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 Chapter 318: Bidding War

Throughout the entire auction, this young man was practically asleep for it all as if it didn't interest him. But when the fireseed spirit mushroom appeared, he looked just as determined to buy this item as anyone else.

The fact that he'd make a bid forty-thousand primal stones higher than the initial price was completely unexpected, though.

A hundred-thousand primal stones! Even if they were all low grade ones, that was still the same as using ten high grade primal stones! It'd take any middling school several years in order to build up their coffers for such a sum.

And so it wasn't very surprising to see that the first bid essentially silence the entire auction house. For half a minute, no one else made a bid of their own.

Plenty of people were trying to figure out who this person was. He didn't look like someone from the Top Ten Prodigies, but still, no one dared assume he was weak either.

He wasn't bothering to hide his aura, so those with exceptional senses could clearly sense that he was a Soul Exalt at the very least.

Even if the audience were willing to ignore his status, the price he called out was already more than enough to cause everyone else to lament and give up by itself.

At last, when fifty seconds went by, someone from in front of the podium called out their bid.

"One hundred and ten thousand!"

The one who spoke was an old man dressed in purple. Zhao Xiluo said before that this man was the elder to a major school of some sort. Though the school wasn't one of the top ten schools on the continent, it was still considered a top-notch school. Even the old man's price wasn't unreasonable, as it drove up the price by a good ten thousand.

The light in everyone's eyes gleamed brightly-at last, there was a challenger! Turning their heads back to the first bidder, everyone waited for his reaction.

The young man in question smiled. With only a glance at the elder who was bidding against him now, the young man waited two seconds before making a nonchalant bid.

"A hundred and fifty thousand!"

A price jump of forty-thousand primal stones!!

The look on the elder's face hardened for a moment as he casted a sharp look at the young man. When he saw the smile on the young man's face along with a nod, the light in the old man's eyes flickered for several moments as if debating between his options.

Then, he shook his head and said no more.

The other figures who were also debating if they should compete for the fireseed spirit mushroom gave the young man a look too. One by one, they all decided to give up on the idea.

Even after calling out a second price of a hundred and fifty thousand primal stones, the expression on the young man's face didn't change in the slightest. It was as if such a sum didn't matter to him at all. If he could do such a thing as that, everyone else couldn't help but look at him in a more respectful light.

Once more, the auction house grew silent.

This time, no one could possibly fight the first man on this-was what everyone was thinking.


"I bid two high-earth tier soul armaments!!"

A voice declared with such determination that it alarmed everyone; including the young man who found his own smile frozen to the spot.

"It's...it's him again!!"

Thought everyone again as they swung their heads towards Bai Yunfei.

Ignoring the stares of everyone else, Bai Yunfei took out the two soul armaments he had in mind and waited for the worker to come running to him when asked for.

"Lord Bai, if I may ask what you wish for?" The man asked. He was a servant under the Tang, so he knew who Bai Yunfei was.

"Haha, If I can bother you to have those two soul armaments evaluated by the seniors behind you, that'd be nice." Bai Yunfei smiled before handing a seven inch dagger and a purple and black colored claw type soul armament to him.

The dagger's stats:

Equipment Grade: Low Earth

Elemental Affinity: Metal

Upgrade Level: +10

Attack: 700

Additional Attack: 360

Soul Compatibility: 10%

+10 Additional Effect: Increase attack by 200.

Upgrade Requirement: 96 Soulpoints

The claw's stats:

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Upgrade Level: +9

Attack: 950

Additional Attack: 350

Soul Compatibility: 9%

Upgrade Requirement: 105 Soulpoints

These two items were among one of the four soul armaments he got from the two beast tamers and man from the Soul Refining School back in Curopia City. Claw type soul armaments weren't weapons Bai Yunfei was prone to use, so he didn't bother to upgrade it to +10 just in case he wanted to trade it. If an abnormal additional effect were to appear, trading the soul armament would be a very unwise move.


A hesitant voice spoke out to Bai Yunfei again. Turning his head to look at Tang Xinyun, he smiled, "Don't worry, Xinyun. This isn't much to me, really. What's important right now is getting that fireseed spirit mushroom."

And so he handed the two soul armaments over to the auction workers so that the three evaluators in the back could make a judgement.


"It's him again! That brat....I've never seen him before! Elder Wei, do you know him?" Lin Dongxiao turned his shocked eyes away from Bai Yunfei and towards the elder behind him.

Like Lin Dongxiao, the elder was surprised as well. His eyes lingered on Bai Yunfei for a moment before he closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Hm, is he some sort of kid pretending to be a weakling?" Lin Dongxiao laughed. "Brother Mo, seems like he's fighting you now! He fought me for the wind squaller, and now you for the fireseed spirit mushroom. Though weak, I'm sure his family or school is beyond strong, what do you think?"

The man with the last name of Mo continued to stare at the three old man evaluating the two soul armaments for some time. "I must have that fireseed spirit mushroom. If someone else wants to fight for it, then we'll fight for it like how the auction house wants us to. Let's see how much those two soul armaments are worth first."

"You're still planning on bidding?!" Lin Dongxiao exclaimed at first. "Wow! We're both junior headmasters, so why are you that much richer than I am? Just trying to bid for that wind squaller was enough to make the elder behind me annoyed, how...how annoying!"


Minutes later, the three old men finally came to a conclusion. The two soul armaments Bai Yunfei was offering up was worth a grand total of a hundred and sixty-five thousand primal stones!

The confirmation of their prices stunned the entire auction house. Everyone turned to look at Bai Yunfei with great confusion; although he wasn't very strong, he was able to bring out three earth tier soul armaments without a moment's doubt.

This was an act that was enough for many people to start planning on the best way to try and make friends with him.

The rest of the auction house turned their heads back to the other man to see how he'd respond.

He didn't fail to disappoint. As soon as Lu Fan announced the value of the two soul armaments, the young man could be seen with a smile on his face.

Without hesitation, he immediately spoke out, "Two hundred thousand!"

"Bzz...." Another furious discussion exploded into being as everyone started to talk to one another. The auction today was far too stimulating for their tastes-some of the audience were starting to doubt their own reality.

This time, the crowd wasn't sure that the young man would win the bid and turned their heads back towards Bai Yunfei.

From the other side of the auction house, Bai Yunfei was surprised to see his competitor make yet another bid without hesitation. Thinking about the situation for a second, Bai Yunfei beckoned for the worker holding onto both soul armaments back towards him.

When he stored the soul armaments away, everyone in the audience grew disappointed as they thought that Bai Yunfei was giving up.

Everyone thought that he would've pulled out another high-earth tier soul armament!

But then, the very next words Bai Yunfei spoke brought the entire audience house into a frenzy!

No sooner did Bai Yunfei store away the two soul armaments did his hand move again to take out an orange-lit broadsword from within his space ring. With it in hand, he deposited it onto the tray of the worker in front of him.

"I bid a low-heaven tier soul armament!"