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 Chapter 297: A Deal

"Bang! Bang!"

Two scorched halves of flesh smashed into the ground. Never Die had been bisected in half by the waist!!

His regenerating soul skill could defy the heavens, but even that wasn't enough to reverse the rotations of the heavens. When Never Die's soulforce ran out, so would his life.

Landing back on the ground, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand to dissipate the Flame Winged Blade. The Cataclysmic Seal flew forward to absorb any remaining fire in the area; including the fires that were still burning on the two parts of Never Die.


Sighing, Bai Yunfei recalled the other half of the Crescent Moon Blade. With a 'kaching,' the two Crescent Moon Blades connected with one another before being absorbed back into his space ring. Looking around for the Glacial Pricker, Bai Yunfei walked over to where it was and picked it up. The Cataclysmic Seal continued to float around him with a faint red light glowing around it.


From where they stood, Han Chong and Han Lin stared at the approaching Bai Yunfei in surprise. When Bai Yunfei had first appeared, he had killed one of the Four Death Gods, and then the other three were soon killed off by him as well!!

They no longer doubted that Bai Yunfei was from the Crafting School now. The Cataclysmic Seal, the Fire-tipped Spear, the Flameblade Bracer, the Crescent Moon Blade, the Compliant Rope, the Glacial Pricker, and even that flying soul armament... there were so many strong soul armaments of varying uniqueness. The first three were the most terrifying to the two brothers, so even if Bai Yunfei didn't say he was from the Crafting School, the two brothers would've come to the same conclusion either way.

"Sire Bai, thank you for your assistance." Han Chong politely spoke as he strode forward to greet Bai Yunfei formally. Though Bai Yunfei still felt like he was a late-stage Soul Warrior, he didn't doubt that Bai Yunfei was hiding his strength.

"Perhaps there is some sort of method to hide your strength..." Han Chong guessed.

Bai Yunfei returned his greeting with a salute of his own. "There's no need to be so polite, brother Han. I was only passing by; even if I didn't participate, the four of them would still be no match for you two."

"Haha... Sire Bai, while that may be true, the two of us would still have to work extremely hard I'm afraid. Even then, I'm sure we wouldn't be able to kill them all. Sire Bai, you killed all four of them so easily. Your help was a great deal of service for us..." Han Chong replied. He hesitated after that final word before continuing to say, "Sire Bai, the authorities of this province have warranted a bounty for the Four Death Gods..."

Before he could finish saying what he wanted to say, Bai Yunfei's hand came up to stop him. "No need. I said it before, brother Han. I'm not here to take your bounty."

Bai Yunfei knew that the bounty for the four criminals wasn't low by any means and that it wasn't limited to just money alone. The bounty included many primal stones and even soul skills, but Bai Yunfei didn't plan on 'contesting' the two brothers for it. Even Never Die's space ring failed to hold interest for him.

He only wanted to show his good faith...

"I see..." Han Chong was secretly happy that the bounty wouldn't need to be split, but he was also skeptical. If Bai Yunfei wanted nothing and risked his life to help them kill three Soul Ancestors, that'd be... well, a little 'too' kind.

"He isn't here for their loot or for their bounty, and I highly doubt he's here for a grudge. Is he here for divine justice then? As if..." The twenty-something year old Han Lin accidentally muttered what he was thinking about out loud.

"Han Lin!" Han Chong scolded. What Han Lin said was far too frank. Han Chong was afraid that Bai Yunfei would take offense.

"Haha, brother Han Lin isn't off the mark. I'm not a person that would try to exact divine justice..." Bai Yunfei waved his hand nonchalantly. "I actually helped you because I had something in mind."

"Oh?" Han Chong asked rather suspiciously, "Sire Bai, then you're..."

Rather than answer what Han Chong was about to say, Bai Yunfei smiled and started to say something else.

"The Twisting Knives, 4.15 inches long. The principal material to make this dagger is the tailbone of a twisted snake. Two daggers are made at once, and when thrown together, their power is doubled...

"The Lightning Bolt Knife, made from a lightning ore with a lightning type primal stone and a soul crystal for its outer shape. 3.26 inches long, a turn of .1 inch in the middle, and an incline of...

"The Flickering Knife, made from a transparent ore with any primal stone or soul crystal as a complementary. Has a length of...

"The Arcing Knife, made from a wind ore with a wind primal stone or soul crystal for its outer shape. Has a width of .1 inch and an arc of...

"The Dirtbreaker Knife...

"The Butterfly Knife..."

The very first line Bai Yunfei said startled Han Chong and Han Lin. Three of the more particular daggers they had used in that battle were named by him, and he continued to say even more information. Soon Han Lin couldn't stay quiet any longer.

"How... how do you know about that!" He exclaimed.

Han Chong was surprised too. Pulling his brother away from Bai Yunfei, a Lightning Bolt Dagger made its way into his hand. "Who are you!?" He demanded of Bai Yunfei, "And how do you know about those?"

Placing his hands on his hips, Bai Yunfei continued to smile in the same strange manner as usual. "No need for such alarm, brothers. I really am from the Crafting School, and I bear no ill will."

Han Chong relaxed a little because of Bai Yunfei's calmness, but not enough to fully drop his guard. "Sir, how did you come to learn about what you just said, and why have you brought this up now?"

"I wish to make a deal with you two brothers."

"A deal?"

"That's correct," Bai Yunfei nodded. "I won't delay this any longer. I came across a partially ruined manual by accident a long time ago; in it was writing describing how to craft several particular throwing knives. What I just said was from a small segment of this manual... would you brothers be interested?"

"What did you say!?" Completely unexpected to Bai Yunfei, Han Chong suddenly blurted out loud, "You have the Flying Dagger Compendium!"

Interest flashed across Bai Yunfei's eyes. Nodding, he pulled out the incomplete manual. Holding it in front of the two brothers, he did a quick flip through the contents before fastening it together.

With their eyesight, the two brothers would surely be able to gleam some information of the contents.

Bai Yunfei still displayed a smile on his face, but his body was ready for any sudden movements from either of the two brothers. He was honest about wanting a trade, but he couldn't be sure that they didn't have any ill intentions.

That's why he didn't put away the Cataclysmic Seal.

"It's no wonder he knew so much about the daggers... all of the details in that manual. He knows even more about it than we do!! The treasure lost to our school for many centuries was in his hands all along!" The shock Han Chong was feeling was easily reflected on his face. There was no way Bai Yunfei knew just how important the manual was to Han Chong and Han Lin; to be frank, the two brothers would've tried to steal it back if not for the fact that Bai Yunfei didn't seem like a bad guy and was also a student of the Crafting School.

Even though they couldn't steal it back, Bai Yunfei was willing to trade it. That was enough to fill them with excitement.

It took half a moment to calm themselves down, and Han Chong tried his best to stare calmly at Bai Yunfei. "What deal might sir Bai want with us?"

Disinclined to mince words, Bai Yunfei said, "I want the matching details missing to this manual!"