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 Book 1 Chapter 24: Re-encounter with Zhang Yang; fighting for vengeance! (1)

The moon hung high in the sky. Various places in Luoshi City were illuminated by lights.

In a rather luxurious room in the west part of the city, a middle-aged man of a tall stature with wide shoulders and a broad back was looking with a slightly angry expression at two burly men and a thievish-looking little man who were standing with drooped heads in front of him. There were still five or six muscular subordinates behind him.

"In other words, you couldn't even see who the attacker was before getting knocked unconscious? The girl you captured has also escaped, but you have returned unharmed?"

"Chief, we..."

"Humph! Worthless pieces of shit! You're unable to achieve anything but liable to spoil everything!" Seeming not to bother listening to their explanations, the middle-aged man gestured for them to stand aside with a wave of his hand and told a man behind him: "Xiao Liu, you go outside and see if someone has followed these three good-for-nothings to come here. Young master is going to be here in a while, don't make any mistake."

A while later, Xiao Liu came back into the room and shook his head to indicate that there was nothing unusual outside. Everybody slightly let out a sigh of relief. If someone was drawn to this place, which would make young master unhappy, they would have to bear all the consequences of this.

However, they did not know that in fact someone had already followed those men to this place, and even a very long time ago.

Atop the roof, Bai Yunfei's entire body was sticking to the surface of the tiles, making it very difficult for someone on the ground to detect him. When that Xiao Liu had come out for an investigation, he had only gone around the house once without using a ladder to check the roof.

Having followed those three men to this place, because he was uncertain if that girl who according to them had been abducted was here or not, he had not acted impatiently. Instead, he had been on the top of the room, listening to the situation inside.

The chief cast a look at a room whose door was guarded by two subordinates on the second floor, saying: "How's that girl?"

"She's been in the room upstairs all the time. Last night, after crying for a while, she calmed down. Today she has been very quiet and hasn't tried to kill herself either." A subordinate behind him answered, then continued after hesitating for a while: "Chief, she said... she is a disciple of the Green Willow School. Though we don't know if that's true or not, will we really not carry out a check?"

"Humph! The Green Willow School's disciple? How is that possible? That's a school of soul cultivators. How could one of its disciples be captured by us like this? She must have heard about it from someone then tried to fool us into letting her go with it."

After saying so, the chief hesitated for a bit, seemingly to soothe his subordinates and also to soothe himself, then continued: "Besides, our young master Zhang Yang is a disciple of the Glacial School! So what if she's really a Green Willow School disciple? By giving her to young master Zhang, we'll even help to bring about a good deed between the two schools. When she knows young master's identity, perhaps she'll beg to stay by his side!"

On top of the roof, upon hearing that the abducted girl was in this place, Bai Yunfei had wanted to go down and save her immediately. But the conversation afterwards made him freeze right there.

Zhang Yang! That young master mentioned by them was unexpectedly Zhang Yang?

Moreover, he was going to be here in a while!

Bai Yunfei considered for some time with glittering eyes then suppressed the excitement in his mind to continue sticking to the roof, paying close attention to the situation inside.

Finding something by chance after traveling far and wide for it!

About half an hour later, the sound of an opening door was heard, followed by the chief's ingratiating voice: "You have arrived, young master. The girl you want is already in that room upstairs... Hey, you two, come down. There's no need to stand guard anymore."

"Oh, hopefully you won't disappoint me." An indifferent voice was heard, "The two of you also stay down here. I don't need your protection. Don't ruin my enthusiasm."

The moment Bai Yunfei heard this voice, his entire body shivered. He had to forcefully restrain himself so that he would not make any sound because of his excessive excitement.

"Zhang Yang!"

Bai Yunfei would remember this voice for life. The owner of the voice had changed his life.

"Be cool, be cool!" Bai Yunfei kept warning himself against acting on impulse in his mind as he clenched his fists tightly, his fingernails almost sticking in his palms.

"This is an opportunity. I definitely can't let it pass!" After he took several deep breaths, his almost seething mind finally started to calm down.

"From what he said, it seems he's got two bodyguards. How powerful are they? They're soul cultivators? They most likely are, but I don't know what their levels are. They shouldn't have surpassed the Soul Personage stage, but Zhang Yang himself is a middle Soul Personage too... If I'm surrounded by them..." Right at this moment, there were footsteps coming from below him. Apparently Zhang Yang was walking towards the room upstairs.

"I came here to save that girl. I can't let her suffer any harm! But if I attack Zhang Yang directly and fail, I'll be surrounded by three soul cultivators. Then... let's take care of the bodyguards first. Besides, I can't give Zhang Yang any chance to run away..."

Pressed for time, Bai Yunfei came up with several ideas almost instantly. In the end he made up his mind. After estimating the direction a bit, he took a step with force.

Zhang Yang was about to go upstairs somewhat eagerly, but his two bodyguards and the other people were in the opposite corner of the hall. The sudden sound frightened all of them greatly. As soon as they looked up, they saw a large number of stone tile fragments shooting towards them!

Half of the ten ordinary people at the scene were knocked down unconscious while the others ran in panic, almost all of them injured. But the next batch of fragments came, seemingly aimed at them on purpose. This time the several injured people could not dodge and were all knocked to the ground unconscious.

However, to soul cultivators, these flying stones were basically not a threat. Zhang Yang, who was standing at the entrance of the stairs, and his two bodyguards, one tall and the other short, all avoided the flying stone fragments very easily.

As the fragments came down all over the air, Bai Yunfei fell down together with them. As soon as he landed, he did a roll to neutralize the momentum of the fall. Then he jumped up straight towards Zhang Yang!

"This is bad! Protect young master!"

Of the two bodyguards coming here with Zhang Yang, the tall one was called Li Shi and was a late Soul Personage while the short one was called Du Xin and was a late Soul Apprentice. Li Shi was the first to react. Almost at the same time as Bai Yunfei moved, he chased up without any hesitation. A bit slower, Du Xin followed him closely.

This hall was very spacious. Bai Yunfei landed on a place twenty meters away from Zhang Yang but less than ten meters away from the two bodyguards. The three of them were surprisingly fast, at least in the eyes of those ordinary people. In almost the blink of an eye, Bai Yunfei had already dashed out about ten meters.

Li Shi was about to catch up with Bai Yunfei. His hand was already holding a long saber and he thrust it at Bai Yunfei's back.

However, right at this moment, an urgently advancing Bai Yunfei suddenly shot obliquely to the left, avoiding the saber strike. At the same time, he turned around and flicked a blur out of his right hand by making use of the momentum of the turn. Several cold sparkles shot out!

The secrets of success in using flying daggers were speed, steadiness and accuracy!

Having trained hard recently, even though Bai Yunfei could not be said to have reached the peak of perfection in flying dagger techniques, he was already exceptionally familiar with them!

Three upgraded daggers were shot out simultaneously. Despite being astounded, Li Shi reacted surprisingly quickly. With a turn of his saber, a dagger was sent flying.

Only one dagger? Yes, he had deflected only one dagger because the other two daggers were shooting at Du Xin behind him!