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 Chapter 289: Tempest Sword

Zi Jin laughed. "This is one of the most basic types of wind swords. You might be weaker than before, but you're still a Soul Ancestor. So, controlling one of these-even with someone else-will be easy. As long as you can transmit your soulforce into it, you can ride it."

Bai Yunfei looked at the sword and waited for the notification to appear in his mind.

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Attack: 960

Equipment Effect: By transmitting soulforce into this item, flight becomes capable.

Upgrade Requirement: 100 Soulpoints

It wasn't as if Zi Jin hadn't anything better than a mid-earth tier soul armament. However, giving Bai Yunfei a higher grade armament would be pointless since he wouldn't be able to make efficient use of it.

"Thank you, master!"

"When do you leave?" Zi Jin nodded.

"Tomorrow morning."

"That soon?" The elderly man remarked. "Then be careful. Don't cause trouble and protect Xinyun as well as you can."

"Yes master. Your disciple will be cautious!"


With no small amount of excitement, Bai Yunfei left the Northern Point. By the time he was at the cross-sections between mountain points, Bai Yunfei was already very impatient to try it out. Looking at the dormitories in the Western Point and then to the sword in his hand, he muttered to himself, "Should I... give it a spin?"

Bai Yunfei had always wanted to ride one of these types of soul armaments. He hadn't the nerve to use the Cataclysmic Seal to fly, and he never came across the chance to make a soul armament that could fly. Hence, Bai Yunfei was in a hurry to experience what it was like.

Pushing his soulforce into the sword, Bai Yunfei watched as the sword started to hum. Letting go, the sword slowly rose a meter into the air.

For two whole minutes, Bai Yunfei stared at the sword as it hummed and shined before it finally dropped down onto the ground with a plop.

This was how long the sword could fly with just a single soulpoint.

Nodding in understanding, Bai Yunfei made the sword float once more before hopping on it.

Maintaining his balance wasn't a problem, as things turned out. Gingerly testing his sense of balance, Bai Yunfei found that the sword wouldn't sway even if he tried.

He nodded in satisfaction. Pointing a finger forward, he commanded. "Fly!!"


The sword underneath his feet flashed before launching into the air with a flurry of dust flying up behind it.

Bai Yunfei nearly fell off at first; he wasn't used to the feeling, but he was quick to adapt to the situation.

Though he was traveling fast, he was still traveling within the realm of visibility. Disregarding the wind blowing across his face, Bai Yunfei was excited to look around and see the scenery go by him.

With the green light coming from the sword, Bai Yunfei was like a meteorite as he sped to the dormitories on the Western Point.

Upon arriving, he stretched his hand out to reclaim the sword.

"How refreshing!!" he couldn't help but exclaim. "What took me half an hour to walk only took a few minutes to fly! How convenient flying armaments are."

Tenderly caressing the sword, Bai Yunfei muttered to himself, "Tomorr-ah, that's not right-today is the day we leave. I should practice with this a little more. I have to bring Xinyun with me after all..."

"Hm, the sword's a little small, wouldn't it be cramped if two were to stand on it? Hm... the swords of the first elder, the third elder, and Song Lin were able to expand. Can this sword expand as well?"

Curious now, Bai Yunfei transmitted his soulforce into the sword again.

As expected, the sword glowed brightly before expanding in length.

"Oh ho, it can grow bigger. I don't have to worry about being cramped then..." Bai Yunfei nodded in satisfaction.

Though, why was it that he felt a little disappointed?

"I'll fly a few more rounds then. Gotta learn to fly this as well as I can before we go." Bai Yunfei heaved the sword a bit. "But before that, something important needs to be done first...



Several minutes later.

Upgrade Successful

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Upgrade Level: +10

Attack: 960

Additional Attack: 460

Equipment Effect: By transmitting soulforce into this item, flight becomes capable.

+10 Additional Effect: By using soulforce, the speed of flight can be increased by 100% for one minute.

Cooldown of 2 minutes.

Upgrade Requirement: 100 Soulpoints

Upon looking at the stats of the newly upgraded sword, Bai Yunfei nodded his head. "An increase in speed, I'll take it. Let's try it out!"

"Bzzzzz..." Letting go of the sword, Bai Yunfei watched as it floated up to his chest before jumping on it. With a burst of several different colored lights, he flew off into the sky again.

As he flew, Bai Yunfei subconsciously dug into the sword with his feet as he activated the additional effect of the sword. At first, a rich flow of green light formed behind the sword before it exploded with a 'pop.' As soon as the light popped, the sword's momentum increased twofold with the accompanying sound of the air being torn apart.

Having not been prepared for such a change, Bai Yunfei nearly fell down from the sword.

Somehow managing to hold onto his balance, Bai Yunfei remained on the sword. A wave of satisfaction washed over him as he experienced the increased wind, and he waited for the inevitable decrease in speed a minute later.

Like he was driving a chariot, Bai Yunfei flew all over Mt. Crimson even more cautious than before. He was trying to become more proficient at flying. Though he was flying around for the fun of it too.

Flying the sword himself and experiencing flight when Xiao Binzi controlled it were two different matters. The amount of joy and exhilaration he was feeling now by flying it himself was indescribable.

His indiscriminate flying caught the attention of many of the other students of the Crafting School. Many of them were jealous, but a good deal of the older students only laughed it off when they realized it was Bai Yunfei who was flying it.

Another hour went by before Bai Yunfei finally returned to his home, albeit reluctantly. Putting the sword down after entering his bedroom, Bai Yunfei muttered to himself, "Since the effect is like a tempest, I'll call it the Tempest Sword!"

Bai Yunfei stored the sword away and got himself ready to train. Since he had used a decent sum of soulforce, he needed to regain as much as he could before morning.

He'd also need to pack up everything in his space ring, so he could leave at a moment's notice.

Accompanying Tang Xinyun back home had been on a whim, but Bai Yunfei didn't feel any regrets. He didn't want her to feel sad, and doing this was the best option he knew of to cheer her up.

Was it because he was feeling guilty? Bai Yunfei didn't know...


The next morning-

Outside the dormitories to the Western Point, a large group of people had gathered to send Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun off.

All of them were rather surprised to hear that Bai Yunfei would be accompanying Tang Xinyun back home. It was far too sudden.

Then, when they really digested the information, a look of mischievous understanding came over them.

"Yunfei, I leave Xinyun to you. See her home and bring her back safe and sound. If I see even a hair of hers touched, I won't forgive you!" Reluctant to part with Tang Xinyun, Ling Yiyi made sure to threaten Bai Yunfei as he talked with Ye Zhiqiu and the others.

Bai Yunfei nodded, "Don't worry. I'll be careful, sister Ling."

"Brother strawhat, sis Yun, come back quickly, okay?" Huangfu Rui pleaded as she held Xiao Rourou.

"Haha, we'll be back soon enough. I'll bring back some souvenirs for you."

"Really!?" The girl leaped up with excitement, "You better promise me! Don't forget about them!"

Bai Yunfei laughed, "I won't forget."

"Brother Bai, the best gift is when no one gets one!" Mo Xiaoxuan laughed.

"Haha, of course..."

After their goodbyes, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand, materializing the Tempest Sword. Jumping onto it, Bai Yunfei turned to Tang Xinyun, "Let's get going, Xinyun."

"Yes." Her face reddened slightly as she replied; presumably from the excitement of being able to go back home. With a gentle hop, she landed on the sword behind Bai Yunfei.

She was weaker compared to when she was an early-stage Soul Sprite. Now that she was a late-stage Soul Warrior, her sense of balance was without a doubt worse than Bai Yunfei's, so when she climbed aboard, she faltered slightly.

A sweet-smelling scent wafted into Bai Yunfei's nose, causing his heart to halt for just half a second. Disguising his momentary loss of self with a cough, Bai Yunfei turned to everyone else, "We're off, everyone!"

Tang Xinyun nodded in agreement.

Pushing off with his foot, Bai Yunfei commanded the sword to prime itself.

And just like that, the sword took off into the sky in a burst of green light.

Just a year ago, neither of the two were as strong as they were now.

The Forest Pass Province was a good distance away; would the two of them be able to reach their destination without a problem?

And the 'cage' Tang Xinyun called home.

Would anything happen there?