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 Chapter 315: Baby Wind Squaller

For all the excitement he had for the auction, Bai Yunfei was only an observer and not an actual participant. The items being sold here were by no means bad, but not a single one of them caught his eye just yet. It was also worth mentioning that since Bai Yunfei hadn't realized the concept of using primal stones as currency, his own space rings had only a few of them. Ever since the elemental fire in his body vanished, Bai Yunfei had no need for them.

At one point, a low-earth tier soul armament was sold for roughly six thousand primal stones. Shocked by such a price, Bai Yunfei began to count up the soul armaments he had in his own space ring. From there, he was pleasantly surprised to realize that with the amount of soul armaments he had, he may as well be considered a 'parvenu'....

So great was his surprise did Bai Yunfei start to think that he should give the Tang some of his earth tier soul armaments. He'd be able to 'make' a profit by selling them in exchange for primal stones which could help him train later-though he wouldn't be able to sell the ones with additional effects-he'd be able to sell any of the equipment that weren't yet at the +10 level. On a second thought, the equipment that had additional effects such as just increasing attack power could be sold, since they wouldn't too inconspicuous.

Time slowly went by before it reached high noon, and then after noon shortly afterwards. Not eating lunch wasn't at all rare for soul cultivators in any case, and this auction was specifically meant to continue until five in the afternoon without a break.

When the auction house was nearing its end, Bai Yunfei could feel several of the more indifferent men in the audience start to grow lively, as if waiting for something to appear.

From there, more and more people started to move slightly in their seats when another item was sold.

Before long, Lu Fan gave a slight cough to clear his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen! The auction is about to wrap up for the year, so as per usual, I will now announce the final and most anticipated two items we shall be auctioning off today!"

Bai Yunfei looked surprised. The auction house had kept the best items for last! These two items would presumably be the highlight of the auction and the items everyone looked forward to the most.

"The next item is a very special case. It isn't a mineral, herb, soul armament, or soul skill....

"It's a soulbeast!"

A wave of silence swept across the audience as soon as Lu Fan spoke.

Bai Yunfei was quiet himself-"You can buy even soulbeasts here?"

Lu Fan motioned for a lovely young woman to bring up a large box up to the podium. The box had no lid, so everyone could see the silk-ladened interior where a single green ball was carefully wrapped up inside.

At a closer observation, everyone could see that it was a green-colored soulbeast!!

It looked similar to a recently borne dog due to its shape. The soulbeast was curled up in a ball and had its eyes closed so that it looked as if it was sleeping.

"This is a baby wind squaller. Just moments after it was born, a special medicine was administered so that it'd go into hibernation. As a baby, both its mind and willpower are at their very lowest; that makes making a soul contract with it extremely easy. Need I say anymore on just how valuable this wind squaller is? In just three to five years, it'll be able to become a fifth-class soulbeast if you take care of it right! Soulbeasts that are tamed since young will have the absolute best level of compatibility, which means it'll be even stronger than normal!"

Bai Yunfei was shocked again. He hadn't realized that the auction would actually sell young soulbeasts as well. This wind squaller was clearly a strong soulbeast, and one with the wind affinity like Xiao Bai as its name clearly indicated. But rather than an avian type soulbeast, it was a four-footed one.

Upon knowing that the next item to be auctioned was a young wind squaller, the conversation in the audience kicked up a notch. Some people had disappointment and regret on their faces, as a wind type soulbeast wasn't compatible with them, while other soul cultivators had a gleeful smile on their faces. They were clearly coveting the wind squaller.

In the right hand side of the central area, there was a young handsome man dressed in black. Excited as he looked at the young wind squaller with his gleeful eyes, the young man couldn't help but let loose an excited laugh, "Haha...a soulbeast! A young one with a wind affinity, how excellent! How truly excellent! I...I want this soulbeast!!"

Just one seat ahead of this person sat another person with hair that reached his shoulders and a face handsome and pale. Originally, this man had his hands crossed against another while he napped with his eyes shut. But when he heard the black-robed young man behind him start to laugh, his eyes blinked open to look at the case up above.

"Brother Mo, this Tang-sponsored auction house really lives up to its name! I never thought the very first day of the auction would have such an item! A baby wind squaller, hehehe...."

The one named 'brother Mo' maintained his gaze on the case for several seconds longer without a single emotion apparent on his face. "Oh, congratulations then, brother Lin."

As soon as he spoke, he closed his eyes once more as if not caring for the events around him.

The young man named Lin didn't seem to care about his companion's reaction however and continued to stare up at the podium in anticipation to start bidding.

Right behind him was an elderly man in his sixties and white hair to show for it. This old man had a small look of concern on his face as he addressed the younger man, "Young master, are you sure you want to buy this wind squaller? If we buy it, we might potentially hurt our chances for the next item...."

But the man shook his hand as if to shut the elder up, "It's only just a few primal stones, though? Don't worry, I'll won't spend much. I want this wind squaller!"

The old man let out a sigh at this. If the young master was acting this way, there was no point in saying anything more.


Lu Fan waited for the discussion to die out from the audience before he opened his mouth again. "Ladies and gentleman, we shall begin the auction for the baby wind squaller at twenty thousand primal stones. Let the bidding begin!"

"Twenty thousand!!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes bulged out wide at the price of the soulbeast. This soulbeast had a starting price that was already twenty times as big as the dragonfruit at the start of the auction!

"Twenty thousand huh....that's about two hundred mid-grade primal stones, or two high-grade ones!" Bai Yunfei calculated. To him, high-grade primal stones had a worth even he didn't know. Back at the Crafting School, brother Song Lin and the others in the internal school only used mid-grade primal stones to train. Even Jiang Nan himself was only able to use a single high-grade primal stone, but that was that he could heal from his wounds.

While a price of twenty-thousand was enough of a shocker to Bai Yunfei, what made him even more dumbfounded was the fact that just five or six bids were immediately called out afterwards. In just a short two minutes, the price was already at forty-thousand primal stones!

The price continued to grow higher and higher while the amount of people continued to drop out. In just a short ten minutes, the price was already at forty-seven thousand primal stones.

"Fifty thousand!!"

Right at the climax when everyone thought the bidding was over, a loud but confident voice echoed across the auction.

It was the youth named Lin!

The sudden increase of three thousand more primal stones elicited a gasp from the audience as everyone turned to focus on the youth.

"That youth, he's...Lin Dongxiao!! The junior headmaster of the Beast Taming School!!"

In no time at all, the identity of the man was leaked out for the entire audience to hear and discuss over.

"The junior headmaster of the Fire School is here, and now it's the Beast Taming School now too?!"

"I wasn't paying attention I guess. It's only the first day of the auction though. I remember these people usually come out in the last two days of it. But even then, they're never usually such high-ranking members. I'm pretty sure all these prodigies were curious to see what was going on in the auction this year...."