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 Chapter 307: A Conversation and A Test

"Youngster, what are you getting at?!"

Clearly sensing the 'pointed attack,' Tang Zhi's hand slapped away the cup of tea next to him as he cried out in displeasure.

"Brother!" Tang Jing cautioned softly.

Upon sensing the cross look his father was giving him, Tang Zhi's body stiffened just slightly. Daring not to meet his gaze, Tang Zhi bowed his head and said no more.

"The two Hua brothers had their problems with brother Bai. Now their family will have to reflect on their mistakes. With the wounds suffered at your hands, brother Bai, wouldn't you say that's enough punishment? We hope that you will consider the face of the Tang and let bygones be bygones. Would that be agreeable with you, brother Bai?" Tang Jing smiled.

The fact that the eldest son of the Tang was trying to compromise with someone was an extremely rare sight. Anyone else would've been extremely humbled by this rare offering, but Bai Yunfei was not aware of how the Tang worked nor was he aware of how terrifying his trump card, the Crafting School, was. Bai Yunfei was completely impassive in the face because of his blissful ignorance.

Though he was slightly surprised by how Tang Jing was talking about the Hua, Bai Yunfei managed to maintain an indifferent tone in his voice, "Ah yes, those clowns. I had almost forgotten about them."

There was the slightest twitch on Tang Jing's lips. The house of Hua was one of the three biggest powers in Huwait City, making the two Hua brothers very powerful people.

Yet, Bai Yunfei's assessment of the two was so befuddling that Tang Zhi didn't know if he was crazy or if he was powerful enough to really back up what he said without fear.

"Nephew Bai, Tang Zhi's actions earlier this afternoon were rather improper. Why don't we leave matters as they lie right now?" Tang Qianlei proposed. "They've offended you, and you've merited punishment. Nephew Bai, if we are to go by the customs based on statuses, they've learned their lesson already. There shouldn't be a need to pursue the matter any more, is there?"

Bai Yunfei just had to suppress a small laugh inside his head, "When did I ever say that I'd pursue the matter? Are you afraid that I'll do something more to them?"

"Lord Tang, there is something incorrect in what you say. They didn't offend me." Bai Yunfei shook his head, "Hua Binbai was disrespectful to Xinyun. That's why I taught him a lesson. As long as Xinyun forgives him, I won't pursue the matter anymore."

"Hmph, so now you're more polite. You're almost like a pendulum of manners." Tang Zhi snorted. "Fourth sister won't mind matters like this. Brother Bai, there's no need to make life any more difficult for the Hua."

"I never said that I'd do anything to the Hua. That's what your family says, not me, and by what right do you have to determine whether Xinyun will mind or not mind? What gives you the right to make her decisions for her!?" Bai Yunfei's eyes narrowed together. From the very start, Bai Yunfei had a very low opinion of Tang Zhi, so this newest line was displeasing to hear.

Tang Qianlei's eyes narrowed together as well, but the reason his eyes narrowed was different. "Well then, nephew Bai, why don't we move away from this unhappy topic? I would like to thank you for escorting my daughter home. How long might you be staying in Mo City, nephew Bai?"

Bai Yunfei shook his hands. "Lord Tang, you are far too polite. I was more than willing to escort Xinyun home, so there's no need for thanks. However long I stay will be up to Xinyun. Before we left the Crafting School, the third elder said that Xinyun is to stay as long as she'd like to reacquaint herself with her mother."

"Third elder?" Tang Qianlei asked, "Would that be elder Cang Yu?"

"That is correct. Xinyun's master is the third elder."

Bai Yunfei's confirmation was like a clap of thunder to the three men's ears. His words carried a far heavier weight of truth to them compared Zhao Mancha's.

This meant that Tang Xinyun was really the disciple of the third elder, and by extension, this meant the Tang would be better off with that connection...

Tang Qianlei smiled, "Nephew Bai, how is senior Zi Jin doing nowadays? I was once fortunate enough to meet senior Zi Jin before. As a matter of fact, the soul armament I use was crafted by senior Zi Jin thanks to my father...

"Even moreso, I was fortunate enough to try my hand against the honorable Kou Changkong. I was of a stronger level than he, but he managed to defeat me. How I brooded that day! It's been decades since then. Time truly does fly..."

A nostalgic expression appeared on Tang Qianlei's face as he started to reminisce about the past.

The fact that there was some sort of history between Tang Qianlei and the Crafting School surprised Bai Yunfei since Zi Jin had never mentioned it before.

Whether it was left out intentionally or forgotten, he wouldn't know.

"Master has spent his days training. He's doing well since he came out of seclusion. Thank you for your concern, lord Tang."

"Haha, might I ask when you became the disciple of senior Zi Jin, nephew Bai?"

"Half a year ago, at the same time Xinyun and I joined the Crafting School."

"Oh, is that right? Haha, you are incredibly strong, nephew Bai. Being accepted as senior Zi Jin's disciple is only proof that your future will be limitless..."

"Lord Tang, your praise is far too high for someone like me. I was merely lucky enough to gain master's recognition."

"Ah, nephew Bai, I heard that the heir to the house of Mo entered the Crafting School, have you met him before?"

"Oh, are you referring to Mo Xiaoxuan, lord Tang? He's in the internal school right now, training to become a Soul Sprite."



It wasn't a very friendly conversation, but it wasn't rude either. Bai Yunfei knew the Tang were dissatisfied with Tang Xinyun, but he still made sure he maintained the most basic etiquette. Tang Qianlei might've looked as though he was happy with the idle chat, but Bai Yunfei knew better. It was a test to see how he'd respond. A test that would let the Tang know if Bai Yunfei was who he said he was.

Bai Yunfei, of course, had nothing to hide. Nothing he said was false, so he was fearless as he answered Tang Qianlei.

The 'conversation' continued for roughly an hour before the Tang had nothing left they wanted to verify. Disinclined to talk anymore, Bai Yunfei bid farewell and returned to his room to rest.

Bai Yunfei's aura was far enough away from the lounge for Tang Jing and Tang Zhi to recompose themselves. Looking at their pensive-looking father, Tang Zhi asked, "Father, how is it? Was there anything wrong with what Bai Yunfei said? Is he really the disciple of the old headmaster?"

Tang Qianlei nodded after much thought, "From what I can tell, everything he said is true. Combined with what you've said about his strange soul armaments, I can assume that he is indeed a disciple of senior Zi Jin... but I can't say that with certainty...

"If any of the other major schools were to have their headmaster take in a disciple, it would only take several months for the entire continent to find out, but that's how the Crafting School is. Bai Yunfei joined the school half a year ago, yet news of his rank hasn't made the rounds. The school keeps a very low profile."

"We've already sent a messenger bird to the Great Plains Province to verify the information, father. We'll be able to find out if he's lying or not." Tang Jing responded.

"How should we treat Bai Yunfei in the meantime?" Tang Zhi asked.

"Whatever the case, he is still a guest, so treat him politely." Tang Qianlei gave a look at his two sons. "I know that you're good friends with Hua Chenshi, but it's best to avoid conflict with Bai Yunfei for now. You've seen his strength today, so don't bring trouble to the house even if you get angry, understand!?"

Snapping to attention, Tang Zhi replied, "Yes, your child understands..."


When Bai Yunfei returned to the courtyard, he noticed a beautiful woman in white staring up at the dark sky.

If not Tang Xinyun, who else could it be?

Slightly confused why Tang Xinyun was waiting for him, Bai Yunfei asked with a happy smile, "Xinyun, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you have gone to bed?"

She shook her head, "Don't worry, I'm not tired... how're you, Yunfei? Did my father... trouble you?"

"Remember what I said, I didn't go there to fight him, so what trouble could there be? It's getting late, so hurry up and get some rest. You'll need it when you take me sightseeing tomorrow!" Bai Yunfei laughed.

Now that Bai Yunfei had returned safe and sound, Tang Xinyun could rest easy. Laughing slightly, she smiled at him, "Haha, okay. Then I'll come by early in the morning!"

"Alright, hurry to bed then. Good night, Xinyun."

"Yes, good night..."