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 Chapter 256: Invasion of a Late-stage Soul Ancestor!

What the middle-aged man didn't realize was that Bai Yunfei was 'controlling' the way he had been retreating. Throughout the battle, the man was in fact being forced to go away from the battlefield to the spot where Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun had originally been hiding!

Bai Yunfei knew that killing the middle-aged man by himself wouldn't be very likely (Though it would have been good if he had. If the explosion effect had been triggered when the man was stabbed in the left shoulder, then death would've been for certain.). Beating and killing the man were two completely different things. It was true that Bai Yunfei had faith in his upgraded equipment, but this would be the very first time he fought a mid-stage Soul Ancestor. The very first thing to be done was to throw off the man's rhythm.

He had done so when he broke free from the man's killing technique, and thus, earned the upper hand after that. With the combination of his upgraded equipment and its effects, Bai Yunfei gave the man no time to calm down. Bai Yunfei forced him to move in the direction he wanted.

The final deliverance with the Threefold Slap caused the man to fly backward. Although Bai Yunfei was stopped and injured by the python, Bai Yunfei was able to masterfully engineer the perfect ambush opportunity.

Under the influence of being 'hurled,' the man hadn't the foggiest idea that Tang Xinyun would come from behind to attack him!

She was, of course, hidden, thanks to the Walk-on Strawhat.

And she hadn't failed to disappoint. She was hidden until the man was close enough for her to strike him through the heart with her sword!!

By doing so, she lived up to the answer she gave Bai Yunfei earlier; she really could kill!

Vacantly, the beast tamer gazed down at the sword through his chest. The elemental fire from it was already devouring at his heart. Though he opened his mouth to speak, no words came out; even his eyes were dimming in light.

Ten seconds went by before the very last vestige of life drained from his body, and his corpse fell to the ground.


A flicker of unease flashed across Tang Xinyun's eyes as she pulled the sword away from her victim, but determination rekindled on her face shortly afterward.

This man conspired to kill one of her own, meaning he was an enemy.

Neither compassion nor reluctance would be given to enemies.

This was one of the things she had learned after a near-fatal experience during her one month journey.


Once he landed on the ground, Bai Yunfei let out a sigh of relief when he saw the python was now motionless. He stored away his spear and began to circulate his soulforce to heal the wound on his waist. There was a faint pulse from his leather armor when his soulforce flowed into it before Bai Yunfei felt his wounds start to recover slightly faster than before.

Regenerative Soul Armor stats:

Equipment Grade: High Human

Elemental Affinity: Wood

Upgrade Level: +10

Defense: 431

Additional Defense: 225

Soul Compatibility: 10%

+10 Additional Effect: Increase recovery rate of wounds by 10%.

Upgrade Requirement: 83 Soulpoints

"I've actually killed a mid-stage Soul Ancestor. Is this how far I've come? I didn't even have to use the Cataclysmic Seal's strongest move..." Bai Yunfei thought to himself in sorrow.

Nodding in response to Tang Xinyun's concerned look, Bai Yunfei turned to look off into the distance where Song Lin and Jiang Nan were still fighting, "The first elder should be on his way now; brother Song Lin and brother Jiang Nan should be..."

"Watch out!!"

While Bai Yunfei was thinking about the current situation, Song Lin's warning cry had immediately snapped him out of his thoughts.

Startled, Bai Yunfei looked at the sky just in time to see a green light come shooting toward him from a kilometer away. Within the light was a figure in black. Practically seconds after Song Lin's warning, Bai Yunfei could see that this light was already within a hundred meters within of him!

A late-stage Soul Ancestor!!

The instant Bai Yunfei saw the figure, the person in question brought his green sword up into the air. With a humming scream, the sword slashed down to release four separate green blades of wind. All four of the blades of wind screeched loudly as they traveled through the air, but only two of them flew for Bai Yunfei while the other two traveled to hit Tang Xinyun, who was just a few dozen meters away from Bai Yunfei!

"Xinyun!!" Bai Yunfei cried out. Throwing out his right hand, the Cataclysmic Seal immediately flew forward in a streak of red light to protect Tang Xinyun from the attack.

"Bang!" The Cataclysmic Seal was able to block one of the blades, but not the other...

Since Basi Yunfei was so preoccupied with throwing the Cataclysmic Seal out to protect Tang Xinyun, he had no time to dodge the assault himself. Gritting his teeth, Bai Yunfei rooted himself where he stood and crossed his arms in front of him; he'd have to take the blow head on!

"Bang bang!"

Both blades impacted against Bai Yunfei's arms and tore the sleeves of his clothes to shreds. Even though the bracer helped Bai Yunfei survive the impact, he was still sent tumbling over a dozen meters due to the momentum of the elemental wind. His feet dug two deep trenches into the ground as he tried to prevent himself from falling.

From the bracer on his arm, Bai Yunfei could feel a wave of energy flow into it; one of the two blades had activated the +10 effect of the bracer: damage absorption!

+10 Additional Effect: When blocking, there is a 9% chance of absorbing and converting the attack power into personal attack power, releasing it with your next attack.

(It can be held for 3 seconds. The amount of converted attack power cannot exceed the defensive strength of this item.)

He hadn't noticed that. Even as he fell to the ground due to the overpowering momentum from his enemy's attack, all Bai Yunfei could do was turn his head to his left where Tang Xinyun was.

What he saw caused him to let out a gasp.

Just a dozen meters away, a pale-faced Tang Xinyun could be seen with her teeth grit in pain. The arm that held her sword drooped uselessly by her side with her left arm gripping at it. Blood could be seen dripping from her fingertips, staining parts of her robes red.


Another whistling sound screamed through the air, prompting Bai Yunfei to whip his head back to look at the black-robed man. In his eyes were anger as he clenched the fist with the Ardent Sun Glove. A furious glow burst out of the glove before Bai Yunfei lashed out with a punch to attack the longsword coming down on him!



Astounded by the cracking sound, the man looked down at his weapon with wide-open eyes. The wind attribute mid-earth tier sword had... had actually broke into two!

The Ardent Sun Glove, the Ninefold Fist Force, and the added attack from when the bracer absorbed one of the wind blades. The combined attack of the three was more than enough to completely destroy his enemy's soul armament!!

Bai Yunfei hadn't planned on that, but after destroying the man's soul armament, he took advantage of the man's shock to swing his left arm out to hit him with the flaming Cataclysmic Seal.

Grunting, the man threw away the broken sword in his hand and brought both arms in front to protect himself. There was a thump when the Cataclysmic Seal hit his arm, but rather than doing nothing, the brick managed to send both Bai Yunfei and the other man backward five steps.

"What strength!!" The man thought in shock. His right arm had a low-earth tier bracer on it so it was able to block the Cataclysmic Seal when he was hit, but even then, there was a stinging pain from where it hit. Even more accurately, his arm had lost some feeling. When he circulated his soulforce there, his arm slowly began to regain its feeling.

There was something else he felt though. Just barely, he could hear his bracer cracking into pieces...

Reaching his right arm out, Bai Yunfei brought his Fire-tipped Spear out and prepared to step toward the man to strike him down!!