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 Chapter 252: Can You Kill?

When Bai Yunfei saw the battle from afar, he was both shocked and anxious. Song Lin had always looked after Bai Yunfei, and Jiang Nan himself had once saved Bai Yunfei's life. So to see the two being attacked by every side without Bai Yunfei even being able to lift a finger or join the fight, he was beside himself. At the same time, he felt a deep feeling of helplessness.

Clenching both of his fists, Bai Yunfei stared unflinchingly at the battlefield in front of him. He was struggling hard to not be seen by the four enemies while also making his way even closer to the battlefield.

On the other side, Jiang Nan had been forced to explode two lotuses in order to fend off the black tiger and the mid-stage Soul Exalt, yet he was still unable to completely evade a blade of wind that managed to bite into his shoulder.

It was that final bit that tipped Bai Yunfei over the edge. No longer able to rein his anger in, Bai Yunfei grit his teeth and whirled around to stare at Tang Xinyun who was watching the battle with him, "Xinyun, you stay here. I'm going to go help out!"

"What!?" Tang Xinyun cried out in disbelief, "Absolutely not! Haven't you seen how intense this battle is? The weakest one there is a stage higher than you; how will you even fight them!?"

Bai Yunfei was unswayed. "Don't worry!" He shook his head, "I've faith in myself. As long as it's just that mid-stage Soul Ancestor, I'm confident I can beat him! If I can alleviate the pressure on brother Song Lin and Jiang Nan and stall for time, I'm confident that the first elder will come over soon enough. The first elder will make sure we won't be in any danger!"

"But... what if you can't fight against that mid-stage Soul Ancestor?"

"No way, he's completely focused on fighting brother Song Lin and Jiang Nan. If I can get the attention of that mid-stage Soul Ancestor, success is seventy percent assured, but whatever the case, one percent more is still one percent!"

"..." For a while, Tang Xinyun was silent. Her silence had prompted Bai Yunfei to move toward the battle, but before he could get far, Tang Xinyun bit her bottom lip in reluctance. "Yunfei, I... I want to help too!"

"What?" Startled by her determination, Bai Yunfei wasn't quite sure he'd be able to dissuade her since he himself was determined to jump into the fray. There wasn't much time to convince her otherwise as well. Looking at the distant battlefield with some hesitance, Bai Yunfei then asked in a low voice, "Xinyun, can you kill?"

"What? Likewise, Tang Xinyun wasn't expecting this response.

But she nodded her head in determination anyways, "I can!"

Her response was far more adamant than Bai Yunfei expected. There was a clash between the sweet and gentle image he had of Tang Xinyun and the one in front of him right now.

During her one month of gaining experience, Tang Xinyun had changed a lot. Still, Bai Yunfei didn't have much time to ponder about the changes. After several quick seconds, he relented, "Fine! Then listen carefully to me. In a few seconds from now, I'll have that mid-stage Soul Ancestor move outside of the battlefield, and then you'll..."


Several rough moments later, Bai Yunfei was just finishing up going over the battle plan when he heard the mid-stage Soul Exalt fighting Jiang Nan suddenly yell out loud, "Change of plans. No more stalling! Kill them both now!!"

It was then that the battle reached a fervor. Both Jiang Nan and Song Lin were already in a very sorry state. If they were careless, any single strike could very well be the one to claim their lives.

Nodding to Tang Xinyun, Bai Yunfei threw away all hesitation he felt and started to run toward the battle. By using the Wave Treading Steps to increase his speed, his figure nearly bled into a blur as he raced forward.

His hand shook once to bring out the Crescent Moon Blades mid-sprint. Grasping the blade by the handle, he split the blade into two with a clinking sound while maintaining his watch on the python and azure bird being controlled by the middle-aged man. With a swing of his right hand, the blade in that arm was tossed forward, and during the return swing of the very same arm, another four throwing knives were tossed out!

Due to the intensity of the battle and how concentrated he was on fighting Song Lin and Jiang Nan, the middle-aged man had never noticed Bai Yunfei's assault from behind. It was only when the early-stage Soul Exalt to the side had cried out in warning that the middle-aged man whirled around to see what was going on.

He managed to call back his python to block the four throwing knives while jumping to the side. When the Crescent Moon Blade whirled around the python's tail, the man had been unable to stop the blade from leaving a wound on his shoulder!

Without his speed decreasing in the slightest, Bai Yunfei continued to charge forward so that he was now within a hundred meters radius of the middle-aged man. Just as the man was pointing his finger to command the python to attack Bai Yunfei, the hand that was holding the other half of the Crescent Moon Blade gave a violent tug back as if pulling at something.

A cold wind blew against the back of the middle-aged man's head, causing his entire body to shiver before he tossed himself to the side!


Following the rustling sound of something brushing past him, another wound immediately opened itself up on his side!

"The Crescent Moon Blades! Those are the weapons of the Crescent Moon Killers!" The man cried out loud as soon as he realized what weapon Bai Yunfei was holding.

Bai Yunfei quirked his eyebrows. If the Crescent Moon Blades could be recognized that quickly, did this mean that the Crescent Moon Killers were famous, maybe?

Storing away the Crescent Moon Blades once the other blade returned to him, Bai Yunfei swapped it out for the Fire-tipped Spear. Without a word, Bai Yunfei charged straight for the middle-aged man.

The five other fighters were astonished to see Bai Yunfei's appearance, but when the three enemies of his took a second to properly look at Bai Yunfei, they all revealed a look of contempt.

An early-stage Soul Ancestor was joining the fight? What right had he to do so?

Clearly, this youngster was a cocky one from the Crafting School with an overinflated estimation of his own strength.

No longer caring about Bai Yunfei, the Soul Exalt standing on top of the violet bird spoke out loud, "Hurry up and kill them so we can leave!"

"Yes!" It took a moment for the middle-aged man to respond, but when he did, he glared at the incoming Bai Yunfei with a murderous gaze. This puny early-stage Soul Ancestor had actually dared to try and ambush him!!

"Go to hell!!" With a roar, the man pointed his right hand at Bai Yunfei.

There was a hiss, and then the python flew at Bai Yunfei with its bloody maw wide open in an attempt to bite its prey!

Jiang Nan had been skeptical about Bai Yunfei's appearance when he found him, but Song Lin was aghast to spot him there. However, he couldn't yell at Bai Yunfei to stop fighting either. He wanted to go over and help Bai Yunfei fight, but with the others surrounding him in a death trap, he'd have to be extremely careful or else risk getting hurt if he slipped up. With no other choice but to continue fighting, Song Lin could only hope that the first elder would come quickly.

Otherwise, if Bai Yunfei were to be extremely hurt-even if he escaped with his life-Song Lin would have no excuse to offer up to his seniors in apology.

"Dammit! Why is Yunfei so reckless? This isn't a battle someone like him can take part in..." Without a choice, Song Lin tried his best to focus on his own battles.

Without the python or the bird attacking him or Jiang Nan, the pressure on the both of them was now slightly weaker.


On the other side of the battlefield, Bai Yunfei glared at the incoming python with a serious expression. Sticking to the ground with how his feet moved across it, he moved his right side behind him and planted the Fire-tipped Spear into the ground. Vaulting into the air with movements as fluid as flowing water itself, Bai Yunfei managed to evade the python's lunge!

Even before Bai Yunfei could move on to strike down the middle-aged man in front of him, the sound of something coming at him from behind could be heard. Turning his head, Bai Yunfei was astonished to see the tail of the python striking at him!

This time, Bai Yunfei wouldn't be able to dodge the attack like before. It had never crossed his mind that the python would be able to strike at him again so quickly, but there was no time for him to regret his decision now. Crossing both of his arms in front of him to brace for impact, Bai Yunfei's body was sent flying ten meters back following the collision. Before Bai Yunfei could hit the ground, he slammed his spear into it to impede his backward momentum.

Sliding for another ten meters, Bai Yunfei finally came to a stop on the ground. Despite the Flameblade Bracer protecting him, Bai Yunfei felt his right arm go slightly numb from the impact, but with a faint red glow that spread from his bracer to around his right arm, the numbness quickly went away.

"A mid-stage fifth-tier soulbeast is indeed quite hard to deal with..."

Bai Yunfei sighed to himself, though he was not yet discouraged. Swinging his spear, he tried once more to dodge the python and to strike at the man controlling it.

If a surprise attack didn't work, all that's left was a full-on assault!