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 Chapter 259: There's No Escape!

A few minutes ago, during the battle with Jiang Nan and Song Lin, the mid-stage Soul Ancestor had left the battle earlier to fight Bai Yunfei, leaving behind only three people to continue the attack. Of the three, the mid-stage Soul Exalt was clearly the strongest. With his golden curved blade in hand, he was a terrifying sight to behold. Whenever a fire lotus was successfully evaded, the man would press down on the Redlotus-Blood-Sword-wielding Jiang Nan while the other black-robed late-stage Soul Ancestor would coordinate his attacks with his green sword. Many of the wounds on Jiang Nan's body were due to this second person.

Since the giant python and azure bird were taken out of the equation, the pressure on Song Lin's side was considerably lighter than before. All he had to worry about was the black tiger while sometimes helping Jiang Nan fight for a while.

This way, the two were able to make their way through the battle without serious trouble.

Neither of the three paid attention to Bai Yunfei since they all believed that the early-stage Soul Ancestor would die as quickly as he came out. To come fight them was an act of walking on the path of self-destruction, so there was no need for them to try and kill him. There was no opportunity for either Song Lin or Jiang Nan to even help Bai Yunfei due to the intense battle, so when the beast tamer's aura suddenly vanished, both sides of the fight came to a grinding halt to observe what was going on over at Bai Yunfei's side.

Just a kilometer away, the five could see the man who went after Bai Yunfei get stabbed straight through the heart by Tang Xinyun.

Song Lin and Jiang Nan were elated to see this, but the other side was not. The elderly beast tamer on top of the violet bird was the most shocked, and it showed in his eyes. He had the utmost confidence that a mid-stage Soul Ancestor would win against an early-stage Soul Ancestor.

And yet! The early-stage Soul Ancestor managed to kill the beast tamer with the help of an even weaker early-stage Soul Sprite!

This momentary pause in battle was only that, just a moment. The battle resumed quickly with Song Lin and Jiang Nan both considerably less worried than before. Their attacks reflected their emotions as they began to increase in tempo and ferocity, making their situation even better than before. After being forced back several times by Jiang Nan, the mid-stage Soul Exalt finally decided to give the late-stage Soul Ancestor behind him an order, "Kill those other two right now!!"


Replying with an affirmative nod and shout, the man backed out of the battle. Underneath his feet, a greenish glow was picking up before immediately roaring to life as a furious gale that shot him to where Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun were!!

Jiang Nan and Song Lin were both startled by this; they didn't think that the enemy forces would try to kill Bai Yunfei.

In a panicked warning, Song Lin shouted, "Yunfei, watch out!!"

He really wanted to stop that black-robed man, but there was no time. No sooner did he cry out that warning than the enemy forces spring up to attack him again. Jiang Nan was experiencing something similar in his head, and even though there was one less enemy to worry about, the worry he had for Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun was far greater. Thus, another fierce battle started between the four.

It would only take a little less than two minutes for the four to stop once again...

A heart-stopping amount of elemental fire burst into existence along with the furious howls of Bai Yunfei, prompting the four of them to turn their heads again.

They were just in time to see the late-stage Soul Ancestor running almost desperately back in full retreat followed by the awe-inspiring Cataclysmic Seal.

Shortly before the four men could really fully understand the situation, they saw the black-robed man sent flying into the air. Then after that, the strange soul armament made an immediate drop down into the earth.

And just like that, the man's aura was gone!

He was dead!!

"Wh-what is..." The Soul Exalt found himself rather sluggish; though he was a Soul Exalt, he could still hardly believe what he was seeing.

Song Lin was astounded from what he was seeing, and joy lit up his eyes as he thought, "That's Yunfei's lifebound armament!"

He was the first to respond out of everyone else, pulling Jiang Nan back with him. By the time the mid-stage Soul Exalt realized what the two had done, they were already half a kilometer away. The two of them knew that retreating any more would be foolhardy, so they readied themselves for combat again.

But the black-robed man didn't give chase either. Instead, he continued to look down at the crater left behind by the Cataclysmic Seal in a state of clear shock.


Several seconds later, another explosion could be heard as the shining Cataclysmic Seal rose into the air to smash into the next two enemies with a roar from Bai Yunfei!


The two men were shocked. Bai Yunfei was only an early-stage Soul Ancestor, but the terrifying soul armament of his and the fact that it was able to come flying toward them to attack was completely beyond what the two men had thought was possible.

The one attacking them now was an early-stage Soul Ancestor, but neither of the two were willing to underestimate him now. Splitting away from one another to dodge, the black-robed man transformed into a blur as he traveled to the right while the beast tamer elder on the bird made a sharp ascent into the air.

Like lightning, the Cataclysmic Seal arrived right in front of them as they were moving off. The mid-stage Soul Exalt was incredibly fast. He was able to travel several hundred meters in a matter of seconds to escape the Cataclysmic Seal's range. As such, the soul armament came to a halt as if to give up on him and rose into the air to give chase to the beast tamer.

The beast tamer's eyes dilated in fear upon seeing the Cataclysmic Seal start to chase him. If this were to continue, he'd be unable to dodge the soul armament. With just a small moment of hesitation, the man let out a grunt as his entire body burst into a violet glow. Stomping on the back of the bird soulbeast he was on, he leaped over a dozen meters into the sky. The area beneath his feet materialized in yet another glow of violet light as he made use of materialized elemental lightning to create a foothold for him to leap back up into the air. Each time his feet stepped off of the elemental lightning, there was a slight cracking sound before he ascended again. By borrowing this power, he was able to ascend into the sky like a violet lightning bolt going in reverse.

To overcome the wall that was the Cataclysmic Seal, the beast tamer made use of the explosive elemental lightning to give himself one final push. Escaping past the height of the soul armament. It was after he made the leap that he realized he was already at a height where he shared a similar elevation with the nearby mountain tops.

"Damn! What kind of soul armament is this!? I've never heard of the Crafting School having such a monstrous soul armament like this! What tier is it, mid-heaven? High-heaven, maybe?" The elder nearly cried out loud as he looked down at the Cataclysmic Seal beneath him.

He let out a sigh as he looked around himself, "This was a failure, how unexpected... there's even more powerful people inbound. I must make my escape!"

With a new plan in mind, the man prepared to leap higher into the air to retreat.

Just two jumps and fifty meters higher into the air, a shiver shot up his spine! Jerking his head down, the man's face drained of its color as a shocking sight registered in his eyes.

The Cataclysmic Seal that had buried itself behind him was suddenly... flying up to attack him again!

By the time the beast tamer jerked his head to look at the Cataclysmic Seal, the soul armament had already 'pulled' into the air, and under his terrified gaze, it flew up to strike him down!!