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 Book 1 Chapter 31: Rescue romance is not believable

As soon as Bai Yunfei heard that she was going to talk about the Crafting School, he cleared his head of thoughts and focused his attention to listen to her.

Qiu Luliu was very satisfied with his behavior, as if she was a teacher. She gave a gently cough and said slowly: "The Crafting School's headquarters is located on Mt. Chixia, the highest mountain in Pingchuan Province in the north of the empire.

"Just like in the case of the Fate School, all the big schools are unwilling to provoke the Crafting School and even have to do their best to be on friendly terms with this school. This is only because of one thing - soul items!

"Naturally, the Crafting School is good at making items. Soul items are extremely valuable to ordinary soul cultivators, but I heard that anybody in the Crafting School has at least one soul item. You should know that having a powerful soul item can increase the power of a soul cultivator by several dozen percent, or even several times! Most of the many famous soul items in the continent came from the Crafting School. Even the headmasters of the Heavenly Soul Schools throughout history, who are also the emperors throughout history, have all been using the soul items specifically made for them according to their requests by the Crafting School. And the major powers and many powerful figures in the world of soul cultivators want the Crafting School to tailor-make super powerful soul items for them so much that they won't hesitate to offer the school precious materials or to promise to do something for it in return.

"There are definitely other powers and individuals capable of making soul items in the continent, but even if two soul items are of the same tier, the one made by the Crafting School will still be slightly better. However, the Crafting School won't rashly make soul items for other people, firstly because it's very difficult to make soul items and also because they're unwilling to let soul items become too widespread. Of course, to say 'widespread' is a bit too exaggerating, but looking from a certain angle, the Crafting School can indeed control the number of low-tier soul items in the world of soul cultivators, so it can be said that this school is one of the fulcrums of the major powers in the world of soul cultivators.

"The Crafting School is exceptionally strict about disciple admission. It almost only accepts soul cultivators whose soul essence has an affinity with the element of fire. And they still have to be extremely talented in craftsmanship to be able to obtain the secret special crafting methods in the school. Otherwise, they will become an outer disciple at most, practicing ordinary crafting methods. Even so, when any disciple of the Crafting School goes down from the mountain to gain experience, regardless of whether they are an outer disciple or an inner one, few people will provoke them, because you just don't know how many soul items this relatively weak soul cultivator in front of you actually has on their body. Fighting enemies of higher levels and killing them by using many soul items is not difficult to disciples of the Crafting School at all."

Having said so much, Qiu Luliu seemed to be somewhat tired. Only after pausing for a while did she say smilingly again: "That's the basic situation of the Crafting School. So... you intend to go and ask to join this school, right?"

"Oh? How do you know?" Bai Yunfei blurted out subconsciously upon hearing her question. He was actually digesting the large amount of information which had just been obtained.

"You paid such a close attention to the Crafting School. If I still couldn't guess it, wouldn't I be a big fool?" Qiu Luliu gave him a glare somewhat discontentedly, as if she was blaming him for underestimating her intelligence.

Bai Yunfei lowered his head in silence again for a long time. Just when Qiu Luliu somewhat impatiently wanted urge him, he lifted his head and cupped one fist in the other hand to the two girls, saying: "Thank you so much for explaining these things to me, Miss Qiu. I think the city will be plunged into chaos very soon. I've still got something else to do. The two of you should also leave quickly."

Seeming not to have expected him to suddenly suggest leaving, Qiu Luliu was stupefied for a while then said: "Yeah, it's about time I returned to my school as well. This time, when learning through experience outside, I found this extremely talented junior sister so it's been a worthwhile trip. I also want to bring her back to my school as quickly as possible to let my master see this good disciple I took in on her behalf."

It turned out this was what had happened. Previously Bai Yunfei had found it strange that Chu Yuhe was the same as an ordinary person despite being a disciple of the Green Willow School. It turned out her training was yet to start. However, unexpectedly, an ordinary person's talent for cultivation could be tested directly? He had not thought that this was possible before.

"Oh, good. It's time for us to say goodbye! Later if I have a chance, I hope I can see the two of you again!" After saying so, Bai Yunfei turned around and walked down the alley, heading for the outside.

"Wait... Wait! Mister, you still haven't told us your name!" Chu Yuhe ran forwards two steps and shouted to Bai Yunfei's silhouette. Seeing him about to leave from behind Qiu Luliu, she had immediately become somewhat impatient.

Bai Yunfei's body jerked slightly, but he did not turned around. He raised his right hand and waved it backwards, saying: "I am Bai Yunfei. Miss Yuhe, after returning to your school you have to train hard, so that later nobody can insult you easily!"

Watching Bai Yunfei's silhouette gradually going away, Chu Yuhe was somewhat entranced. There was a faint trace of depression on her face.

Qiu Luliu walked up to her side, gently patted her head and said smilingly: "What's wrong, junior sister? Could it be you like this mister?"

"No... That's not true! Please don't talk nonsense, senior sister..." Chu Yuhe turned her head in a non-compliant manner and explained with a totally red face, "I'm just, just grateful to him for saving me... At the time, that bad guy was about to go upstairs but you still hadn't come to save me. There was already a trace of despair in my heart. I even prepared to kill myself to protect my purity..."

Qiu Luliu's expression froze. She held Chu Yuhe to her bosom in an embrace and said with a face full of pity: "I'm sorry. It's my fault. If I hadn't insisted that you should stay here then gone and inspected the destruction of that Blackwood Stronghold, you wouldn't have been kidnapped by those people. In the end I even came here too late. Luckily you are all right, otherwise I'd be regretful for the rest of my life."

Chu Yuhe raised her delicate little face and shook her head, saying: "No, you're not at fault, senior sister. It was only because I didn't listen to your advice by going out alone for a walk in the street that I was captured. Besides, aren't I okay now? You don't have to reproach yourself, senior sister..."

At this point, she could not help leaning her head to look in the direction of Bai Yunfei's departure, mumbling: "Luckily he appeared. When I was almost in despair... he came down from heaven and single-handedly fought against three soul cultivators..."

Seeing her expression, Qiu Luliu was somewhat concerned. She righted her body, put her own hands on her shoulders and said seriously: "Junior sister, I have to warn you that you can't believe in this rescue romance thing! Many young aristocrats and playboy soul cultivators have used this trick to cheat girls into falling for them."

At this point, seeing a slight discontented expression emerge on Chu Yuhe's face, she continued hurriedly: "Er... Of course I'm not saying that Bai Yunfei is this kind of person. He's really a hero, plus he's a real gentleman instead of someone who wants to be repaid as I thought at first. However... because he doesn't take the rescue of you to heart, you definitely must not take him into your heart. This is very dangerous. You can't fall for him... You already know his name, right? Bai Yunfei, he's like a white cloud floating in the sky. You can't make him stay..."

"What are you taking about, senior sister? I don't like him... You're thinking too much..." Chu Yuhe explained herself in a somewhat embarrassed manner after being warned by Qiu Luliu this way.

"Alas... I hope so. Anyway, later the two of you probably won't have a chance to meet again so you'll slowly forget him." Knowing that it was useless to say more, Qiu Luliu sighed with a shake of her head.

Chu Yuhe looked at the empty alleyway in a somewhat stupefied manner again. Even she herself could not tell clearly how she was feeling in her heart.

"I really won't see him again...?"