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 Book 1 Chapter 20: Kill the vice-chieftain!

Bai Yunfei's expression changed repeatedly. He had not expected the existence of these people in the stronghold.

However, he did not find this strange either. There were several hundred bandits in the entire stronghold. Those vicious bandits could not always wash their own clothes and cook their own meals, therefore it was not unusual to see abducted women in the stronghold. Only he had overlooked this problem all along.

Now to think about it, this should be the reason why that bandit group he had encountered last time had kidnapped those women after destroying a village.

Bai Yunfei estimated the time for a while and said: "Don't worry. Since I already know, I'll definitely rescue all of you. Now, take me to the place where they are locked up first. I need to learn a bit about the situation."

Guided by the middle-aged woman, Bai Yunfei arrived at a shabby building that looked like a prison cell. Unexpectedly, there were no guards at the entrance, and the door seemed to be unlocked too.

Even before getting close to it, Bai Yunfei heard lewd laughs of a good several men and sounds of women pleading coming from inside.

His expression changed, but the middle-aged woman seemed to be used to this, distress showing up in her eyes: "They've come again. Recently these bandits have been living in fear all day long. There's nowhere for them to go to vent their frustration so they have tortured them twice as much as before..."

"Was it... because of me? Because I put these bandits under pressure, they have tortured them twice as much?" Bai Yunfei went into a trance for a moment. There was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Suddenly he raised his head and his body turned into a blur, rushing into the room.

The moment he entered the room, he saw clearly the situation inside. The chamber was divided into five identical prison cells. In each cell, there were nearly ten women in a corner of the walls, huddling together while trembling.

In the cell nearest Bai Yunfei, six bandits with repulsive naked bodies were gathering around several young women and tearing at their already tattered clothes.

With their backs facing the door, the bandits simply did not notice that someone else had come in. Bai Yunfei's expression was somewhat distorted, his fury seemingly rushing out of his eyes. In the blink of an eye, he charged up to the back of a bandit and thrust the Glacial Pricker in his hand into that man's heart without hesitation!

To avoid horrifying the women at the scene, Bai Yunfei did not kill the six bandits in an overly bloody way. They all died from a stab to the heart in almost the blink of an eye.

The women seemed to be scared out of their wits by this sudden event. They all looked at Bai Yunfei in stupefaction with dropped jaws.

Right at this moment, that middle-aged women also walked in. Seeing Bai Yunfei throwing the six bandit corpses into a pile like throwing trash, she trembled slightly, but she reacted very fast by hurriedly walking up to Bai Yunfei's side and saying in a low voice to those women: "Don't make a sound, everybody! Don't be afraid! This person has come to rescue us!"

She seemed to be influential among these women. At least what she had said made them loosen up. After understanding the situation, they even began to discuss with each other in low voices somewhat excitedly while often glancing stealthily at Bai Yunfei with expressions containing traces of hope and fear.

Ten minutes later, having changed into the clothes of a bandit, Bai Yunfei walked to the door and said to the middle-aged woman: "All of you just wait in here and shut the door tightly. Unless I come back, don't open it, no matter what. Do you understand?"

He observed the position of the moon then estimated the time once again. Hiding his body in the shadows of the houses, he quickly headed for the courtyard house where that vice-chieftain lived as informed by the middle-aged woman.

... ... ... ...

Yang Tian was sitting with legs crossed on his bed channeling his soulforce, adjusting his condition in preparation for the probe tonight. But he always felt somewhat uneasy and could not focus on practicing. Instead, he grew more and more restless.

All of a sudden, bursts of clamor came into the room, vaguely containing wave after wave of war cries.

"Vice-Chieftain! This is bad! The enemy have gone up to attack again!" An urgent shout rang out outside the door. Yang Tian was frightened inside. He immediately grabbed up the large saber beside him and quickly walked out of the room.

When he knocked open the door, the man who had just reported was standing on one side with his head lowered. Yang Tian did not care about him either. He immediately turned to go towards the hall of the stronghold, at the same time giving an order: "Tell everybody to prepare for battle! Chieftain and..."

Before he could finish what he was saying, he suddenly felt a chill on his back, his hair standing up on end. A fear of death rushed into his mind. Having no time to think carefully, he turned around like lightning and lifted his large saber up to his chest.

At the same time, he threw a kick with his right foot without thinking, knocking back the person who was attacking him from behind. After thudding several steps backwards, he felt a chill at his heart area. When he lowered his head to take a look, he was shocked to discover that a hole had been pierced through the thick body of the long saber in his hand. A hole half an inch deep had also been pierced into his chest, almost taking his life!

Taking advantage of the opportunity created by the confusion Li Chengfeng had caused when launching an attack at the foot of the mountain, Bai Yunfei had impersonated a messenger and used a sneak attack on the enemy, but unexpectedly, it had still been avoided.

Yang Tian felt bursts of coldness coming from his wound. When he raised his head again and saw that glittering blue short pricker in the opponent's hand, he shouted in shock: "Soul item! You are..."

Nobody should talk so much nonsense in a fight!

"I must finish the fight quickly! If that chieftain comes here in time, I'll be in trouble!"

Knocked back by a kick from the enemy, Bai Yunfei had a slightly disappointed expression, but he did not pause at all. With a shake of his wrist, the Glacial Pricker disappeared and the crimson Fire-tipped Spear appeared in his hand. He gave it a jerk, thrusting it straight at Yang Tian.

"An interspatial ring? It's you!" The moment Yang Tian saw the crimson spear appear, he had an even more astounded expression. Not daring to block this thrust, he leaned to one side and avoided it with difficulty.

However, he was after all a soul cultivator with a lot of combat experience so he calmed down almost instantly. At least that was how he looked on the outside. As he dodged and warded off the spear, his mind was racing: "He has unexpectedly infiltrated the stronghold! But he's only a middle Soul Personage. Though he has an extremely powerful soul weapon in his hands, if I can stall him until Chieftain arrives... we'll win!"

After regaining his fighting spirit, Yang Tian also gradually recovered his state and even began to counterattack. The two of them were comparable in power so they were locked in a close fight under the flashes and shadows of the weapons. A group of bandits had come here after hearing the sounds of fighting and were gathering outside the door, but they did not dare to intervene.

As the fight went on, Bai Yunfei looked more and more anxious. As time passed, his expression also seemed to become more and more unsightly. However, Yang Tian was excited inside and seemed to get bolder as the fight progressed.

His eyes flashing with determination, Bai Yunfei suddenly changed the way he fought. He unexpectedly gave up defending most of his body to begin to attack recklessly.

Yang Tian's eyes flashed. He thought that the opponent had become so impatient that he had lost his presence of mind. As he dodged, he hacked his long saber at Bai Yunfei repeatedly without hesitation.

Ding! Ding! Ding! A series of sounds of metal clashing against metal rang out. Bai Yunfei had unexpectedly deliberately resisted several blows of the saber head-on with his body. Although the +10 soft armor could not remain intact under the attack of a middle Soul Personage like Yang Tian, whose some blows had broken it, it had withstood most of the damage. Several wounds had also appeared on Bai Yunfei's waist, but they were not serious at all.

Yang Tian was shocked once again. Moreover, when he hit the left side of the opponent's waist with yet another saber strike, a strange reaction force suddenly came at him. This was none other than the additional effect of the +10 soft armor - damage reflection! Because he had not anticipated this, the long saber was almost sent flying from his hand, and his arm was also raised outwards. Bai Yunfei seized this opportunity and thrust his spear out, its tip flickering with a red light.

Yang Tian did his utmost to dodge but the tip of the spear still pierced into his left shoulder. He only felt a scorching force spread throughout his body in the blink of an eye. His left shoulder was even in a burning pain and he could not feel his left arm altogether!

The only pity was that the explosion effect had not been triggered, otherwise this one blow alone would have been enough to kill him!

His eyes filled with a deep terror, Yang Tian wanted to retreat, but Bai Yunfei kept him entangled so he had no choice but to resist desperately.

Then there was a clamor at the door. With a glance, Yang Tian saw Han Xiao coming in a rush and had a pleasantly surprised expression. Clenching his teeth, he struck a fierce blow with the saber, forcing Bai Yunfei back half a step, then jumped off to one side with all his might, pulling away from Bai Yunfei. He shouted with his mouth: "Chieftain, help me..."

The moment he jumped away, he glanced at Bai Yunfei and did not see Bai Yunfei pursue and attack him so he was delighted inside. As soon as he landed, he wanted to turn around to kill this man with the chieftain. But he saw Bai Yunfei throw something blue out of his hand like lightning with a flick.

A blue light then pierced through his chest in a flash!