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 Chapter 322: Trading for the Soul Concealment Art

Mentioning the Soul Concealment Art wasn't something Bai Yunfei had only thought up on the spot. Since the two of them were in Mo City, Bai Yunfei knew it'd only be a matter of time before he met with Jing Mingfeng again, so he had that plan thought up. Jing Mingfeng's ability to completely hide his presence and aura was something Bai Yunfei himself coveted. The last time, he got the Face Changing Technique, but now that he had his fill of it, it was time for the next thing. So of course, he'd aim for the Soul Concealment Art.

As such, Bai Yunfei had already an assortment of considerably expensive items ready to be traded. The baby wind squaller was nothing more than another gambling chip on the table.

In his original plan of action, Bai Yunfei was prepared to find another time to slowly make negotiations with Jing Mingfeng. But since Jing Mingfeng mentioned that he wanted the wind squaller, it'd be better to make the deal now rather than later.

"Oh? What other things? Show it to me and I'll see if it's worth trading the Soul Concealment Art." The 'incentive' Bai Yunfei mentioned was more than enough to pique Jing Mingfeng's interest.

Smiling, Bai Yunfei began to take out several items from his soul ring. The first was a black-jeweled pendant, a black and silver ring, two similar-shaped blue bracelets, and even a small black stud earring.

A bright glint of interest sparked to life in Jing Mingfeng's eyes as he stared at the objects, "Ol'Bai, don't tell me these accessories are...."

"They are. These are some of the things I got after joining the Crafting School. I'll let you choose from here, all of them are special soul armaments that can increase your speed." Bai Yunfei deposited the six items onto the table for Jing Mingfeng to look at. "Their effects are a lot stronger than the ones you're wearing now!"

From the start of when he got the Equipment Upgrade Technique, Bai Yunfei kept these speed-increasing accessories. They were the best he ever got, so the fact that he was willing to trade them now was a sign of his good faith. The ring and bracelet were both +11, and the black pendant and stud earring were +12!

It'd be a waste to talk about the +11 equipment, so here are the two +12 equipment stats.


Equipment Grade: High

Elemental Affinity: None

Upgrade Level: +12

Additional Attribute: +130 Agility

Soul Compatibility: 25%

+10 Additional Effect: Increase agility by 60.

+12 Additional Effect: Increase movement speed by 15%.

Upgrade Requirement: 62 Soulpoints


Black Studded Earring:

Equipment Grade: High

Elemental Affinity: None

Upgrade Level: +12

Additional Attribute: +135 Agility

Soul Compatibility: 25%

+10 Additional Effect: Increase movement speed by 4%.

+12 Additional Effect: By using soulforce, increase movement and attacking speed by 30% for a total of 30 seconds.

Cooldown of 50 seconds.

Upgrade Requirement: 63 Soulpoints


Of the two +12 accessories, the pendant's effects were the most common, but the effects of the +12 studded earrings required active thought in order to make use of its effect to increase movement and attacking speed by 30%. This was without a doubt a great trump card to have in a pinch.

It was with impatience that Jing Mingfeng took off the accessories he was wearing to put on the newer ones. With them worn, his eyes began to glow brightly as he took notice of the substantial change happening in his body with glee.

He put on the ring, bracelet, and pendants as swift as swift, but the studded earrings required two seconds of additional observation before he put it on with no shame at all.

He looked pleased with the cool and mysterious earrings, as he turned and looked at his two ears in a mirror in admiration. The pain from making the holes for the earring was practically negligible for soul cultivators due to their higher pain tolerance.

After recollecting himself Jing Mingfeng's figure suddenly phased into motion. In no time, he reappeared several meters away besides the door. In another flash of movement, he looped around the room before returning to his seat.

Bai Yunfei could sense a faint trace of elemental wind, but even then, he was completely surprised by Jing Mingfeng's speed. It was very clear to see that he was using some sort of movement type soul skill.

He waited for Jing Mingfeng to settle back down before he asked, "Well? How is it?"

Jing Mingfeng stroked the ring on his right hand with a pleased smile, "Not bad. It's like you said; they're a lot better than the previous ones...Ol'Bai, how'd you come across such powerful soul armament like these? You may be a part of the Crafting School, but these aren't your everyday stuff. You've only joined the Crafting School a while ago, so how'd you get so many?"

"Haha, outsiders wouldn't understand the internal workings of the Craftin School. Don't you forget, I'm not your 'average' crafter." Bai Yunfei smiled in a way to remind Jing Mingfeng that he was the disciple of the headmaster, meaning that having powerful soul armaments was only natural.

"Oh, I see...." Jing Mingfeng nodded in understanding. He didn't know much about the Crafting School other than what he had heard, so what Bai Yunfei said didn't really invoke much thought from him. It wasn't important in any case, so he found no need to press the issue any more.

"There's one more thing I should tell you." Bai Yunfei pointed a finger at the studded earring on Jing Mingfeng's ear, "There's more to the earring than that meets the eye. It's a very special soul armament. If you push your soulforce into it and think about increasing your speed, you'll notice something special..."

"Eh?" Jing Mingfeng spoke, "What do you mean?"

"Do now, ask later."

"Fine, fine."

Somewhat confused by this set of instructions, Jing Mingfeng touched at the earring. Doing as Bai Yunfei said, he pushed his soulforce towards the earring. As soon as the very notion of 'speeding up' occurred to him, the next sensation that came to him stunned him.

A brilliant gleam of light entered his eyes, and in the next second, his entire body disappeared into a blur as he ran around the room.

It was with reluctance that Jing Mingfeng returned to his seat. Touching the earring, he couldn't help but ask, "Ol'Bai, what...what's going on? Why was I suddenly...."

"Haha, didn't I tell you it's a very special soul armament?" Bai Yunfei laughed, "Don't bother asking why it has such an effect, I can't explain it to you. All you need to know is that this earring can increase your attacking and moving speed by thirty percent for about thirty seconds. When time's up, your speed will return back to normal. You'll have to wait fifty seconds before being able to use it again."

Jing Mingfeng was even more shocked by Bai Yunfei's explanation. This was the first he ever heard about such a soul armament; which wasn't too surprising since he didn't know much about them.

Thirty seconds soon went by when Jing Mingfeng felt a change occur in his body. When he tried to activate the effects of the earring, he felt nothing change inside, just like Bai Yunfei said. Trying as he might, it was only when fifty seconds passed when he realized the effect was working again.

Now, he truly believed in what Bai Yunfei was saying about the effects.

"Tsk tsk, this earring has a really special usage. I'd call it amazing, really." Jing Mingfeng declared as he tried to get over his shock. "But this soul armament is probably worth far more than what a high-earth tier soul armament could fetch for. It's definitely worth a lot to me, but Ol'Bai, trading this for the Soul Concealment Art is still a little...."

"I know. I didn't say that I'd be giving you only those soul armaments." Bai Yunfei waved his hand, "There's still more. Take a look at....this!"

Without further ado, Bai Yunfei shook his right hand to take out one....no-two soul armaments for Jing Mingfeng!

The Crescent Moon Blades!!

Equipment Grade: Low Earth

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Set Equipment: Left

Upgrade Level: +10

Attack: 630

Additional Attack: 327

Set Effect 1: Freely manipulate the [Right] piece if within 100 meters.

Set Effect 2: If combined with the other piece, increase the equipment grade to Mid Earth with an attack of 998 and an additional attack of 411.

Soul Compatibility: 10%

+10 Additional Effect: When attacking, there is a 10% chance to conjure a single blade of wind.

If the [Left] and [Right] pieces are together, increase this chance to 15% to summon three blades of wind.

Upgrade Requirement: 83 Soulpoints

(Since the left and right pieces are identical, the right piece's stats will be omitted.)

Letting Jing Mingfeng's eyes rest upon the two new blades in front of him, Bai Yunfei began to explain the usage and effects of the sword. Tossing one of the swords out at random, Bai Yunfei was inadvertently able to get two blades of wind to fly out, cutting one of the nearby stools in half. If not for Jing Mingfeng's quick-witted thinking to parry the other blade of wind, it would've cut straight through the wall.

"Haha, amazing! Absolutely amazing! These two blades are really amazing!" Jing Mingfeng gloated with glee as he held both swords in his hands.

The Crescent Moon Blades were originally low-earth tier, but the two of them combined elevated their levels to mid-earth tier.

And under Bai Yunfei's upgrading, the two swords could be treated as a high-earth tier soul armament when combined!

Seeing how Jing Mingfeng was so pleased with the swords, Bai Yunfei smiled as he prepared himself to give the final two kickers.

"Aside from that, I'll be more than happy to use one of the Crafting School's secret techniques to refine any sosul armament you give me. I will guarantee you that I won't destroy them. I'll improve their efficiency by half over and possibly grant them effects like what that earring can do!!"

"Lastly, I'll promise you that as long as I've the power to, I'll be sure to craft a heaven tier soul armament for you!!"


For a while, Jing Mingfeng said nothing. He was absolutely shocked by what Bai Yunfei was offering.

But soon after, the lights in his head turned back on. Giving it some thought, Jing Mingfeng gritted his teeth to say, "You've a deal!"