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 Chapter 173: Synchronizing Soul Techniques

A finger rose up to touch a small cut where the brother's weapon had nicked him.

He was shocked.

The two brothers were standing together, and the two weapons they held in their hands were exactly the same shape. Both had that crescent moon-shaped curvature, causing several questions to arise in Bai Yunfei's mind.

"A boomerang-type weapon? Doesn't seem like it... the return angle was pretty strange-almost like it was-like it was being controlled by someone! Was it because of the other blade then? I've never seen a soul item like this before!" The rapid thought process running through Bai Yunfei's head brought a sharp glare to his eyes.

"Oh-ho! Not bad, brat. Very few have been able to withstand the very first sneak attack from our 'Crescent Blades' without knowing their effects, but, will you be able to dodge the rest. I wonder..." Su Xia crowed in slight amazement.

"Instead of moving your mouth, move your hands!" Tang Ya's body glowed a bright light-green before he dashed at Bai Yunfei.

The following dozen exchanges after that brought Bai Yunfei into a state of passive defense. The two brothers would fight in conjunction with one another so that when one of them would cover the other when they attacked. Occasionally, one of them would throw out their blade to fire off a sneak attack, and each time Bai Yunfei wanted to take advantage of one of them being weaponless, the target would make use of his wind-enhanced speed to aid his evasion. Combined with the continuous dance with the blades being thrown here and there, ten minutes of battle passed without Bai Yunfei dealing any damage at all. In fact, he was on the losing side-already his arms were scratched here and there with wounds that dug deep into his skin.

Bai Yunfei was irritated due to his current condition, but Tang Ya and Su Xia were also quite anxious with the results. Controlling the flight path of their weapons wasn't as easy as one would be led to believe. The abnormality that was Bai Yunfei's Wave Treading Steps was causing them a lot of anxiety with its strange but effective way of dodging their coordinated strikes at the very last moment-much to their vexation.

Given the time that passed, Tang Ya began to have the nagging feeling that Bai Yunfei was purposely making it so that the two brothers would slowly lose their energy. While a smart plan, Tang Ya simply didn't think that Bai Yunfei would be strong enough to fight off the two of them, but he didn't want to risk it anymore.

Taking advantage of the two regrouped, Tang Ya whispered a warning to his brother, "Fuck! We can't go on like this. We have to use that!"


Bai Yunfei was in the middle of preparing his Fire-tipped Spear to greet Su Xia when he saw both brothers suddenly leap back instead of forward.

At the same time, soulforce exploded from their body, stirring the worldly energy that was within a ten meter radius of them.

His eyes narrowed. A major storm was brewing. He just knew it.

Charging forward, Bai Yufnei's Fire-tipped Spear immediately stabbed out to try and stop the two before they could put their plan into motion.

He was fast, but his opponents weren't slow by any means either. Their backwards momentum was enhanced by to the elemental wind, and both their blades were taking in that elemental wind almost hungrily.

The two of them snorted slightly when noticing that Bai Yunfei was coming quickly at them. A strange fluctuation of their soulforce was only just detected by Bai Yunfei when the two brothers peculiarly swung toward him in a cross formation!

The moment that the two brothers swung their blades, the surrounding elemental wind immediately began to pick up. Combined with the elemental wind that was gathered by them, a cyclone, about ten meters tall and two meters in diameter, immediately materialized in the area!

Blades of light-green color weaved in and out of the cyclone, sucking in pieces of stone. Branches also flew into the spinning wall of death before being sliced and crushed to pieces.

Synchronized soul technique, Devastating Winds!

It was their ultimate killing move. Thanks to the special nature of the two blades and the soulforce in their bodies, the resulting move was something that even a Middle-stage Soul Ancestors wouldn't dare belittle!

One time, the two brothers relied on this very soul technique to completely overwhelm and kill a Middle-stage Soul Ancestor of the water affinity.

A synchronized soul technique-as its name implies-is the product of what happens when multiple people work together to unleash a soul technique. There weren't many of these soul techniques, and the pre-conditions to use one were especially high. It required the utmost cooperation between the users, and if they didn't pull it off, not only would the soul technique fail to work, there would also be a backlash.

Each synchronized soul technique was without a doubt a powerful move. Even soul cultivators one or two steps above the caster's level would be hard-pressed to take it head on.

Once the cyclone was fully formed, a furious howl accompanied it as it rolled toward Bai Yunfei. Everything in its warpath-like stone and dirt-was blown away.

Bai Yunfei was in mid-leap when the cyclone formed, meaning that he was extremely close to it. Eyes widening, he gave up his previous attempt and flew back to escape the cyclone's radius.

However, even when he changed the direction, the cyclone changed directions with him! From behind, Su Xia started to laugh.

A brilliant gleam of light entered Bai Yunfei's eyes when he was staring at the cyclone. Retreating another ten meters, he stood still as if deciding to stop dodging. Following a shake of his right hand, the Fire-tipped Spear disappeared into his ring.

"Hmmm? Hehe, given up brat?" Su Xia laughed derisively at Bai Yunfei's actions.

"Don't tell me you're going to accept this head on. Ignorant kid, you'll know just how strong this cyclone is when it tears your body apart!"

Preliminary inspections were made of the terrain far before the battle had started. With the topographical information they had, the two brothers decided on bringing Bai Yunfei here where the wind gathered the most in the valley. With the spacious opening, the two of them would be able to use their skills to their optimal efficiency. Even if Bai Yunfei was fast enough to dodge the cyclone they were controlling, the brothers would still have back ups. Thus, when Bai Yunfei ceased his actions and stored away his weapon, the two of them thought that he was simply deciding to be suicidal.

Even though Bai Yunfei stored away the Fire-tipped Spear, he wasn't panicked. His eyes had a focused light to them in fact, and his right foot gave a half-step forward with a burst of red light from the activation of his soulforce. The crimson signs of elemental fire began to flicker into view, traveling to his right arm.


The fabric on his right arm immediately caught fire and burned away in no time at all, revealing a nearly two meter long blade made of fire!

Flame Winged Blade!

Bai Yunfei snorted.

His right leg powerfully pushed off the ground to charge straight for the cyclone. As soon as he was about to make contact with it, the Flame Winged Blade swelled in size by a fraction and sliced through the cyclone with its burning heat!

"Don't be so pleased with yourselves. It's time for you to get lost!!"


One explosion later, Bai Yunfei's body was illuminated by a bright-reddish-greenish light.

When the elements of the world clashed, only power was the determining factor, unless you excluded the natural superiority one element might have over another. Flame-if strong enough-could overwhelm even a galestorm!

The pleased smile on Su Xia's face froze still as he watched. The giant cyclone he and Tang Ya had only just unleashed was being dyed with a bright-red light before dissipating into an equally red steam.

"That was your ultimate move? Nothing special I guess..."