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 Chapter 300: Knocking Out A Mouthful of Teeth

"Uh..." The words that came out of Bai Yunfei's mouth had been so shocking that even the girl hiding behind Hua Binbai peeked her head around to stare incredulously at Bai Yunfei.

"You brat!! What... what did you say!?" An angry finger was pointed at Bai Yunfei. Hua Binbai could hardly believe his ears at what he was hearing.

"I'm pretty sure I made myself clear. Maybe it's a little hard for you to understand with that IQ of yours, but don't worry, you'll understand as soon as I'm done with you."

"Pft..." Unable to stop herself in time, a slight giggle made its way out of Tang Xinyun as the weight behind Bai Yunfei's words sunk in. The smile she gave him revealed no traces of the previous anger she had displayed on her face. She knew that Bai Yunfei's present and future actions would be slightly inappropriate, but she was still looking forward to them.

"Yunfei, make sure you go easy on him so he doesn't die..." Rather than stop him, Tang Xinyun made sure to give him a warning.

Bai Yunfei shot her a glance and shrugged, "Fine, I'll listen to you..."

The glance had a meaning as if to say, "You're really too kind. You're afraid that I'm going to beat him to death."


The fact that the two people in front of Hua Binbai were casually discussing how to 'punish' him made him furious beyond furious. His anger was such that the smile on his face immediately turned upside down as he pointed a finger at them. "Haha, fine! I get it! This is the guy you brought back? A whimpy Soul Warrior, and yet so arrogant! Don't blame me for not holding back! If my hand 'slips' and hurts him, don't blame me!!"

Before Hua Binbai finished speaking, his hand flipped over to reveal a large amount of soulforce gathering in his palm. Straight away, a chilly aura began to materialize before a three-inch rhombus-shaped blade appeared.

He clearly had practiced doing something like this before. The violet-robed woman hiding behind him revealed a face that was completely red as she beheld his weapon in full glory.

Hua Binbai chuckled at the reaction of the woman behind him. Turning away, his eyes immediately grew cold as he glared at Bai Yunfei. With a single swipe of his hand, the icy blade shot toward Bai Yunfei's chest.


The pleased look in Hua Binbai's eyes had quickly turned to disbelief when the hand of Bai Yunfei smashed the icy blade into dozens of fragments that quickly evaporated away.

"An ice type soul cultivator... those are rare, but I hate them nonetheless." Bai Yunfei spoke with a dark smile before he disappeared from sight.

Sensing that he was about to be attacked from the front, Hua Binbai brought his right hand up to protect himself. As he did, an incredible grip pulled his wrist down.

A powerful attack suddenly struck him in the chest, causing him to double over, and his face turned red due to the pain.

Bai Yunfei had slammed his knee into Hua Binbai's stomach.

An early-stage Soul Sprite like Hua Binbai had a reasonable amount of physical strength, so it came as a surprise to see vomit nearly come out of his mouth.

Doubling over in pain, Hua Binbai didn't even habe the time to fully scrunch together before the collar of his clothes was pulled up by Bai Yunfei. He was forced back onto his feet.

Surprised by the sudden force, Hua Binbai tried his best to materialize as much elemental ice around him as he could. Before a substantial defense or attack could be formed, there was another thumping sound when Bai Yunfei slammed a Threefold Punch into his stomach again.

"Bleegh!!" This time, a driblet of vomit really did come out. Thanks to the pain, the elemental ice he was trying to control was immediately dispelled.

"Impossible!! How... how is he so strong!?" A mental howl was running through Hua Binbai's mind as he struggled to think of how a 'weak' Soul Warrior was able to corner him in just two short moves.



Not even one word of what Hua Binbai was about to say escaped his mouth before Bai Yunfei's left hand let go of his collar and slapped him square on the left side of his face.



Caring not for what Hua Binbai was trying to say, Bai Yunfei slapped him again on the other side of the face.

"Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow..."

The series of sounds that came from the precipice had been loud enough to alert the other people nearby.

"Young master!!"

The oddity of the sounds had made their way down to where a group of soldiers were standing guard. Upon hearing the strange noises, one of the guards looked up. Shocked by what he was hearing, his cries alerted the other soldiers before they all came rushing over.

Since they were guarding the precipice from the other side, they hadn't been able to see Bai Yunfei or Tang Xinyun.

They weren't soldiers of common strength. The weakest of the group was a Soul Personage, and the captain was a late-stage Soul Warrior. With their strength, they were able to ascend to the precipice with little difficulty.


A loud chirp echoed through Mt. Orchid, and a strong gale of wind blew through the area right afterwards. The wind circled around the stony area where the soldiers stood, and one after another, each one of them fell to the ground.

"Soul... soulbeast!!"

The captain cried out in fright when he saw a quickshade bird flying around them after knocking them to the ground.

Up on the precipice, Bai Yunfei slapped Hua Binbai's face another ten times before finally stopping. Hua Binbai's face was already unrecognizable; his mouth wasn't torn apart like what Bai Yunfei had said he would do, but it wasn't all that far off either.

Eyeing the frightened soldiers on ground, and then the terrorized Hua Binbai in front of him, Bai Yunfei said, "Take this as a small lesson. If you don't know how to talk like a civilized person, go home and ask your parents. If there's a repeat, I won't knock out a few of your teeth, I'll pull out your entire tongue!!"


With that, Bai Yunfei slammed his right fist into Hua Binbai's face one last time. Letting go as he punched him, Bai Yunfei watched as Hua Binbai flew off the precipice and down onto the soldiers nearby. A trail of blood followed the human bullet along with several fragments of teeth.

It was a finely controlled punch that wouldn't leave any lasting injuries on Hua Binbai other than knocking out his teeth.

Promises were meant to be kept when said. If Bai Yunfei said he'd knock out someones's teeth, then he'd make sure not a.single tooth was left behind.

Turning his attention to Hua Binbai's frightened female companion, Bai Yunfei instructed the quickshade bird up in the air, "Xiao Bai, escort her down."

With a chirp, the bird flapped its wings, enveloping the woman in a bubble of green light. With another chirp, the bubble was flown down to the group of soldiers.


From there, Bai Yunfei watched as the group of soldiers fled the area with Hua Binbai in tow. Smiling as he turned back to Tang Xinyun, he asked, "Was that punishment a little too light?"

"Haha... it's enough." She shook her head dismissively, "Thanks, Yunfei..."

"Don't thank me, I just felt that he was an eyesore. With the amount of crap coming from his mouth, a beating was to be expected." He dismissed her thanks with a wave of his hand. In truth, the sound of Hua Binbai being slapped in again and again was a soothing to his ears.

Gratitude flashed across Tang Xinyun's eyes for a brief moment before concern replaced it. "But... there's a problem. He's next in line to the house of Hua. He might not be a problem now, but he's still the son of the current head and the nephew of that woman. The Hua will definitely come to Mo City for the Reunion City, so I'm afraid tha-"

"-that they might look for revenge?" Bai Yunfei interrupted with a grin, "Don't worry. It'll probably end up being a small conflict between us of the younger generation. If he does hire someone to help, I'll teach them a lesson too, and if someone stronger from the previous generation tries to pressure me, I'll be sure to toss out the names of our seniors and master to scare them."

The pride behind Bai Yunfei's words couldn't help but make Tang Xinyun smile a bit. "Haha, that works. You're a junior to the current headmaster and a disciple to the ex-headmaster, they definitely wouldn't dare do anything if they knew that."

"Ahh? So master's name can be that useful? That's great... hehe." Bai Yunfei heaved a sigh of 'relief.' "Then we don't need to worry. As long as another ignorant person comes looking for a beating, I'll be more than happy to drive them away!!"

His words were spoken casually, but the thoughts in his mind were anything but. "As long as I'm here, I won't let anyone do you wrong!"

If someone irrelevant to her family was willing to rebuke Tang Xinyun with such scathing words, Bai Yunfei could hardly imagine what kind of life Tang Xinyun's mother was living on a day-to-day basis...

"Well, that's enough of that. Let's get you some of those butterfly-blue princesses and head on out to Mo City."



Here in the Forest Pass Province, the city of Mo had many redeeming factors. It had a population of well over ten million, it was a city with flourishing economy, and it was also the place where one of the Five Clans lived.

On the southeastern side of the city stood a grand residence with a pair of giant stone lions standing guard by an even larger gate. This gate stood about ten meters tall and had at least ten burly-looking men standing guard on both sides of the door.

On the public-accessible side to the gates was a major road in the city that saw to the commute of many, many people every day, and each time they walked past the gates, every traveler would reveal a look of worship.

Off in the distance on this road, a male and a female could be seen slowly making their way over before stopping in front of the gates.

"So this is where the Tang lives..." Bai Yunfei looked over the expansive walls to the residence before eyeing the grandiose buildings beyond the open gate. "Xinyun, your place is huge!! It might be bigger than even the main temple of our school..."

Tang Xinyun, on the other hand, was nonplussed. "What point is there in it being huge? In my mind, the only place I can call 'home' is the small courtyard mother lives in. Anywhere else might as well be as cold as stone..."

Knowing again that she was thinking about something sad, Bai Yunfei swiftly moved to change the topic, "Haha, okay, let's go see your mother. That'll cheer you up. Let's go, then."

The thought of seeing her mother seemed to have cheered her up a bit, "Yes, let's."

"Halt! State your name and purpose!"

Bai Yunfei had Tang Xinyun lead the way, but when they walked toward the gates, one of the guards suddenly block their way.

"Wha-?" Flabbergasted, Bai Yunfei looked oddly at Tang Xinyun, "They... they don't know who you are?"