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 Chapter 146: Sending Everyone Flying With a Slap

Bai Yunfei dropped an item onto Tianming's hands, "Use this to slap him...."

"Uhh....." Tianming looked as if he was doubting his eyes as he stared in mute shock at the item in his hands.

"Fucking hell! It's that!" Jing Mingfeng's voice had startled Tianming, causing him to nearly drop the item onto the ground.

What else could be in his hand but the one-and-only red wall brick!

Tianming looked at the brick first and then to Zhao Liang before then back to Bai Yunfei. "Use this...." He started, "To slap him?"

"Yes. Don't you think he's an ugly one to look at? Just slap his head with it." Bai Yunfei nodded his head.

"Yea! Tianming, don't be afraid! That brick in your hand isn't your ordinary brick. It's...." Jing Mingfeng thought for a moment as he tried his best to describe this 'unordinary' brick.

"It's.....the brick that your brother Bai gave you! Just listen to me. This fatass came out for the express purpose of you using that brick to slap his face!"

With the 'encouragement' of these two, Tianming didn't know what to think. But he had been motivated, and he didn't want to seem like a coward to Bai Yunfei or Jing Mingfeng either. With that resolution, he gave two hefty swings of the brick before giving a 'glare' at Zhao Liang to run at him.

Liu Shun had a slight gleam in his eyes, but what he was thinking about couldn't exactly be pinpointed. He hadn't said a thing either, and Su Dong had only stared pensively from his corner in the room as well.

Zhao Liang had recovered from the sight of this brick by the time of Tianming's charge. Seeing how Tianming was planning to hit him with a simple brick, Zhao Liang's face paled in fury, "Hmph! How utterly mystifying! You dare try to hurt me on my own territory! You don't see the house of Zhao as anyone in your eyes, do you! Young master Liu! Since this is between me and him, don't blame me for ignoring you! Men! Teach him a lesson!"

The two guards by his side immediately moved into action to rush against Tianming.

As a Soul Personage, Tianming knew that these two men were also Soul Personage level soul cultivators that could beat him with no problem. Unless the two behind Tianming were to fight, he himself would have to plan this fight out.

Just a few steps before the three would meet, the person on Tianming's right reached out to grab the the brick in Tianming's right hand while the person on the left reached out to grab Tianming on the left shoulder to try and put him in submission.

The corners to Tianming's lips twitched as a gleam entered his eyes. For a brief moment, his body came to a stop before then flickering into motion once again. Down below, his feet had done a series of tricky footwork to smoothly maneuver past the person on his left.

Bai Yunfei raised an eyebrow; Tianming had clearly just used a soul technique. Furthermore, he had seen Jing Mingfeng use this particular one before-ah. Jing Mingfeng had taught Tianming even that.

Despite Tianming not being too accustomed to using that soul technique, his opponents weren't too strong and so their attempts to grab onto him had failed as Tianming slipped past.

With the brick raised up, Tianming gave a resounding slap with it onto the other person's head.


The man stumbled back two steps with his teeth gritted together. As it would look, he seemed to be in a decent amount of pain.

But before he could even recover from his shock, Tianming was already approaching him with a second blow.


This time, the outstretched brick had slapped him on the right shoulder. But the effect of this second blow was incomparably different to the first one. All that could be seen was the fact that this person was suddenly sent flying through the paper screen walls and onwards without stopping.

The other person raised his fist up to punch Tianming's head, but Tianming had been even faster and swung the brick around to hit the man on the waist. This person was even more unfortunate than his partner and had the hurling effect of the brick activated at once. Right as a look of astonishment appeared on his face, he was sent hurling through the room. And what was even more unfortunate was the fact that he had broken through the window and out of the building....

Plenty of people could be heard screaming in shock, and even the people inside the building were staring in dumbfounded shock. Of course, Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng were not.

Jing Mingfeng was instead staring with bright eyes as he thought out loud to himself, "This is it! This is it!"

Even Tianming had been dazed in this short moment of time. But it was then with a happy smile that he turned towards Zhao Liang and rushed at him before the first person he had hit would be able to recover.

Zhao Liang had been startled. His two bodyguards had been sent flying from some sort of mysterious power-something that he was not expecting at all. As if he could see some sort of sinister red glimmer in the brick in Tianming's hand, Zhao Liang's fear grew bigger and bigger as he took several fearful steps backwards. "Hold-hold on! I was just joking with you, don't be like th-"

Tianming hadn't bothered to slow down enough to let Zhao Liang finish his speech. With a flash, he arrived right in front of him and arced the brick so that it would slam into his horrified face.


The brick had practically embedded itself half an inch into the fatty's face before he fell back from the blow. Yet, the hurling effect had not been triggered.

"Fi-fird uncer, za-zave me....." The fatty's nose had been smashed in from the brick, and parts of his teeth had dropped out as he tried to speak. What he had really tried to say was "Third uncle, save me."

But it was unclear whether or not this third uncle of his would have been able to hear this cry for help, as there was no movement from beyond the door. And by the time he said that, Tianming had already slapped him on the forehead with the brick again.

He was supposed to keel over, but because of the horizontal slap that had triggered the hurling effect, he had instead been sent flying over to the side and slammed into a wall. But then as if he was a ping pong ball, he rebounded against it and flew towards Tianming as if to squash him-this was the counterattack of the fatty!

Brandishing the brick once more, Tianming slapped the fatty once more. Whether it was because Tianming had excellent luck or that Zhao Liang's luck had run out, but the hurling effect was activated once more, causing Zhao Liang to go flying away like a ping pong ball again. Striking the door, he careened through them and out onto the corridors before a single fist grabbed hold of him in midair and gently placed him down.

A black-robed man wearing martial robes and had a hook nose came walking in. Taking a look at the caved in nose and the badly bruised face of Zhao Liang, his face darkened. This was the man that Zhao Liang had cried out earlier to save him. Zhao Liang's third uncle-Zhao Ye. A soul cultivator at the level of a Middle-stage Soul Sprite.

Tianming had been just about to rush forward when he was suddenly pulled back. Turning his head to look, he came to the startling discovery that Bai Yunfei had suddenly appeared right behind him.

Taking the brick from Tianming, Bai Yunfei smiled, "It's my turn then."

"Wha? What do you mean by that...." Tianming was surprised, but when he saw Zhao Ye right behind Zhao Liang, he grew frightened. "Crap! That's Zhao Liang's third uncle! He's a Middle-stage Soul Sprite! Brother Bai, we're...."

"Brat! You dare humiliate the scion of my family! You are over the top! I'm going to teach you a lesson!" Zhao Ye's eyes had a furious glare to them as he howled in anger. His entire body lit up with light before his foot came stomping down onto the ground to charge at Tianming.


His entrance had been quick, but his departure had been even faster.

Zhao Ye hadn't even taken a single step before he found himself flying away at an even faster speed. Smashing against the corridor walls, he landed right beside where he had put Zhao Liang. But he did not move-he had been knocked unconscious!

Bai Yunfei tossed the brick up into the air repeatedly, allowing it to glint red in the light as he turned to look at Tianming, "What were you saying just now?"