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 Chapter 223: Becoming a Soul Ancestor!

But just as he knelt down to touch Bai Yunfei, something unexpected happened!

From out of the blue, the brick that had been lying inconspicuously on top of Bai Yunfei's chest flew straight up into the air. In a flash of orange light, the brick moved to protect Bai Yunfei from the man!

Huangfu Nan had been caught completely off guard by this situation, but he was still an expert of the late-stage Soul Exalt level. Flying in retreat, both of his hands flew up in a flash of red to protect himself when the brick made contact with them.


The sound of a brick hitting flesh run through the air, resulting in Huangfu Nan being sent backward. It was only ten meters in recoil, but the man's feet dragged across the air. Soon after, a series of 'steps' made from elemental fire materialized underneath his feet, allowing the man to come to a stop.


Everyone was speechless. They could all see the orange light irradiating from the brick as clear as day.

Even Zi Jin was speechless!

"Automatic protection....that's a lifebound armament! Impossible!!"

A strange light flickered in Zi Jin's eyes. His right hand moved to take out a black sphere before tossing it towards Bai Yunfei.


Once again, the brick moved out to slam against the black sphere. The two objects came to a stop.

The orange light that had been around the brick grew darker for just a slight second before returning back to normal.

In fact, the light was even brighter than before.

As for the black ball, it returned back to Zi Jin's hand.

"Heaven tier!!"

Both Xiao Binzi and Kou Changkong snapped out from their thoughts at this announcement. No longer acting as apathetic to situations as he would before, Xiao Binzi spoke first with eyes honed in on Bai Yunfei, "A heaven tier lifebound armament? But how! That kid's strength shouldn't be capable of crafting such a grade! What in the world happened?!"

On the other hand, Kou Changkong looked down on the ground, "Ling Yan is down there, let us ask him!"

A bright ray of red light immediately shot forth from his hand, jettisoning towards the ground a thousand meters beneath the group.

Down below, several disciples were all staring at the completely devastated cliffs with fingers that pointed at it while they gesticulated to one another.

Standing at the very front of the group was the third senior of the Western Point, Ling Yan. He had noticed the group of elders gathered above them beforehand, but just as he was prepared to head up to meet them, a ray of red light met him first. Surrounding his person, the red light then levitated the youth into the air to bring him to the elders.

Ling Yan's sudden departure did not go unnoticed by the other students. Upon realizing that the headmaster and other seniors were above them, the students all let out gasps before speaking to one another in more quiet voices than before.

In no time at all, Ling Yan was brought to the front of the seniors. Managing to calm himself in time, Ling Yan greeted the men, "Junior Ling Yan pays his respects to master, the previous headmaster, and the elders!"

Changkong nodded his head to accept the greeting. "Ling Yan, can you tell us what happened here? What happened to Yunfei, do you know the details?"

Regarding Bai Yunfei with a bespectacled look, Ling Yan thought for a moment on what to say.

At last, he then spoke, "Master, I've been in my own cave since yesternight, but junior Bai was in the cave next to me. About an hour ago, I felt something odd going on in his cave along with a wave of energy that got stronger with time. I didn't really pay much attention at the time since I thought that it was just a small problem at first.

"But the energy continued to grow stronger! Just ten minutes ago, it was at least a hundred time stronger than before. I was afraid of the danger, so I prepared to call junior Bai out and report to master when it became a storm. This was the aftermath of that...." Ling Yan stopped there to nod at the surrounding area. "It was far stronger than I thought if it could destroy half the cliff! It's a good thing I warned some people earlier, otherwise...."

"Is that it?" Unsatisfied, Kou Changkong pressed on, "Do you know what in the world Yunfei was crafting? Or what caused this?"

"I...." Ling Yan's voice wavered. "Junior Bai was crafting by himself, so I'm...I'm not sure...."

Taking in the answer silently, Kou Changkong waved his hand, "Tell the students to disperse. The cliff is off-limits for the time being!"

"Yes, master!"

Dropping Ling Yan back down onto the ground, Kou Changkong watched as the disciple begin to order everyone to leave the place. This part of the Western Point became silent after some time with only five people left here and the glowing-red Bai Yunfei.

After being so silent for such a long time, Zi Jin chose now to speak up, "Changkong, have you looked into his identity? Do you think he's related to him?"

"According to our investigations, he shouldn't be...." Kou Changkong shook his head before telling Zi Jin of what they knew about Bai Yunfei.

"Oh? Someone who had a 'chanced' meeting with Ge Yiyun? And an acquaintance to Hong Yin, the son of the Wolf King?" Zi Jin hummed in surprise at Bai Yunfei's background. "What the Fate School calls 'fate' might be said to be imaginary, but it really is something quite mystical. If it was Ge Yiyun who helped him, then there should be no problems with this one...."

"Yes," Kou Changkong nodded, "I believed such as well. Let us wait for Yunfei to wake first before anything else is done."

Silent since her arrival, Cang Yu finally spoke up at this juncture in concern, "Senior, is Yunfei in any danger? Perhaps we should..."

Startled by her response, Kou Changkong smiled to relieve her. "Junior, you shouldn't worry. I'm sure that Yunfei only lost consciousness after the explosion. He has something protecting him from any danger already, I'm sure that it won't be long before he wakes up again."

Cang Yu's eyebrows crinkled together nonetheless, "But..."

She hadn't even been able to finish her words before everyone suddenly swung their heads to look towards Bai Yunfei.

The red light that had been glossed over Bai Yunfei's body like a transparent cocoon finally started to dissipate. Then, as if being swung by something, the elemental fire around Bai Yunfei began to swirl and form a vortex about a hundred meter in diameter!

The vortex swirled faster and faster in on itself with Bai Yunfei at its center. When the vortex came into being, the space around Bai Yunfei started to twist in on itself while being saturated with more and more elemental fire. The elemental fire that had been sucked into the vortex then began to drain into Bai Yunfei's body!

At first, Cang Yu was confused on what was going on. But then she realized the truth of the matter, "Yunfei's making a breakthrough! He's becoming a Soul Ancestor!"

As of right now, Bai Yunfei felt as if he was stuck in a chaotic space.

He had immediately lost consciousness when his hand made contact with the floating brick back at that 'strange space'. When he woke, he could 'see' nothing around him now. All he could feel was an unbelievably warm sensation envelop him for a snug and cozy experience.

It almost felt like he was flying. What constituted this space was like his body now, and it corresponded to his control as his own flesh and blood would.

Not much time went by before Bai Yunfei felt the warm sensation around his body slowly leave him.

Then when his body felt light, Bai Yunfei knew that he had finally returned to his original body.

"Good...my body's still here...."

Was Bai Yunfei's first thought.

A warm sensation, unlike the previous one, entered his body next. It flowed into his body into an unending stream. Though his mind was kept hazy as a side-effect, the sensation wasn't all too bad.


At some point, the sound of something cracking from within the depth of his soul split the silence. What came after that was a stream of information and images that flowed incessantly into his mind....

A city flourishing with life. Buildings of strange shape and material. People hustling and bustling down the streets wearing all sorts of strange clothes. And even stranger, chariots that seemed to travel at breakneck speeds...

The slumbering fragments of memories that lay dormant in the depths of Bai Yunfei's soul was suddenly showing the memories it had straight into Bai Yunfei's mind!

Time had no meaning for Bai Yunfei as he accepted the information. The information had been far too much for him to take in, resulting in him fainting once more.

Who knew how many times he had fallen unconscious over the span of today?

On the outside, the raging ripples of elemental fire began to draw in on itself before being absorbed into Bai Yunfei's body.

Even the brick itself had lost its luster. With a plop, the brick fell down by Bai Yunfei's side.

And so, the peak of the Western Point was finally back at its long-needed silence....