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 Chapter 184: There's Strange Things Everyday, but Today Even Moreso

The adorable smile on the girl's lips immediately shriveled away before her face twisted together with tears starting to form from her large eyes. And in the next second, a 'waaaah' erupted from her lips!

She had actually been brought to tears by Li Jiannan!

"Waaaaaah...ugly ugmo! You scared Dai Dai....you meanie! You grew ugly on purpose to scare Dai Dai....waaahhh....you're a meanie! A meanie!" The one called "Dai Dai" wailed and rubbed away at the tears with her chubby fingers.


Bai Yunfei had originally a stern look on his face, but when he saw just how cute this girl was acting, he simply had to laugh. Crying was fine, but...the man may have looked ugly, but it wasn't as if he looked that way specifically to scare you!!

For two seconds, Li Jiannan was frozen still. Then, his entire body began to twitch and tremble before he looked to the young woman, "Yo-you...."

The 'you' persisted for several seconds before he finally shut up. Never had he ever come across such a situation before, and now, he was in a complete mess. After the shock subsided, anger flooded his entire face. With his right arm drawn up high, Li Jiannan moved to slap the young girl!

Catching sight of this, Bai Yunfei's right arm shook once to retrieve a dagger into his hand. Just as he was prepared to throw it, yet another shocking development occurred again and stopped him dead in his tracks!


Following a muffled explosion of flesh being hit, Li Jiannan's entire body was sent flying backwards like a cannonball. His body traveled several meters before finally smashing against a tree nearly a meter width in length. For a moment, his body was thrown across the tree before finally sliding back down to the ground.

There was a large concentration of red light from where the crying girl was. All around her, a tremendous amount of soulforce exploded forth from her body.

"So-Soul Ancestor!!"

Bai Yunefi's eyes threatened to pop out from their sockets at the sight of this. For a moment, he was so stunned that he forgot to even move. In disbelief, he could only stare the young girl. This amount of soulforce was many times stronger than his, meaning that she had to be a middle-stage Soul Ancestor at the very least!

Chen Luo was at a loss for words as well. Standing where he was, Chen Luo didn't even know what to think at this moment.

In a single instant, the young girl had stretched her right hand forward so that the pink gloves she wore exuded a brilliant red light. It felt as if it was absorbing the elemental fire in the world into its material and then processing it to suddenly materialize into a physical form-a physical form that resembled cat claws about two meters in length and made of some sort of energy!

With the 'cat claws formed, the young girl then pressed downwards with it....

"Pow!" Li Jiannan had been in the process of struggling to his feet when the girl slammed him down onto the ground again. Wiping away her tears with her left hand, she continued to slap Li Jiannan with the giant cat claw again and again as if she was smashing a rat.

"Waaaahh....who said to scare Dai Dai? Who said to bully Dai Dai? Waaaah, you scared Dai Dai! You scary meanie!!" She wailed while slapping Li Jiannan over and over again.


"Young master!!" Finally snapping back to awareness, Chen Luo quickly flew towards Li Jiannan in a burst of purple light.

His movement had been anticipated by the young girl however. With a cat-like cry, her claws-er, her hand swooped to the side to stop him. All Chen Luo could see was a giant energy claw come flying towards him with unbelievable speed before a 'pow' sound was heard. Like Li Jiannan, he was sent flying through the air ten meters away before collapsing against another tree.

Removing Chen Luo from the equation had been as easy as slapping a housefly for her. And with him gone, she turned back to Li Jiannan and continued to beat him even more. Every so often, a small sob escaped her lips as if she felt wronged by everything. But even still, she didn't stop her actions at all....

Bai Yunfei didn't know what to feel, and neither did he really know how to react. But after several seconds of complete shock, he was unable to stop himself for staying quiet any longer, "Hey-hey there, little sister! You should stop hitting him, or he'll die soon enough!"

With Li Jiannan slapped around on the ground to practically his dying breath, Bai Yunfei felt extremely sorry for him. Never could he imagine that such a cute-looking girl would be able to kill a man in such a manner like this.

Even though he shouted twice, the young girl didn't quite seem to hear him or even respond. Without any other choice, Bai Yunfei moved to rush towards her. But before he could even make any progress towards her, the young girl immediately swung a hand back in response to him.

"Pfft!" Bai Yunfei hadn't expected to see that the 'cat-like' young girl would suddenly slap out at him, but he managed to cross his arms across his chest to protect himself. With a bang, his body was sent backwards.

Somersaulting in midair, Bai Yunfei landed back down onto the ground. Before he could do anything else however, something out from the corner of Bai Yunfei's eye caused him to grow startled. Kicking off with his right foot, Bai Yunfei managed to throw himself to the side and bringing his right arm up to protect himself.

A single flash of red arced past Bai Yunfei before flying towards the young girl.


There was a short chafing sound from where something struck the arm with his Flameblade Bracer. Despite the protection, Bai Yunfei still felt a slight sensation of pain.

"Soulbeast!!" Bai Yunfei thought. Twisting his head, his eyes widened in surprise when he registered the beast that attacked him. "A pig?!"

Indeed. The soulbeast in front of him was a pig about a meter tall!

It was a peculiar pig-it was standing on its hind legs like a human, but its four limbs had four hooves that shined brightly due to its sharpness. Both of its eyes shined brightly with a brilliant light normally seen in the eyes of a human; but the most important thing was that it was completely red!

In short, Bai Yunfei felt as if the soulbeast standing in front of him was some sort of roasted suckling pig that stood up like a human....

But Bai Yunfei didn't dare laugh out loud for this line of thought. He knew that this pig had a hostile light to his eyes, and judging from the soulforce radiating from its body, it was a late-stage fifth-tier soulbeast!!

There's always something strange everyday, but today happened to have even more strange things than usual. First, he came across a second generational that wanted to commit acts of criminality in the presence of the Crafting School, then he came across an extremely terrifying young girl that was a middle-stage Soul Ancestor at the very least, and now he was being attacked by a late-stage fifth-tier roasted suckling pig!

Just briefly, Bai Yunfei felt that his brain was slightly addled....

"Eeeeh? Xiao Rourou, you're back!!" Just at that moment, the young girl let out a happy shout from excitement. Choosing to stop hitting Li Jiannan, she ran to hug the little pig in front of him and then pointed a finger at the downed Li Jiannan. "Where did you go? Dai Dai was looking for you when this meanie scared Dai Dai! How scary, waaah!!"

The roasted suckling pig....no. Wait. 'Xiao Rourou' turned to look at the young girl with an apologetic look. A look of hatred could be seen on its face when it looked at Li Jiannan before then turning to Bai Yunfei with indignation as well.

"Ah....uh....you misunderstand the situation. I'm not with that guy. I actually came here to help this little sister...." Realizing what was going on, Bai Yunfei's heart skipped a beat as he waved his hands to explain the situation.

It was at that moment that the pale-faced Chen Luo came staggering back into the place. The corners of his lips had some blood dripping from it still, and his face was grimaced together from all the pain. In just a scant few minutes, things had progressed to such a terrible state like this. If it was within his abilities, he'd like nothing better than to escape from this dangerous place. But with Li Jiannan over there, he hadn't any choice but to try his best to find an opportunity to take him away when everyone was focused on Bai Yunfei. Hurrying over to Li Jiannan, he picked him up from the ground and checked for his vitals.

Then he let out a sigh of relief-there was breath still.

Bai Yunfei didn't even bother to stop Chen Luo from taking Li Jiannan away. And the little pig didn't seem to notice either. When the little girl saw that the crater where Li Jiannan was before was empty, she let loose a happy smile and hugged the pig tightly to herself. "The meany is gone! Hehe, Dai Dai fought them off! Xiao Rourou, see how amazing Dai Dai is...?"

As she spoke, the young girl rubbed at the head of the little pig, causing its stern expression to shatter away and be replaced by a helpless one.

A big sweat drop formed on Bai Yunfei's head-wasn't this change in expression a little too quick?

But before anymore time was given to him to think, an ear-piercing sound broke the silence from his left!

In the next second, a flaming long sword blew through the forest and into Bai Yunfei's view.