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 Chapter 212: Huangfu Rui (Second)

On the stone path back to the Western Point, Bai Yunfei's heart raced with excitement. Each step he took along the passage between the points had been filled with thoughts of when Kou Changkong had crafted that dagger in front of him.

A single soul armament had only taken a short amount of time to form right in front of his very eyes. If the art of crafting was possible of creating such an armament like that, how could he not feel excited?

Equipment Grade: High Rare

Attack: 467

Upgrade Requirement: 78 Soulpoints

An admiring light entered Bai Yunfei's eyes when he took a look at the soul armament Kou Changkong created. "He created a high-grade human-tier soul armament in an instant, that's the headmaster of the Crafting School for you! This is the strength of a late-stage Soul King...."

Kou Changkong had said before that studying the dagger he made could help him understand some of the finer aspects of crafting so Bai Yunfei didn't dare try to upgrade it until he could confirm no vital changes would be had. But he himself knew that he could very well upgrade the quality of a high-grade human-tier soul armament to a low-grade or even middle-grade earth-tier soul armament!

For no reason at all, a surge of impassioned confidence spread through his heart. Clenching the dagger tightly into his hand, Bai Yunfei stared at it with a determined look, "One day, I'll reach the same level master is at. No....I'll surpass him!"

Storing away the dagger for safekeeping, Bai Yunfei continued on his way back to the Western Point. On the way, he came across several students who called out to him respectfully with words such as 'senior Bai'.

In return, Bai Yunfei would greet them as well.

Three days had gone by since his match with Chen Huanghua. News of the outcome had spread throughout the entire school since he was the 'special' disciple. He was a figure many people felt to be important as a topic, so there were just as many people paying attention to him. Some of the students who had shared similar perspectives as Chen Huanghua had thusly decided to save their comments and scorn for him for the timebeing.

After all, Bai Yunfei was able to easily defeat the late-stage Soul Sprite, Chen Huanghua. Strength like that was surprising to a good majority of the students-and some of those students had expressed that surprise physically.

On the way, Bai Yunfei came across Zhong Xuhao who said that he and Liu Mang were doing quite well for themselves. Aside from playing errand boys for several other seniors, they spent their time training so that they could reach the Soul Sprite stage and learn the art of crafting.

Several more words were exchanged between the two before Zhong Xuhao had to leave at once-he was still in the middle of a delivery for a senior.

Not before long, Bai Yunfei had arrived at the focal point where the main, western, southern, and eastern point all converged together.

And just as he was turning onto the road towards the Western Point....

"Heeheee, wait up for me, Xiao Rourou! Dai Dai can't keep up with you!" A silvery voice drifted through the air, startling Bai Yunfei at the familiarity of the voice. Stopping where he stood, Bai Yunfei turned his head towards the east.

What greeted his eyes was a single young girl dressed in a pink flowery robe running straight down the path from the Eastern Point. As she ran, the braid on the left part of her head bobbed up and down while her lovely face was flushed with excitement.

It was the daughter of the second and third elder, the one named Huangfu Rui. Also known by her nickname, 'Dai Dai', the loveable young girl..

Bai Yunfei couldn't help but laugh at the sight of her, but when he realized that she was calling out for 'Xiao Rourou', Bai Yunfei gave a small start. He remembered Song Lin's warning that it was an incredibly strong fifth-tier soulbeast, the 'red magiboar'.Looking around himself, Bai Yunfei tried his best to look out for the red' suckling pig'.

"Hrnfh hrnfh...."

A faint snorting sound emanated from his right side, causing Bai Yunfei to whirl around. Just two meters away from him, a boar with four white legs stared at Bai Yunfei with a look that could only be anthropomorphized to be a look of 'observation' that another human might give to another....

"Uh...." Bai Yunfei's mouth twitched slightly as if unsure of what to say or do.

"Ehhh? Brother Strawhat! It's you!!" Just at that moment, Huangfu Rui had discovered just who the boar was staring at and flew towards Bai Yunfei with excitement.

Bai Yunfei came back to his wits at the sound of Huangfu Rui addressing him by 'brother strawhat'. His lips twitched slightly at the nickname, but it was no use.

Turning to her, he smiled, "Ah, junior, how're you? It's been some time since we last met."

Running over to him, Huangfu Rui first pounced over to the boar that was 'staring' at Bai Yunfei and grabbed it into her arms. Rubbing its head with her own cheek, she began to laugh out loud. "Brother strawhat, I heard what you did from senior giant! Heehee, you're also a disciple of uncle headmaster now! Why haven't you come play with me yet, I almost forgot about you!"

"Er...senior giant?" Bai Yunfei asked for clarification.

"The big disciple of dad~"

"Oh, senior Li Tiechui..." Bai Yunfei sweatdropped. "I've been focusing on my training for a while now, and I didn't know where you were, junior. When I've time, I'll definitely come play with you when you want."

When faced with such a loveable child such as her, Bai Yunfei had subconsciously adopted a well-meaning smile on his face.

"Okay then! No take backsies!" Huangfu Rui cracked a smile and a giggle before looking back to the small white pig in hand, "Xiao Rourou is our witness! If brother strawhat goes back on his word, you have to help me teach him a lesson, heehee...."

"Hrnfffh...." The small pig twisted its head helplessly.

The eyebrows on Bai Yunfei's face stood up, "This white boar is that 'red magiboar'! Is this its normal shape and size? Then why was it so much like a 'suckling pig' before then?"

Bai Yunfei was more than aware of the fact that there were some soulbeasts that could shapeshift. The Quickshade Bird was capable of turning as big as a roc itself, but it normally kept itself to a size of a small sparrow. But not only could this pig change its size, it could change its appearance.

The fact that Huangfu Rui had told the pig to 'teach' him a lesson had frightened Bai Yunfei however. "Don't speak like that," Bai Yunfei thought. "Even if a child's words carry no weight, what if that fifth-tier soulbeast really did try to do as you say, I'd be the one who'd suffer!" Waving his hand, Bai Yunfei quickly changed the subject, "No no, no need for that. I said that I would, so I will! When I've the time, I'll come find you to play, okay?"

Tilting her head, Huangfu Rui responded, "Haha, then you have to come, okay! Even Brother Fei Nian said that he wanted to fight you again!"

"Fei Nian?" Bai Yunfei asked, "Why does he want to fight me?"

Looking to Bai Yunfei with a naive expression, the girl responded, "When dad punished brother Fei Nian, I was the one who helped him out of it! But then I said that brother strawhat was really cool with how you were gliding around the place, even cooler than brother Fei Nian! Brother Fei Nian decided then that he wanted to fight you again to see who was really the cooler one....so when are you going to fight him? Dai Dai wants to watch!"

Bai Yunfei quirked his lips, but he said nothing to answer her. Mentally, he was groaning to himself, "Because of what you said, that guy Fei Nian went out to find me that one night! I heard he came by to find me when I was training too, it's a good thing Si Kongxian turned everyone else away...."

"Dai Dai, where are you? Wait for your senior, don't run off now...."

Just at that moment, another voice called out for Huangfu Rui. From there, Bai Yunfei could see two figures come running towards them. One of the two was the pink-robed senior Lian Lingmin from the Eastern Point; she was the one who spoke out just then.

Looking to her side, Bai Yunfei could see that there was another long-haired girl with white robes.

But when he saw her face, his eyes widened in surprise.

"Isn't that....?"