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 Chapter 317: A Must Have!!

The look on Lin Dongxiao's face was all but ashen now. The anger in him was at a boiling point, and his killing intent was already flowing freely from his body. Those people that were and unfortunate enough to be around him were already starting to feel the effects of his killing intent and began to shiver in fear.

The item he was fighting for was only a baby wind squaller. A soulbeast and nothing more.

And yet, he was being challenged by a 'reckless' youth and forced to raise the price from fifty-thousand to seventy-thousand. That much was vexing in itself, and yet another problem cropped up afterwards in the shape of a late-stage Soul Warrior!

What kind of humiliation was this?!

The fact that this second person was companions with the junior headmaster of the Fire School, a senior of the Wood School and Water School, and even with someone from the Tang changed nothing in his mind. He would kill this person.

The auction house had a guarantee from the Tang that any two parties would be safe as long as they were in Mo City. No one was stupid enough to challenge one of the Five Clans in that regard. But the Tang had no way of making good on that promise outside of Mo City. As long as the party stepped a single foot outside the city borders, there'd be a bloodbath of people going after the treasure.

From behind Lin Dongxiao, the elder started to whisper to him, "Young master...."

"I know, you don't need to warn me!" Lin Dongxiao waved him off, "I know what to do!!"

Using eighty-thousand primal stones for a single baby wind squaller wasn't worth it at all. Even if it was nurtured slowly and carefully under the hands of a normal soul cultivator or forcefully aged at the hands of a beast tamer, the price as it stood right now wasn't worth it. It also wasn't a guarantee that the wind squaller would successfully become a fifth-class soulbeast; so if Lin Dongxiao were to try and bid any more primal stones, it very well might actually harm the Beast Taming School's bids for the later auctions.

Lin Dongxiao wasn't a man that would move so easily based on his emotions. In a snap of his fingers, the anger he felt was quelled as he gave Bai Yunfei a sinister sneer before following suit with his other companion who was asleep on his chair and closed his eyes to meditate.

Lin Dongxiao actually giving up the bid left many of the spectators disappointed. But everyone of them knew that there was no way Lin Dongxiao would let this grudge lying down, so they gave Bai Yunfei a sympathetic look.

Though, there were plenty of people who were excited to see a battle take place between Lin Dongxiao and the people support Bai Yunfei.

A minute later, Lu Fan announced Bai Yunfei as the winner of the auction.

The box with the wind squaller was brought over to where Bai Yunfei was and given to Tang Xinyun to hold. She and Kou Tingting looked excitedly over the small soulbeast as it scratched itself in its sleep-a small furry animal like this one was the bane of all young woman in the world.

"Yunfei....you sure you going to be fine giving away one of your high-earth tier soul armaments? I heard that students of the Crafting School can't trade any earth tier soul armaments without permission." Zhao Xiluo asked in concern as he watched Bai Yunfei give up the soul armament in question to one of the auction workers.

"Haha, it won't be a problem at all." Bai Yunfei laughed, "The rules of the school say that any soul armament crafted with the ingredients provided for by the school can't be traded. If made outside of the school, there's no restrictions at all."

In other words, soul armaments that didn't come from the school could be traded with without repercussion.

But even if such a loophole didn't exist, the fact that he was Zi Jin's disciple would be more than enough to let people allow Bai Yunfei to bend the rules.

"Oh, I see."

Zhao Xiluo nodded his head in understanding. For him, the actions of Bai Yunfei didn't really surprise him. Zhong Liyan and Yang Lin, on the other hand, was. When they heard what Bai Yunfei said about the earth tier soul armament being his own rather than from the Crafting School, they were surprised. If it wasn't from the Crafting School, then what other backing did Bai Yunfei have other than the Crafting School?

"Ladies and gentlemen, I will now announce the final item to be auctioned today!"

When the audience finally grew quiet again, Lu Fan began to announce, "The final item to be sold today is a very special one. At first, our auction house was planning to have the baby wind squaller to be the final item, but the owner of this next item requested for it to be sold last. Furthermore, this item will not be shown today, as it will arrive tomorrow. The house of Tang guarantees that the item will not be anything less than advertised."

Even though the item wasn't here yet, the entire audience didn't seem too bothered by it. Situations like this happened before due to several reasons, such as the seller wishing to first find a buyer before actually bringing it out. In this case, that was why the house of Tang gave their guarantee that the auction house would find a buyer first before the item was delivered.

But in order to have the rules 'bent' like this required the item to be especially precious. Any normal item would not be enough to make an exception.

"This last treasure is rare beyond rare. For the stronger soul cultivators in the audience, this item may just very well be a miracle drug capable of boosting their strengths, but for any Soul Sprites or soul cultivators with dual affinities, this item will be priceless."

His introduction on the item gave rise to a large number of excited murmuring.

After waiting for the murmurs to die down, Lu Fan began to speak,

"This next item will be the final item of today. It is the....

"Fireseed spirit mushroom!!"


A wave of silence immediately took hold of the auction house for a split second before the noise levels peaked right afterwards.

"Did I hear that right? A fireseed spirit mushroom?! What a treasure...someone's willing to sell one of those?!"

"Right? What kind of person wouldn't use that for themselves or give it to someone else in their family? It's a fireseed spirit mushroom for heaven's sakes! A single stalk is enough to grant a great boon to any fire type soul cultivator, or even give someone else a great chance to be able to learn how to use elemental fire!"

"It's only the first day of the auction, and yet they're selling such a great item already!"

"A fireseed spirit mushroom....Lu Fan's right. It might be a drug that'll only help increase the strengths of most of here by a decent amount, but for everyone else, it really is a priceless treasure! I wonder who's going to fight for this?"


A brilliant gleam of light entered Bai Yunfei's eyes. Even now, his face was trembling with emotions along with his body.

A fireseed spirit mushroom had....finally appeared!


The slight murmuring of Tang Xinyun made its way to Bai Yunfei who turned to see her. On her face, Bai Yunfei could see a similar level of excitement, joy, and just a sliver of hesitation.

For some reason, the emotions running through his mind was immediately quelled at the sight of her face. He gave her a reassuring smile and whispered, "Haha, Xinyun, don't worry. I'll definitely buy this fireseed spirit mushroom!!"

The words he said were heard to everyone around them, causing Zhao Xiluo and the rest to looked stunned. Since they didn't know the circumstances around the two, they didn't understand the situation.

"Xinyun suffered a serious wound a while ago and lost her essence fireseed. In order to reform it, we need a fireseed spirit mushroom."

Kou Tingting explained to everyone else. While surprising that Kou Tingting herself knew the predicament of Tang Xinyun, it only showed that the friendship between her and Tang Xinyun really grew in the past two days.

"Oh? Something like that could happen?" Zhao Xiluo asked, "If that's the case, why hasn't the house of Tang..."

He paused here. His understanding of the house of Tang was extremely limited, so whyever the Tang didn't purchase it themselves rather than help sell it on the auction was completely lost on him.

"Hmph!" Bai Yunfei snorted. The circumstances behind Tang Xinyun's current condition was only told to Zhao Mancha and Chu Qingxue. Not even Tang Qianlei knew about it-not that they ever cared about her in the first place.

But that wasn't important. The Tang might not do anything, but Bai Yunfei certainly wouldn't let the opportunity slip away from him. This fireseed spirit mushroom....he had to have it!!

"This fireseed spirit mushroom will start at a price of sixty-thousand primal stones. Let the bidding begin!!"

Lu Fan immediately started the bidding, causing everyone in the audience to shut up straight away as they waited for the first bidder to make their move.

"A hundred-thousand!!"

Just seconds after the silence began and when several people were debating just how much money they should bid for, a loud voice made a declaration of their own bid. The price he gave out was so high that everyone else's bid died straight away in their throat.

The very first bid increased the initial price by forty-thousand primal stones!!

Everyone immediately turned towards the source of the person who made the bid.

The person in question was the young man that had been asleep in his chair. The very same person with the last name of Mo and companion to Lin Dongxiao!!

No longer was his face calm like before. A look of utmost glee covered his entire face, and even his eyes had a strong glint of desire. Like Bai Yunfei, he just had to have this fireseed spirit mushroom!!