turned to Tang Xinyun next to explain the situation, "I've given the baby wind squaller to Jing Mingfeng. It's his now."

"What do you mean you gave it to me? Didn't we trade treasures for it?" Jing Mingfeng grumbled unhappily at his explanation. Striding for the table, Jing Mingfeng took the box with the wind squaller and turned his head back to Bai Yunfei, "Ol'Bai, what do I need to do to wake it up? Can't be easy as calling it, right?"

"Haha, well, you can try that if you want." Bai Yunfei laughed. "There's a small bottle in the box, let the wind squaller sniff the medicine inside and it'll wake up."

"Oh, I see! Found it!"


Gingerly holding the small wind squaller in his hands, Jing Mingfeng waited for it to slowly shake its head and open its eyes. By now, everyone else in the courtyard were gathered around the table to take a closer look at it.

The little creature now had its eyes wide open. Its eyes were misty from just waking up and were without clear focus. In time, it was able to register Jing Mingfeng who was right in front of him, but rather looking fearfully at him, the wind squaller looked favorably onto him and licked his cheek with its tiny tongue.

Everything was going in accordance to what Lu Fan said back in the auction house. The soulbeast had gone straight into hibernation after it was born, but it'd imprint onto the very first person it'd see. Since that was Jing Mingfeng, the very first instincts of the wind squaller was to look at him as if he was family.

The wind squaller was standing by itself on the ground now, but it was shaky in its posture as if not yet strong enough to fully supports its own weight. In a worried panic, Jing Mingfeng held onto the soulbeast with arms filled with a greenish light.

The elemental wind coming from him seemed to invigorate the soulbeast to a certain degree. Looking at him with an even more affectionate expression than before, the wind squaller was now moving excitedly up against Jing Mingfeng while licking at his wrist.

Joy and excitement shone the most prominently in Jing Mingfeng's eyes. While maintaining his hold on the soulbeast with his left hand, his right hand moved to grab a chunk of beef from his space ring.

These were prepared for in advance and in large numbers so that it could serve as a 'welcoming gift' of sorts for the wind squaller.

The aroma of food was clearly enticing to the soulbeast. Looking innocently at Jing Mingfeng for two whole seconds with a twitching nose, the wind squaller then took the chunk of beef into its mouth and swallowed it whole.

Even newly born soulbeasts could eat a bit of meat so that they'd be able to learn to capture prey on their own later on.

It took three chunks of beef for the small soulbeast to finally eat its fill. With a satisfied snort, it turned around onto the ground to look at Jing Mingfeng like a baby to their parent.

With how the wind squaller was treating him, Jing Mingfeng had a look of 'parental love' on his face; causing Bai Yunfei to have the urge to facepalm at the sight.

But when Jing Mingfeng moved to stroke the head of the wind squaller, something completely unexpected happened then....