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 Chapter 319: Shocking Everyone

"I bid a low-heaven tier soul armament!"

Those eight words were like a blast of thunder to the ears of the entire audience. Besieged by waves of emotion, their hearts and minds were in utter turmoil now.

"Did...did I hear that right? What'd he say?"

"He...he...he just said he's bidding a low-heaven tier soul armament!"

"But...but how? Does he really have one?"


The entire auction house was split between two reactions. One group were convinced that they misheard, and the other group was confident that Bai Yunfei was wrong. A heaven tier soul armament for a fireseed spirit mushroom? That wasn't worth it at all.

This was a heaven tier soul armament they were talking about!

A good majority of the crowd were tongue-tied while the minority was relatively more calm in their reactions. Their expression had only shifted slightly when Bai Yunfei brought out the sword, but rather than concentrating on the sword itself, they were starting to evaluate Bai Yunfei himself.

Finally, a clear amount of hesitation was visible on the lips of the man's smile. Turning his head, he sent a curious glance over to where Bai Yunfei was.

The broadsword's stats:

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Upgrade Level: +10

Attack: 1100

Additional Attack: 600

Soul Compatibility: 10%

+10 Additional Effect: Increase attack by an additional 350.

Upgrade Requirement: 115 Soulpoints

Like the other two soul armaments, this broadsword came from the spoils of war from Curopia City. It was also the best item he got, and the +10 additional effect wasn't conspicuous at all with how it could only increase attack. But at the same time, because it could increase attack, the sword was already beyond the 2000 attack range and could be considered as a low-heaven tier soul armament.

Though he used two earth tier soul armaments, Bai Yunfei could've used some slightly more inferior soul armament to do the job and exchange them for the same amount of primal stones since they were basically a dime a dozen for him. But the fact that the other man was willing to bid three times now was a clear indication that he was extremely determined to buy the fireseed spirit mushroom as well. The other man was basically spending primal stones like dirt on the ground. And with how he was slowly increasing the price each time, the man would surely find a time when he could go no further.

Though the broadsword didn't hold much value to him, it was still a heaven tier soul armament. As it were, several of his other high-earth tier soul armaments were comparable in level to it, so trading it for a fireseed spirit mushroom shouldn't be a problem. If that really wasn't enough, then he'd just throw in the two high-earth tier soul armaments. And if even that wasn't enough, he still had more soul armaments in his pile.

As long as he could get the fireseed spirit mushroom, using up all of his soul armaments for it wouldn't be too bad of a deal.

"Yunfei, don't....how can you use a heaven tier soul armament for this..."

The later half to Tang Xinyun's words were slightly rushed as she tried to stop Bai Yunfei, but he shook his head with a smile, "Don't worry, Xinyun. I'll definitely get that fireseed spirit mushroom for you."

Just the sight of her was enough to make the hardened look in Bai Yunfei's eyes soften, "I said it before, if I ever see an opportunity to help you regain your essence fireseed, I'll latch on and won't let go!"

While Tang Xinyun tried to figure out what to say, Bai Yunfei's hand grabbed hold of her slightly cold hands, "I know what you want to say, but remember my answer from before. It's worth it!"

It's worth it!

They were only three words, but those three words brought a shiver to Tang Xinyun's body. Feeling the heat from Bai Yunfei's hand travel through her own, Tang Xinyun didn't feel as shy or as frenetic as before whenever he did one of these 'courageous' actions. Instead, she felt a feeling of warmth. A warmth that enveloped and tugged at her heart with a sensation of happiness like never before.

Left with nothing other to say to him other than a 'yes', her head looked back down to the ground, though her left hand remained where it was in the warmth of Bai Yunfei's hand.

Zhao Xiluo and Kou Tingting stared at Bai Yunfei as if he had grown a second head. In time, a light went off in their heads before a knowing smile grew on both of their faces.

Although Bai Yunfei's actions seemed rather preposterous, the entire group couldn't help but feel admiration for him-Zhong Liyan and Yang Lin most especially. The two of them were without a doubt admiring Bai Yunfei during their strange looks as well.

Bai Yunfei hadn't even blinked an eye before he agreed to trade a heaven tier soul armament for a fireseed spirit mushroom. Using two high-earth tier soul armaments was already a bad trade for the item, but the fact that he was doing so so that Tang Xinyun could reform her essence fireseed? Neither Zhong Liyan or Yang Lin had the same amount of drive as Bai Yunfei between the two of them.

As things were right now, Bai Yunfei was at the center of attention for the entire auction house. Though many were unable to hear what Bai Yunfei was saying, the more sharp sighted fellows could infer what was going on and began to re-evaluate the situation. The ones who could tell who Tang Xinyun was turned to look at Tang Jing and started to guess that Bai Yunfei had to have some sort of relationship with the Tang.

Even Tang Jing himself was staring at Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun in shock. A light of understanding soon hit him, and afterwards, Tang Jing began to think hard about something.

"Haha, so it was for a single woman...." The man with the last name of Mo smirked in amusement, "Who knew that this guy would be a lovestruck idiot...."

"What...what kind of person is this brat! Is his head even fully there? Who'd trade a heaven tier soul armament for a fireseed spirit mushroom? They might be extremely rare, but only to those that could use it! A bid of a hundred and fifty thousand primal stones was already pushing the limits, but that brat...." Lin Dongxiao muttered as he stared at Bai Yunfei. His face was twisted up with all sorts of emotions, but rather than admiration like everyone else, Lin Dongxiao was feeling that Bai Yunfei was an idiot.

Turning his head back to his companion, he smiled, "Haha, brother Mo. What...do you plan to do now?"

The young man narrowed his eyes in thought to think. When he was about to say something, a worker from the auction house hurried up to reach Lu Fan. He began to whisper into Lu Fan's ears, and before long, Lu Fan himself straightened his back to make an announcement to the audience, "Ladies and gentlemen! The owner of the fireseed spirit mushroom has decided to accept a low-heaven tier soul armament, so that concludes the bid!"

That was the expected answer. Who wouldn't take such a deal? A low-heaven tier soul armament for a fireseed spirit mushroom; a bargain like that would make anyone laugh themselves awake if they were dreaming.

Bai Yunfei let out a sigh of relief at Lu Fan's announcement, but Zhong Liyan and the others were still looking at him strangely.

To waste a low-heaven tier soul armament for a fireseed spirit mushroom and be happy about it...what a wastrel!

"You can reform your essence fireseed now, Xinyun." Bai Yunfei's hand clutched tightly to her own hand in elation.

"Yes!" Tang Xinyun replied. Like Bai Yunfei, she was excited to see the results, but unlike Bai Yunfei, she realized the looks everyone was giving them. Her face grew red as she took her hand back from Bai Yunfei's. Fiddling with the hems of her robes, Tang Xinyun tried her best to look away from Bai Yunfei while Kou Tingting started to give her a teasing laugh.

With the fireseed spirit mushroom sold, the auction for today was finally over. After Lu Fan's announcement, the entire audience looked to one another and began to talk about today's events.

The primary focus of conversation had been the two final items of the day. Both of them had been bought by Bai Yunfei, so that left everyone guessing just who he was.

A mysterious young man that participated in an auction by bidding with soul armaments, that was a feat everyone was startled by.

Bai Yunfei took the broadsword back with him, since the fireseed spirit mushroom wasn't here yet, there was no point in giving the broadsword away yet.

Soon, a twenty-seven or twenty-eight year old man walked up to Bai Yunfei. "Lord Bai, I am Wu Gang. The fireseed spirit mushroom is from my house of Wu. My father has instructed me to make your acquaintance, lord Bai."

"Oh? So when will the fireseed spirit mushroom arrive? I wish to make the transaction as quickly as possible." Bai Yunfei nodded before getting to the crux of the problem.

"Please be at ease, lord Bai. An escort will bringing the fireseed spirit mushroom into Mo City tomorrow afternoon."

"Very well then. As long as I get the fireseed spirit mushroom, I'll be happy to give you the heaven tier soul armament."

His words gave Wu Gang comfort. He and his family were actually far more impatient than Bai Yunfei. In fact, many of them wanted nothing more than for the fireseed spirit mushroom to arrive in Mo City so that they could get the heaven tier soul armament already.

More than half the audience was gone already, so Bai Yunfei and Wu Gang exchanged several more lines with each other before walking with one another out the building.

"One moment if you will, my friend."

Right as the group reached the exit of the auction house, a single person called out from Bai Yunfei.

Pausing in his footsteps, Bai Yunfei turned around in surprise.

The one who called him was the young man with the last name of Mo!