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 Chapter 295: A Violent Attack!

Though the explosion effect of the Threefold Stab failed to activate, Bai Yunfei didn't plan on stopping his attack. While Never Die was busy dealing with the knockback from the spear, Bai Yunfei immediately commanded the Cataclysmic Seal to strike.

He didn't use its +13 effect for two reasons.

The first reason was because he was worried about its soulforce consumption.

The second reason was because he was worried about potentially damaging the essence fireseed. He simply couldn't allow anything to happen to it, even something extremely small.


The Cataclysmic Seal slammed against the blade in Never Die's hand, causing its owner to stagger back yet again. The brick returned to a spot above Bai Yunfei's head.

When Never Die took a step back, so did Han Chong. A long-ranged battle was how he preferred to fight, making use of all his strength.

Bai Yunfei followed suit with Han Chong.

With a swing of his arm, Han Chong released two more greenish blurs of light to help Han Lin force back Go Die. In no time at all, Han Lin, Han Chong, and Bai Yunfei managed to widen the distance between them and their enemies by a hundred meters.

Never Die and Must Die were back together as well. The flesh where several daggers had hit Never Die was contracting and expanding, trying to push out the embedded daggers. When the daggers were forced out, a blue light surrounded Never Die's body, staunching the blood and healing the wounds.

Widening the distance between the two sides symbolized the start of a long-ranged battle of suppression. No matter how angry Never Die was or how determined he was to tear Bai Yunfei's body to bits, he had no chance to attack. Han Chong would constantly throw one dagger after another, preventing Never Die from advancing. Many of the daggers managed to stab Never Die, but the ones that were aimed at his eyes or throat were constantly avoided.

He was called 'Never Die,' but that didn't literally mean he couldn't die. It was only a nickname given to him by those not part of the soul cultivator world. By depending on an extremely strong soul skill that could heal him, Never Die was granted an extraordinary advantage in the form of being able to heal any wounds instantaneously. Unless he was instantly killed or had run out of soulforce, he could indeed be said to 'never die,' but that was it.

One hour had passed since the start of this battle against the equally strong Han Chong with Never Die's fellow three brethren (now only one). Right now, Never Die suffered the sensation of being suffocated.

All of his battles in the past had relied on a self-sacrificing style of fighting. He would exchange injuries with his opponents, sending them to their deaths while he healed. Sometimes, he'd even pretend to be killed by his enemy's killing move before unleashing a secret attack.

Han Chong had never let Never Die get close to him, so how could he utilize either of his usual two tactics?

In addition, there was now Bai Yunfei to worry about. Despite Bai Yunfei not being strong enough for Never Die to care about, the Fire-tipped Spear and the Cataclysmic Seal concerned to him. He had tried to attack twice with his sword's ability, but the Cataclysmic Seal deflected it twice, causing Never Die to reevaluate Bai Yunfei.

Han Chong and Han Lin were throwing dagger after dagger with seamless transition between throws, and right behind, Bai Yunfei's eyes flickered with a strange light. It seemed like he was thinking about something.


From the side, a ray of orange light suddenly shot into view. Blanching at the sight, Han Lin dove two steps to the left and earned himself a cut into his shoulder.

Between Go Die and Han Lin, Han Lin was the weaker of the two. The mid-stage Soul Ancestor had finally found an opening in Han Lin's barrage. Go Die managed to not only inflict a light wound on him, but he also managed to draw in close!

"Han Lin!" Han Chong cried out. Just as he prepared to help his younger brother, a flash of green light shot past him. Following that green blade of light, several more gusts of wind blew forward to stop Go Die from getting any closer.

The Crescent Moon Blade!

Slamming his left foot down to slow down, Go Die's other foot rotated his body, and the Crescent Moon Blade barely scraped past his ear.

His sword danced in his hands as he parried the three gusts of wind.

He was still determined to grab ahold of Han Lin. When the orange light from his body mixed with the green light from the wind blades, his body flickered slightly before even more orange light started to erupt; he was preparing an extremely strong strike.

"Be careful about your behind!"

Just as he was about to unleash an attack on Han Lin, a warning from Never Die suddenly made its way into his ears.

He hadn't any time to think. Relying completely on his trust in Never Die, Go Die gave up his attack to dive to the side.

The moment he dove, a chilling flash of green light scraped past his face, scratching him and drawing some blood.

As the blood trickled down his face, Go Die felt a shiver crawl up his spine. If he had taken a single moment more to dodge, his entire body would've been bisected!!

The unique property of the Crescent Moon Blade, where it could act as a boomerang, was something many people wouldn't expect. Not many could predict that such a move was possible at first, and if not for Never Die's warning, Go Die really would've lost his life.

Even though he managed to evade the unexpected danger that nearly befell him, Go Die had lost the opportunity to kill Han Lin.

Furthermore... he had fallen into yet another trap!!

Having lost his balance due to throwing himself to the side, Go Die's panicked head turned to look up just in time to see what appeared to be an orange shooting star come smashing down!

There wasn't time to dodge. All Go Die could do was grit his teeth and cross his arms in front of him to prepare for impact.

With a boom, his body was slammed backwards after the Cataclysmic Seal smashed into him. A stab of pain shot up his arms as he slid across the ground. Even though he wasn't injured, Go Die felt as if the bones in his arms had snapped.

The Cataclysmic Seal returned to Bai Yunfei, only for the Crescent Moon Blade to come whirling at Go Die before he could even relax!

Eyes widening in surprise, Go Die rolled across the ground desperate to dodge.

If a late-stage Soul Ancestor could be reduced to such a state, one could see how much he was being overwhelmed.

When he slapped the ground to get back up onto his feet, Go Die felt a searing pain in his left thigh and smelt the pungent scent of blood. Looking down, he realized that Han Chong had thrown yet another one of those lightning bolt shaped daggers at his leg!

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The sounds of even more daggers flying through the air could be heard, causing Go Die to look up again. Han Lin was already throwing three more of them!!

Twisting his body to weave around the daggers, Go Die managed to dodge the one meant for this throat, but his abdomen and left shoulder were struck!

Stiffening from the pain, Go Die's left leg staggered a half-step back. His eyes reflected his fear, but even then, his right leg made a forceful push so that he could retreat.


This time, a string of golden light shot toward him, prompting him to reflexively bring his arm up to defend himself. Rather than continue forward, the golden light bent around his right arm and immediately coiled around it several times!

As soon as it tightened around his arm, a powerful tug could be felt. Then, Go Die felt his feet leave the ground, and he was flying forward!


While Go Die's body was airborne, a spear with fire around it stabbed straight through his back.

In Bai Yunfei's left hand was the Compliant Rope, and in his right hand, the Fire-tipped Spear.

He had stabbed Go Die's heart straight through!

Thanks to a chain of motions and the teamwork between Han Lin and Han Chong, yet another person was killed!!