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 Chapter 148: Zhao Xiluo

In the halls of the Zhao residence.

There had been a gloomy expression on the face of the head of the Zhao as he sat on his chair. He was clearly in an angered state, and by his side, Li Chen of the Beast Taming School was still stroking at the three-tailed cat of his. But only, his eyebrows were creased together as if he was in heavy thought.

Beneath them, the even more unsightly Zhao Ye sat in a small chair with the sunken Zhao Liang next to them. Rolls of bandages had been wrapped around his face so that only his eyes could be seen. Not a single feature of his face outside of that could be seen, causing him to look even more like a calabash.

In addition, there were also two Early-stage Soul Sprites.

This was the combined strength of the house of Zhao. A Late-stage Soul Sprite, a Middle-stage Soul Sprite, two Early-stage Soul Sprites, and previously another Middle-stage Soul Sprite that was the caretaker Zhao. But because of his disappearance (Death)-this strength right now was insignificant to Li Chen. But in Gaoyi City where the lord of the city was a Saint Ancestor, this was a fearsome force.

"I had you two go forth to spy on the scene! I wanted you to see just why the Ye brat would suddenly be so close with the Liu that they would have a meal and then find an excuse to teach the brat a lesson! You were meant to make the Ye angry and see what the Liu would do. But instead, you were beaten so badly that they weren't even touched! Tell me, what is the meaning of this!"

Zhao Xing slammed his fist onto the table as he interrogated Zhao Ye.

Zhao Ye's face grew flushed with color as he tried to think of something to say. "That person by the Ye brat, he's an expert..."

"Expert? How strong of an expert?"

"Soul Sprite....Middle-stage Soul Sprite...."

"The same as you, so why in the world did you get knocked unconscious as soon as you made your appearance!"

"I...." Zhao Ye was at a loss for words. Struggling to find a way to explain himself, he spoke, "His movements were far too fast. Furthermore, the weapon in his hand was bizarre! I couldn't even react to his surprise attack and was knocked out because of that...."

"An excuse! Then let me ask you, what weapon was he using?"

"It....it was a br-brick...."



For a while, the entire hall had been silent. Even Li Chen's hand had paused mid-stroke while Zhao Xing's nose had twitched itself into a different direction in anger. "What did you say!"

Bitterly, Zhao Ye spoke, "It's true. It really was a brick."

"Was it some sort of high-grade soul item?"

"It-it might be an incomplete soul item...."

"Yo-you! You...." Zhao Xing pointed his finger angrily at Zhao Ye. For a good while, he could only say 'you' to him in his anger.

"Whatever. He's merely a brat who gets by by relying on a soul item and soul technique. He isn't of the Ye, so there's no need to pay attention to him." Li Chen waved his hand so that he could continue to speak. "It's not as if we can't use this situation to our own advantage. Since you're so afraid of the Liu intervening, then you may as well learn from this interaction and condemn the Ye! I'll go with you and subjugate them. That'll count as fulfilling our promise to you.

"Bah! In the face of indomitable might, resistance is futile. If the Ye wish to protect themselves, they'll submit to you! With me acting as the representative of the Beast Taming School, what have you to be worried about?"

"But, attendant Li. Isn't this rushing things a little too quickly...." Zhao Xing spoke in hesitation after thinking about it.

One of Li Chen's eyebrows twitched, "I've more important matters to take care of rather than waste time squabbling around here!"

Li Chen had grown more and more fidgety in the past two days. He simply had no desire to get any more involved in this conflict between two small families. He thought that he would have been done a long while ago and would be able to check up to see just what happened with Wu Sen and the others.

Unable to talk back to him, Zhao Xing replied, "Ye-yes! Attendant Li's work is extremely important. We'll head to the Ye and force them to submit to the house of Zhao then!"

"Yes. Worry not then. The promises I make with you will definitely be fulfilled. The Ye will be subjugated, and we will later send you five Fifth-class soulbeasts. We will then support you until you gain the power to become a Soul Ancestor. But after that, it'll be up to you to subjugate the Ye. In turn, you will submit to the Beast Taming School, we will not treat you badly."

Excitedly, Zhao Xing nodded his head and spoke with a quavering voice, "Ye-yes, my house of Zhao...."

"Who says the house of Zhao will submit to the Beast Taming School? I don't agree to this!"

Just at that moment, a loud bark made itself known in the hall, causing everyone to jump. Li Chen himself had looked up towards the entrance while the cat in his hands had let out a slight shout. Jumping to its feet, the cat stared spitefully at the newcomer with its hair standing on its end.

At his declaration, the owner of the voice came striding into the hall. It was the blue-robed young man with his hands behind his back.

Surveying the area around him, the youth had a nostalgic look on his face. Looking to the already surprised Zhao Xing standing up front, his next words surprised everyone else next.

"Father, I've returned."

"What? You're....you're...." Zhao Xing was stunned. Staring at the smiling youth with confusion, he was then hit with a sudden realization. As his body shook, his voice quavered, "You're, you're Xiluo!"

The youth had looked rather moved by the happy face of Zhao Xing and nodded his head, "It's me, father. I've return home. Your child was an unruly one. For ten years, father, I've let you worry about your unfilial child...."

"As long as you're home, all is well then...." Zhao Xing was no longer as dignified as a lord of a household should be. He had a lovingly warm expression that was surely a hardly seen one as he regarded his son. "After you left ten years ago, do you know how much your mother was worried about you? Ten years without news, we thought that something happened to you....But everything's okay, you're home now. We're a family once again...."

Still smiling, the young man replied, "I'm back. I won't let you worry anymore. Furthermore, I'll let make sure the house of Zhao will make it out of this tiny city and become one of the best houses in the entire Beiyan province!"

"Ha! How bold! Brat, from what I heard just now, you seem to be seeing my Beast Taming School as something insignificant. How brassy! Just who are you!" A sinister voice broke the warm atmosphere between the prodigal son and the father as Li Chen interrupted them.

Stopping his father from saying anything more with a wave of his hand, the youth stared defiantly back at him. "Zhao Xiluo of the Water School!"

As this unpredictable development was going on in the household of the Zhao, something equally unexpected was happening over at the Ye.

In the northern courtyards of the Ye, Bai Yunfei was staring roughly two meters up into the air where the thunderbird was flying. As it crackled with purple lightning, Bai Yunfei had a rather confused look on his face.

"Whats....what's going on here...."