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 Chapter 292: Insta Die!

Han Chong's eye peeked to the right. He sighed when he saw the two unknown soul cultivators leave the area. Since the two had been staring down at the six of them for such a long time, he was worried that they might've had some sort of grudge against them.

To come in and steal the treasure when both sides were weak was a common tactic in the soul cultivator world.

On the other side, the Four Death Gods were also wiping their brows in relief. They weren't doing so well at the moment, so to have a third party interject would add to their troubles.

It was the consensus of every soul cultivator that anyone with a soul armament that could fly was a strong individual.

Neither of the sides tried to investigate the newcomers strength since that'd require them to focus elsewhere, and to do that would mean to earn the ire of the newcomer.

Three rays of green light shot from Han Chong's hand as he forced back Never Die. At the same time, his left hand brought his longsword up to block the incoming attack from Go Die.

As soon as the attack was reflected, he leaped back and tossed another three daggers at his foes.

"Han Lin, Spiraling Flying Daggers!!"

Over the course of his actions, Han Chong had already rushed back to where Han Lin was. With a grunt, he shook his right hand and a strange spiral-shaped flying dagger appeared in his hand.

Han Lin was currently forcing back Must Die, but when he heard Han Chong's command, he took out a similar flying dagger.

The two of them threw their flying daggers at the same time. They traveled to both sides of Must Die in a spiraling formation and with a trajectory that was completely unpredictable!

The power behind the flying daggers was beyond what the two brothers had thrown out before. The two people who had been in the way of the daggers trajectory were far too afraid to take them head-on, so they opted to leap out of the way.

When they did, Han Chong and Han Lin could be seen pointing their fingers at Never Die!

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The trajectory of the two daggers changed abruptly. In the blink of an eye, they twisted around one another and increased in power, flying at Never Die's chest at a breakneck speed!

Prior to this attack, Never Die had been in the middle of deciding where he should go. He never thought that the target of the two daggers would be him.

Eyes widening in surprise, all Never Die could do was bring up his golden blade to protect himself.


There was an ear-piercing crack as the two flying daggers struck the golden blade.

Thinking himself safe, Never Die let out a sigh of relief, but then, something out of the corner of his eye caused him to blanch!

The flying daggers hadn't been rebounded by his blade.

Instead, they cut through the blade and continued on their paths!

"Crack! Pfttt!!"

There was a cracking sound before a fountain of blood came from Never Die's back. The two Spiralling Flying Daggers had broken a mid-earth tier soul armament and shot straight through Never Die!!

"It worked!!"

Han Lin and Han Chong both looked elated as they admired their success.

Then, the expression on their faces froze up!

Even though there were two holes through his chest, Never Die gave a malevolent sneer as if he didn't care about the wounds on his body! Raising his sword over his head, Never Die began to feed his soulforce into his weapon. A golden ray of light materialized before splitting into two more rays of light. They spanned ten meters from one blade to the other.

With the same malevolent sneer on his face, he swung his sword down!


Han Chong's reacted fast enough to push Han Lin in the back before the three rays of light could move. With the weaker Han Lin pushed ten meters away, Han Chong now had enough time to dodge. Feeding soulforce into his legs, Han Chong immediately leaped back with green light aiding his retreat.


The three beams of light smashed into the ground and carved out holes about a meter wide.

Having been in the zone of danger, Han Chong hadn't been fast enough to escape unscathed. A stream of blood could be seen on his left shoulder, and his movements were clearly much slower than before. It remained to be seen if his left arm had been completely cut through.

Never Die, on the other hand, was wiping the remaining rivulets of blood from his grotesque-looking smile. Two blue glows of light were shining from his chest, and within two quick moments, the wounds he had sustained earlier healed without a trace! If not for the holes in his clothes and the blood staining the edges, Never Die would've looked as if he hadn't been touched at all!

Two barks of laughter came from Never Die. He was about to call for his two brothers to continue their attacks when something caused him to turn around. "Eldest brother!!"

A figure wearing a strawhat suddenly came out of the thickets of the woods with a red spear in hand! Like a shadow darting out of the forest with frightening speed, this person had almost gone unnoticed until Never Die saw him. The person's figure shimmered with light before splitting into three. The three figures struck at Insta Die with their flaming spears!!


The decrease in Bai Yunfei's aura was due to the effects of the Walk-on Strawhat. Combined with the fact that everyone was too busy worrying about the battle, he was able to get close to the battleground without being detected. Whenever one of the sides unleashed a large-scale strike, Bai Yunfei would move out of the way in fear of being caught in the crossfire. As a Soul Ancestor that knew how to use the Wave Treading Steps, he was able to move hundreds of meters to the tree in front of Insta Die.

Not once did the idea of underestimating one of the Four Death Gods cross Bai Yunfei's mind. His first plan of action was to enact a sneak attack in hopes of opening up the battle with him at an advantage. One strike to gain the upper hand.

Bai Yunfei was extremely willing to use the +12 additional effect of his Fire-tipped Spear, the Doppelganger.

With one doppelganger to his left and right, Bai Yunfei was essentially cutting off any route of escape for Insta Die. Since evading would've been impossible, Insta Die's reaction earned Bai Yunfei's admiration for a split moment.

Instead of moving from his spot, the man bent down to evade all three of the spears!

Bai Yunfei was in shock that his own attack had been avoided, but despite his shock, he brought his right leg up to deliver a swift kick.



Unexpectedly, the sound of something cracking could be heard as the person went flying like a bullet. The instant the person went flying, the sound of bones snapping could be heard...

There was a crashing sound as Insta Die landed on the ground several meters away. A cloud of dirt was kicked into the air, but even that cleared away to reveal his body.

A caved in chest and two cloudy eyes. He was dead.




The silence of death fell over the area.

Whether it was Big or Little Dagger, the remaining three Death Gods, or even Bai Yunfei, they all stared at the corpse with wide open eyes.

"Eldest brother!"

Never Die was the first to react. With a furious howl, he flew to where Insta Die was and held him up. His right hand flew to where his chest had been caved in and a blue light started to glow around the area. He was feeding his soulforce into the man in an attempt to save him.

"....." Bai Yunfei realized something at that point. "So that's what his nickname meant!!

"Insta Die... one move to die... it didn't mean to kill someone else, it referred to himself!"

So that first reaction earlier wasn't some sort of godly reaction. It was just his knees folding in due to fear!? What the hell!

That guy was a regular person!! Not a soul cultivator!

What kind of play-pretend was this!?

The head of the Four Death Gods was playing god and committing crimes while the other three were his bodyguards!! The fact that he was able to live for so long was a miracle in itself!

He hadn't even the time to say what was on his mind with all the shock going through his head.

"Eldest brother! Eldest brother!!" Never Die's attempts to save the man was useless.

Bereaved by the death of his brother, Never Die turned to snarl at Bai Yunfei, "You know his nickname is 'Insta Die,' yet you still attacked him. Of course he'd die!!"