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 Chapter 147: A Meeting

It was eerily quiet. Every single person in the room could only stare at Bai Yunfei in shock and were unable to comprehend the situation.

The third uncle of the Zhao was a Middle-stage Soul Sprite. But not even a minute since he was introduced and barely a sentence after he spoke, he had been utterly mowed down by Bai Yunfei....

The two women who had been pouring the pitchers had lost all resemblance of color in their faces as they shivered with fright in their corners. Liu Shun had been trying to think of the best way to handle this situation before and was now at a loss. His mouth was wide open, his face was despondent, and everything was going beyond of his expectations. Su Dong had only made it two steps beyond from his own corner as he tried to reach Liu Shun's side, but right now, his right foot was still hanging the air in shock. Tianming was staring at the spot where Zhao Ye was-it looked as if his brain had suffered a malfunction and shut down. Jing Mingfeng himself was faring slightly better than the others, but even he could barely control the shock he felt in his mind. He knew that Bai Yunfei was strong and had a good chance of winning, but he hadn't expected this course of events! A single soul cultivator of the same level as him was struck down in a single move!

"Then does this mean the first time we met and he slapped me here and there so many times, he was....holding back?" Jing Mingfeng shook his head helplessly. He knew that he didn't understand Bai Yunfei entirely, but just how many more secrets Bai Yunfei had, Jing Mingfeng himself didn't know.....

Bai Yunfei stored away the brick without a change in stride, but there had been a pleased feeling to him. This was his strength. In the past, he had been faced with people that were far stronger than he was. So he had gained a sense of being a loser. But with the recent battle these days, those battles had confirmed that he was indeed strong-he had a soul technique that people could only dream of, countless of precious soul items, and the utterly mysterious and magical Upgrade Technique!

It could be said that with just his upgrade accessories increasing his stats, his strength was already far beyond any soul cultivator of the same level of him. With the attack power boosted by the upgrades, he could activate effects that people couldn't possibly defend against. As thus, he could easily defeat soul cultivators of the same level as him. Soul Ancestors, he had not fought to the death before, but nothing could be guaranteed yet.

Sweeping his eyes across the gathered crowd, Bai Yunfei was pleased at everyone's reactions and coughed. With a slap of Tianming's shoulder, he spoke, "How was it? This fatass was slapped silly by you, how do you feel now?"

Snapping back to awareness, Tianming looked at the uncle and nephew collapsed in the corridor and then back to Bai Yunfei with swiveling eyes. "Hehe, it felt great! I didn't think that using a brick to slap someone would feel so refreshing...."

As he spoke, he moved his right hand in a similar way to Bai Yunfei when he wielded the brick as if the brick was still in his hand.

"Then let's go then. If their family comes here to stop us, leaving won't be easy then."

He gave a look to Jing Mingfeng briefly before turning to Liu Shun with a smile. "Young master Liu, I'm very sorry about this, but we'll have to end things here. We'll be leaving first, I hope that we can find another day to visit your family."

"Wha? Oh, ok-okay...." Liu Shun nodded his head subconsciously.

It was only after the three of them left that Liu Shun regained his wits. Looking at the scenario, he had no idea what to do-his father hadn't told him what to do in a situation like this!

"Young master, it would be unwise for us to stay here any longer. If men from the Zhao come or if Zhao Ye wakes up, then it'll spell trouble...." Su Dong moved next to Liu Shun with a warning.

"Oh, yes yes. We'll leave at once then and report to father to make a decision." Light re-entered his eyes as Liu Shun and Su Dong quickly moved to exit the Aroma Delicacy.

On the way back to the Ye, Tianming was happily walking right by Bai Yunfei's side as they talked about the battle they had just had.

"Haha, did you pay attention to how that fatass looked like? His entire face was slapped smooth by me, haha! That was satisfying! So satisfying!" Tianming crowed. "I wished my cousin saw that, this was for her. I'll have to tell her when we get back, she'll be so happy to hear it!"

"Yes yes, you've already said that for the past three streets. We know how much you hate that fatty, so there's no need to repeat it again. Wait until you get home and you can explain it to your cousin as slow as you'd like.

"Hehe. Ah, brother Bai, you really are incredible! That uncle of Zhao Liang was a soul cultivator who specialized in defense thanks to his affinity with earth! But you were able to defeat in a single move even though you were also a Middle-stage Soul Sprite.....and when you use that brick, you're far cooler than when I use it!"

"Uh..." Bai Yunfei scratched at the back of his head as he tried to think of what to say. "What's so cool about throwing a brick around. That's not how you compliment someone."

"Hehe...." Tianming shrugged his shoulders before turning to Jing Mingfeng. Almost as if he realized that he was kissing up to Bai Yunfei too much, he hurried to pay attention to Jing Mingfeng, "Ah! Brother Jing! When we get back, let me introduce my cousin to you. Let me tell you, she's awfully pretty...."

Jing Mingfeng didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he scolded Tianming, "Kid, weren't you venting your anger because of the fact your cousin was being betrothed? And now you're trying to sell her off to me...."

"Nooo, of course not! I was only just concerned of her well being in the future! But if you were to marry her instead....


The three continued to laugh and joke around as they slowly traveled back to Tianming's house. It was almost as if they had completely forgotten about what they did to the Zhao family.

On the way back, Bai Yunfei had actually seen Tianming secretly take a brick from a broken down wall when he thought no one was looking....

Back at the Liu when Liu Kun had heard about what had happened from Su Dong, he had been breathless. It had been with doubt that he asked, "Bai Yunfei had really just used one move? Are you sure Zhao Ye didn't intentionally give up the fight?"

Su Dong nodded his head, "I'm sure of it. Although I don't know what Zhao Ye was planning, he really was about to use his entire strength right as he appeared. But before he could even use it, he was knocked unconscious by that brick of Bai Yunfei...."

"A brick...." Liu Kun bit his lips, "Could that be a high-grade soul item?"

Thinking for a moment, Su Dong replied, "It shouldn't be. I didn't sense soulforce from it. At the very most, it should be an incomplete soul item.....but what he used to move straight to Zhao Ye was definitely a soul technique! And it's an unbelievably high one too!"

If he's able to defeat a soul cultivator of the same level of him so easily, then just who is this Bai Yunfei...." Liu Kun questioned. "I first thought he wanted to borrow the power of the Liu and demonstrate us to the Zhao at the Aroma delicacy, but I didn't realize that he'd beat down the uncle and nephew. If that's how it's going to be, then the Liu will have to make our stand sooner or later then...."

A thought occurred to Su Dong for a brief moment, causing him to hesitate for a while before saying, "My lord, the men that the Beast Taming School sent to the Zhao family went out several days ago in two groups. I'm not sure of what their goals are, but not a single one of them returned. And on the same night, Tianming came back home. As things stand...."

"I know that. They all disappeared. Even the caretaker Zhao Chuan is gone as well. All that's left is the Soul Ancestor from the Beast Taming School. I wonder how he'll take this news then...."

"We'll find out by tonight or late tomorrow. Pay attention to the two houses. Whether it's to stand aside or intervene, I want to make my decision with all the facts on the table!"

At that moment in front of the doors to the Zhao residence.

A single tall but handsome man with long hair could be seen. He wore blue robes, and when he raised his youthful head, an aura of power could be seen. On his face was a nostalgic expression.

"Ah....it's been ten years, but it feels as if nothing has changed..."