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 Chapter 140: Stand to Watch

In the afternoon, Bai Yunfei didn't follow Tianming and Jing Mingfeng to the 'Unique Beast Garden' that was 'super-duper fun' according to Tianming. Instead, he slowly walked around the streets of Gaoyi City by himself, buying some necessities or interesting things.

It had been with some slight disappointment when Bai Yunfei walked out from one of the weapons store. Gaoyi City wasn't a big city by any stretch of the word, and the stores he had passed by already were very low on Superior grade equipment. Incomplete soul items were practically non-existent since only one store had one of those. But in Bai Yunfei's opinion, that store was nothing more than your run-of-the-mill shop where an incomplete soul item would be considered the store's treasure. As such, this incomplete soul item would be priced at an exorbitantly high price that would leave Bai Yunfei dumbfounded.

Unbeknownst to Bai Yunfei, he somehow managed to travel throughout the majority of the bustling streets of Gaoyi City during his stop-and-go shopping spree. Eventually, he noticed the darkness around him and as he looked up, noticed that it was almost evening. Feeling that he travelled far enough, he prepared for his return to the mansion of the House of Ye.

"Yes, this road is kinda familiar. This should be the way to go back? Yeah, it shouldn't be wrong..."

After walking for half an hour, Bai Yunfei felt that he should be approaching his destination soon, but he had been having this feeling for more than twenty minutes now, yet he still hadn't seen the walls of the house of Ye.

"I was walking around and looking at all of the stores, but I actually forgot to remember the direction back. I'm actually lost in this city, this is just too embarrassing..." Bai Yunfei felt ashamed then investigated further. Eventually, he embarrassedly pulled aside a passerby to ask him the directions to the house of Ye. After all, the house of Ye was one of the three great houses of Gaoyi City, and its location was known to everyone.

"You want to go to the house of Ye?" A random passerby glanced at the smiling youth garbed in ordinary street-clothes. Curious, he asked, "The Ye are over on west, why on earth did you come running over to the northern street?"

Inquiring to each new person every few turns around the streets, Bai Yunfei felt like wiping off his sweat before turning onto the streets next to him.

After turning the corner, Bai Yunfei could see a two-storied restaurant. Just as he was about to enter the building, a sudden commotion could be heard from the interior. In the next moment, a group of people came clambering out from the entrance as if they would be caught up in trouble if they were too slow.

But after they ran outside the restaurant, they clustered together at a place a few dozen metres away from the restaurant. The looks of fear on their faces transformed into looks of curiosity...and they actually began to wait with anticipation.

The people who were originally outside were baffled by this. But when the ones who ran out from the restaurant whispered several words to them in a quiet whisper, everyone had gathered together. Within half a minute, over a hundred people were gathered outside the entrance of the restaurant.

"Hey, what do you think the 'Duke of Drink' will do this time?"

"Who knows? Can anyone really guess what this drunkard is thinking about?"

"You're right, the last time he was drunk, he was making out with a pig of a woman out on the streets! The attendants he had with him were all beaten up too, leaving the bodyguards no other choice but to knock him out. You think he's going to start the performance out on the streets this time?"

"Hehe, he climbed up to the top of the restaurant to sing out loud for an entire hour the time before that. It wasn't bad-in fact-it was better than the opera singer that lives next to me."

"I still love the time where he was tossing money away, all those shining silver coins! If only he'd do it again...."

"What about that one time he rented out the entire House of Spring Pleasures and had all the girls dance out on the streets? Tsk, that was quite the sight to see! I heard after that day, the clients over there doubled...."

"Don't get too close though. That one stupid gangster tried to extort some protection fees from him while he was in one of his drunk moods. That guy was practically beaten senseless, and the other people around him too...."

"What about that time he threw out all those leftovers at people...."

"Or that time he streaked naked through the city...."

Bai Yunfei raised the corner of his mouth as he heard the discussion going on around him. He was wondering just what was going on, but he understood now--These people were all waiting for the person upstairs, who was about to become madly drunk, to give a good show--And the person in question was the person that Tianming talked about. Out of 'Four Dukes of Gaoyi City', the person who was addicted to drinking alcohol, the 'Duke of Drink' Liu Shun.

"I didn't think I'd meet him here out of the blue; and during one of his drunk moments no less. From what these people are saying, his personality while drunk isn't the best..."

Bai Yunfei had been stuck within the crowd, and because of his curiosity, he was loathed to leave. Sticking around the crowd, he turned his head up to look at what was going on on the second floor of the restaurant.

To stand around and watch was a natural trait of a human being. Curiosity was something that even Bai Yunfei wasn't exempt from. Thus, he too became one of the people within the crowd.


A wine jug had been thrown out from the second floor, shattering upon contact and startling the people down below.

"Stop bothering me! I'm not drunk! I just want to go the toilet! Why're you following me around for, I don't like being watched like this!"

One could tell the sound that just echoed out from the second floor belonged to that of a drunk person. Then, the sounds of tables, chairs, bowls, and plates falling to the ground could be heard. A gorgeously-clothed youth slightly staggered as he appeared by the railings of the second floor, and his originally elegant hairstyle had become somewhat disheveled. The front part of clothing that covered his chest was slightly wet, and he let out a drunken belch. After all that, he leaned on the second floor's railings and started undoing his waistband.

From his earlier words, one could tell that he was really trying to try and take off his pants to urinate!

He probably wanted to use the restroom, but he wasn't able to clearly tell the directions under his drunken stupor. Thus, he walked straight to the balcony, and prevented his subordinates from stopping him. He said that he didn't want to be watched while urinating, but he didn't know that there were more than a hundred people below waiting for a good show to happen--Although quite a lot of girls had already shied their faces away, there were still a large amount of bold ones that secretly tried to look from the gaps between their fingers. After all, the 'thing' of the 'Duke of Drink' wasn't so easily seen.

"No way....how brave is he?" Bai Yunfei had thought with admiration.

If he really did take off his pants, then the Liu would lose plenty of face from this. Because of that, plenty of people had rushed forward to try and stop Liu Shun from doing so.

"So you want to control even my pissing! Screw off!" Liu Shun flew off into a rage as he kicked the people around him. Turning around to continue unbuckling his pants, he suddenly saw the several hundreds of people down below the balcony.

"Fucking hell! why is there so many people in this toilet?"

His words caused everyone to burst out in laughter. After that, Liu Shun stopped undoing his pants. This relieved his bodyguard Su Dong, who was prepared to stop him, while disappointing the onlooking crowd below.

But who would have known that Liu Shun would look over the crowd with a sudden face of fury. Kicking a giant hole in the balcony railings in front of him, he cursed out, "Fuck your grandpa! You going to fight me for this toilet? Men! Tear off one of their balls now!"

As soon as he spoke, the faces of everyone down below had paled instantly. Within a second, everyone had dispersed. The males had not wanted their balls to be ripped away, and the girls had naturally no balls to take away in the first place, but they had all run away all the same. They all knew that when Liu Shun was drunk like this, whatever he said and whatever he said he would do-no one would stop him.

Bai Yunfei hadn't known about this however, and it was for that reason why he didn't run away along with the crowd. He hadn't even thought twice about just why the crowd around him had disappeared all at once-such a speed like this would make it seem as if everyone knew how to use the Wave Treading Steps.

"Men! Hurry up and do as I say! Fucking hell, why did they all run? Ehh? What's this? There's still one person. Haha, then allow the great I to teach you a lesson!"

As Bai Yunfei was distracted, Liu Shun directly jumped off from the second floor with a single leap. With a 'bang' sound, he landed on the ground. Then, he stood up as if nothing had happened and glared at Bai Yunfei. He shouted: "Brat, don't run! Watch how the great I will tear your balls off and parade you through the streets!"

Recovering from his daze, the corners to Bai Yunfei's mouth twitched. He had been slightly mortified, and he didn't know what to say either.

Was he not just watching the spectacle a moment ago? So why was he caught up in this mess now?"