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 Chapter 294: And Another Death!

When Han Chong said 'go,' he didn't mean to literally go forward. He meant it as a command to start their counterattack. At his intonation, three flying daggers were sent flying from his hands, like arrows shot from a bow. As they traveled through the air, a glow of elemental wind could be seen aiding their forward impetus.

His younger brother immediately followed suit with three of his own flying daggers. The first three daggers were trailed by the daggers thrown by Han Lin. Han Lin's daggers were hidden from the three men's line of sight.

Must Die was heavily injured, but the other two weren't. They were vigilant as the six daggers came flying toward them. Never Die's eyes narrowed as he formulated a plan. His left hand held Must Die down while his right hand brandished his golden sword in front of them. With a series of clanging sounds, he deflected all three of the flying daggers thrown by Han Chong, but the ones thrown by Han Lin continued to fly undisturbed.

This was a plan the two brothers often used. When they threw a flying dagger, the other brother would wait a bit before throwing their own to catch their enemies off guard.

However, Go Die hadn't been caught off guard. His mother and son sword flew into action, and he knocked down the three remaining daggers without much trouble.

"Han Lin, Bolt!"

Naturally, Han Chong figured that this plan wouldn't work against the three, so he took advantage of when the three enemies were guarding themselves to pass a quick message to his brother. Simultaneously, his right hand shook as he pulled out a violet-colored flying dagger.

The dagger was barely seven inches long, and the point was almost as thin as a needle. Additionally, the edge of the dagger made a sharp turn in before making another diagonal turn in its original direction.

With a closer observation, the flying dagger looked like a violet-colored lightning bolt.

By the time the three Death Gods had finished knocking away the last three flying daggers, Han Chong and Han Lin were already priming their next attacks. Han Chong let loose the lightning-bolt shaped dagger, and Han Lin followed up half a beat later. Two violet streaks of lights flew forth.

There was something curious about these daggers. When they were tossed, they didn't follow a linear trajectory. Instead, they traveled in a jagged zig-zag path with several minute permutations every meter. There was a hundred meter difference between the two sides, and the two daggers were almost reminiscent of lightning bolts as they shot straight for Never Die and Go Die!

As one of the targets, Never Die's pupils dilated while trying to concentrate. Since the daggers were flying with irregular trajectories, he wasn't sure if the target was him or Must Die right next to him.

To simplify things, Never Die's right hand pushed Must Die out of the way with great force.

Then, with a slight step forward, Never Die lifted his sword in front of him. The broadside of his sword faced the daggers.

But right under his very eyes, the daggers traveled underneath his blade, and one of them shot into the unprotected segment of his left shoulder!


A slight grunt of pain was heard as the dagger embedded itself deep enough into his flesh, penetrating into the bone.

Another grunt could be heard at the same time from Never Die's right. The other target, Must Die, hadn't been able to evade the second dagger fast enough, so he was stabbed by it in the left part of his waist.

Though they were hit by the attacks, Never Die couldn't help but slightly relax knowing that they were minor daggers rather than killing moves. If he had to guess, this was probably a tactic to buy some time for them to recover some strength.

As he was preparing to launch a counterattack, he suddenly saw a bright flash of blue light from the corner of his eyes...


A scream filled with pain caused Never Die to stiffen. Turning his head, he saw Must Die's head bent down, looking at the bloody hole in his chest.

Must Die's head tilted back up to look helplessly at Never Die-his mouth opening to say something, but nothing came out.

Then, he fell down.

"Zzzzk!" Just ten meters away, a flash of blue shot into the ground.

Glacial Pricker!

On the other side, Bai Yunfei's right hand fell to his side as he nodded at the two brothers.

Bai Yunfei had taken advantage of when the two had used their daggers to land a 'surprise attack' on Must Die with the Glacial Pricker!

"You... you...!" Disbelief grabbed hold of Never Die for a brief moment. In time, his eyes turned bloodshot as he glared at Bai Yunfei. By this point, the expression on his face couldn't even be described as just malevolent anymore.

"I'll give you a slow death!!!"

His left hand reached up to pull out the dagger embedded in his shoulder. There was a splurt of blood as the dagger was pulled out, but a flash of blue light immediately stopped more blood from coming out.

Dragging his sword against the ground as he charged, Never Die flew straight for Bai Yunfei. His feet came up and down on the ground every second. The wound in his shoulder was already fully healed.

Bai Yunfei would never underestimate Never Die. Though the man was already running low on soulforce and wasn't in peak shape, Never Die was still a late-stage Soul Ancestor. Even more convincing was his freakish healing ability.

One of Bai Yunfei's feet shifted slightly on the ground. He wasn't going to fight the man head-on, rather he would retreat. He had the late-stage Soul Ancestor, Han Chong, on his side, there wasn't a need for him to be a 'try-hard.'

Bai Yunfei's sudden retreat confused Han Chong, but he took up the vanguard without delay. Now that he was positioned in front, Han Chong's right hand shook as he retrieved yet another one of his daggers. This time, it wasn't one of his more special ones, but an ordinary flying dagger. He would use it to stall Never Die's forward advancement.

On the other side, Han Lin threw yet another dagger to stop Never Die from advancing as well.

Around ten daggers were thrown at every angle to stop Never Die, but the man had no intentions of evading them. His sword came out in front and parried three of the daggers coming for his head, but he didn't even try to stop any of the other ones.

The sound of daggers stabbing into flesh could be heard several times as his abdomen, chest, and even thighs were pierced. However, the man didn't even look as if he felt pain-much to Bai Yunfei's amazement. Even after being stabbed multiple times, Never Die continued to charge full speed at the one he was hatefully glaring at.

A bone-chilling sensation crawled up Bai Yunfei's spine...

Since Han Chong had failed to do anything to stop the man, it was clear to see that he too was surprised by Never Die's actions. In no time at all, Never Die had reached Han Chong with his sword heaved up high to prepare for a mighty cleave!!

"Let me!"

From behind, Han Chong heard someone call out to him. From in front, a layer of orange light suddenly erected itself to protect him.

Never Die's weapon clanged against the light before being repelled!

At almost the same exact time, the furious sensation of heat brushed past Han Chong's ears and a flashing spear of fire stabbed the area next to his face, delivering a stroke into Never Die's stomach!!

Eyes dilating in shock, Never Die was stunned. He hadn't thought that the late-stage Soul Warrior, Bai Yunfei, would have the cheek to launch an attack straight after his own. Bai Yunfei being a strong enemy hadn't even occurred to Never Die, but even he could see that the spear in front of him wasn't your average soul armament. It was extremely strong. Shifting his feet, Never Die tried his best to move back and bring his sword up to protect his stomach.


The crisp song of metal hitting metal erupted into the air.

The Fire-tipped Spear had stabbed at the sword and managed to stab half an inch into the blade-practically stabbing straight through the sword itself.

Never Die took three hurried steps back with his eyes widening in shock.

On the other side, Bai Yunfei's eyes revealed his disappointment. He had been hoping that the Threefold Stab would've activated the explosion effect of the spear.

What a pity.