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 Chapter 160: There Must Be Treasure In the Mysterious Cave!

The reason that Bai Yunfei had left Gaoyi City so quickly wasn't only because of the fear that he might be stuck there for some odd reason. He was also afraid that the Beast Taming School would come back for vengeance after being 'forced out' by Zhao Xiluo. If they came back and made a more in-depth examination of the place, who knows what might be found? Even though Bai Yunfei had completely destroyed any evidence, there was no telling what methods for information-finding they could use. In the case that his involvement was known, it would cause no small problems for him, that would be for certain.

Bai Yunfei had walked here and there, stopping every so often at the cities he'd come across on the way. With each city was a new sight and a new experience with their own people and culture to admire. And even though Bai Yunfei would sometimes come across some bandits that didn't know any better, they were hardly ever a problem. For someone like Bai Yunfei, stuff like this was merely something to look back on as nostalgic memories of his trip.

Whether it was a person filled with malice or a person in need of assistance, Bai Yunfei hadn't been miserly in how he dealt out the appropriate assistance. He was living the dreams of being a hero, and whenever the people he helped expressed their thanks to him, Bai Yunfei felt genuinely happy.

One thing worth mentioning was the fact that Bai Yunfei had managed to amass a considerable amount of +10 equipment after a period of constant upgrading. Naturally, the majority of the items were of the 'High-grade' while the minority were of the 'Superior-grade'. Already did Bai Yunfei plan to try and aim for another +12 or even +13 equipment when he had the time.

Roughly twenty-seven days after he left Gaoyi City.

In a boundless range of mountains where each of the peaks stabbed into the cloudy skies like spears, Bai Yunfei was presently staring down at an extremely foggy valley with confusion.

As one could clearly see, Bai Yunfei was lost.

On the twentieth day after his departure, Bai Yunfei had all but accepted the fact that he had some sort of condition for being a directionless person. After crossing so many mountains, valleys, and rivers, Bai Yunfei had accumulated some degree of experience. There should have been at least a sliver of progress-or so Bai Yunfei thought.

"Go screw yourself! What reason do you have to hide the clouds today of all days?! It's all your fault I can't use the sun to guide my way now." Bai Yunfei glared balefully at the moody weather above. Instead of blaming himself for his current predicament, he was pushing the blame onto the heavens themself.

"If I'm lost, I'm lost then. Looks like rain in any case, should finding shelter should be the first priority. Wonder if I'll be lucky enough to find a small village or something in the forests...." Bai Yunfei muttered as he observed his surroundings.

To the left, right, and even behind him was a verdant forest. In front of him was a huge mountain range. There was only just a small one hundred meter gap between the two mountains in front of him so that a single path could be seen leading into the valley. But even then it was a very precipitous descent that looked as if someone had previously cleaved one mountain into two.

"Should I go left, or should I go right? Or maybe should I just go straight into the valley?" Bai Yunfei thought to himself before taking a tentative step forward. As soon as he took that step forward, something out of the corner of his eyes caught his attention, causing him to look down at the base of the mountain walls. "Eh? That's..."

A sudden gust blew through the area and drove away the foggy mist that pervaded the area, revealing a pitch-dark cave two hundred meters up above the ground and in the cliff walls.

"A cave! There's a cave!" Bai Yunfei's eyes sparkled with hope. Even his voice was filled with trepidation as he spoke, "A forest deep in the mountains, sheer cliffs, foggy valleys, and even a mysterious cave...."

"There has to be treasure in the cave." Bai Yunfei rubbed at his chin with his right hand. "This cave looks naturally formed, not something that a mysterious white-bearded hermit would make out in the mountains. But what if it's the burial grounds for some sort of master with plenty of precious treasure buried with him....Maybe a beast is protecting a worldly treasure? Who knows...."

Maybe Bai Yunfei had heard one too many strange tales on his journey. Or maybe it was for another reason. But Bai Yunfei had always surmised that there would be treasure in every cave he came across. Even now, he was still obstinate in the fact that 'cave equals treasure', so there was no way he'd give up this cave now.

"Thinking isn't going to get me anywhere, time to take a look!" Bai Yunfei rushed towards the cave. Even with the rain coming down on him, Bai Yunfei was completely blind to the world around him so that he could run into the cave and explore it.

Bai Yunfei figured it'd be no problem at all to explore the cave seeing how close it was to him. Giving himself a hundred meters of space, he pushed off the ground with soulforce in his feet to run even faster. Each step he took had slammed into the ground to give him even more speed before he gave one final push to leap off from the ground to reach the cave above.

There was no way that Bai Yunfei was capable of reaching a height of a hundred meters with a single jump of course. At most, he was capable of twenty or thirty meters of height before falling back down.

But not even ten meters in his descent, Bai Yunfei shook his right hand to bring out the Compliant Rope in its extended form. With a whip of his hand, the rope flew to wrap around a branch that was growing out from the cliff wall.

Tightening his right fist to make the rope grow taut, Bai Yunfei's descent was slowed down by a slight margin. But then a slight creaking sound was heard from the tree branch as it bent under Bai Yunfei's weight. Before it could break, Bai Yunfei had the rope shorten its length, and combined with the natural springing motion of the branch, Bai Yunfei was sent flying up.

With the wind streaming through his ears and the mist blowing into his eyes, Bai Yunfei was utterly ecstatic at the sensation. Unable to help himself, he shouted out, "Woooooo.....ooooh-oh fuck!"

The last outcry from Bai Yunfei was been due to the fact that Bai Yunfei was in danger of crashing into the cliff wall!

Holding firmly onto the Compliant Rope, Bai Yunfei twisted his body around at the last moment so that his back would impact against the wall.


A muffled striking sound echoed through the silent valley along with parts of the cliff crumbling away. Half of Bai Yunfei's body had been stuck in the cliff wall, and although it didn't hurt him too badly, a pained grimace could be seen on his face. With a slight twist of his neck to pop the loose joints, Bai Yunfei sealed away the Compliant Rope back into the space ring and sat back in the crater he made on the cliff to enjoy the view down below.

"There's still a hundred meters to go." Estimating the distance, Bai Yunfei shook his right hand to search for items to increase his strength for the timebeing. And with the help of the Compliant Rope for a second time, Bai Yunfei had finally reached the cave above.

It was about five meters tall in height and two meters wide in length. To Bai Yunfei's discovery, a slight wind was blowing from the interior of the cave to the outside with a quite refreshing sensation on the skin.

"This...this is the elemental wind!" Bai Yunfei realized with a jolt. The elemental wind around him was very noticeably richer in energy compared to the normal wind, and it seemed that the source of it was coming from within the cave itself.

"Really! What wonders have I stumbled across now!" Bai Yunfei brightened and walked into the cave rather impatiently.

But the very moment Bai Yunfei took a single step into the cave, there was a slight wriggling motion from the right side of the cave before an ashen whip-shaped object came flying out. The end was tapered off into a point with a slightly intimidating light, but even more frightening was that it was coming to stab him through the head!