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 Chapter 137: The House of Ye

"Yes...." Tianming turned back to the older woman in front of him with a bowed head. "Grandma, I'm sorry. I've made you worried. I won't be as unruly like this in the future...."

As soon as he spoke these words, everyone had been stunned. Everyone from the Ye had stared at Tianming with a gaping mouth as if they witnessed something completely unbelievable.

The old woman had been stunned for a very long time, but it had been her to be the very first one to gather her wits. Doing away with the previous prattle she had been doing before, she instead rubbed the top of Tianming's head affectionately and spoke, "Good, good! My....my Ming'er has grown up now. In the future, your grandma won't worry as much now...."

With a smile, she nodded her head to Bai Yunfei first before looking to Ye Quan and his group, "Is there anymore you wish to say? If not, then this old woman will be going first to rest."

When the old woman left the halls along with her servants, Tianming had hesitated for a moment before turning to look at the middle-aged man and the married woman next to him. Bowing his head, he spoke, "Father, mother, I'm home...."

Seeing just how drastic the change that seemed to have met Tianming was, the dignified look on Ye Ting's face had revealed just a sliver of a smile on it. Unlike in the past where he would have scolded Tianming, Ye Ting had instead nodded his head slightly, "Yes. As long as you return, all is well. You must remind yourself to be more careful in the future. There has been plenty of trouble for our family as of late, you shouldn't add more to it..."

With that said, he turned to look at Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng. Politely, he spoke, "And these two are...?"

"Oh, father, let me introduce them to you." Seeing that he hadn't been scolded, Tianming seemed to relax just a bit before he had hurried to answer his father. "This is brother Bai Yunfei, and this is brother Jing Mingfeng. The two of them are friends that I came to meet in my travel. They're really amazing! They've been looking after me when we were traveling, and it was only because of these two that I wasn't captured by the Zhao earlier...."

"Oh?" Ye Ting raised his brow. Seeing that Ye Quan was nodding at him, the smile on his face became even bigger as he said, "Since it's like this, I'm truly too grateful for these two young heroes. It is truly too fortunate for my disappointing son to have met you two. If you two have any needs within Gaoyi City, don't hesitate to let me know. As long as my house of Ye can do it, we definitely won't decline to!"

Jing Mingfeng shrugged his shoulders and shot a glance at Bai Yunfei. This action meant: "I'm too lazy, you can talk."

"The words of the master of the house of Ye area too serious. I am merely a traveller that is passing through this area, and will leave soon. I don't have any particular wants." It was obvious that Ye Quan and the others had something to discuss. Thus, Bai Yunfei didn't say anything more. After thinking for awhile, he said: "I've used up quite a bit of my energy during that previous fight. May I ask for some accommodations from the master of the house of Ye? I would like to rest a bit earlier..."

Ye Ting was stunned. Shortly after, he nodded his head and said: "Sure, there's naturally no problem with that! A'Fu, take the two young heroes to the guest room in the northern courtyard! Serve them well, and do not neglect them!"

After the two left, everyone else was dismissed. Only Ye Ting, Ye Quan, Ye Tianwen, and Tianming were left in the great hall.

Ye Ting first questioned Ye Quan about the issue that had occurred after they had left the city. Then, he detailedly inquired Tianming about the situation that had occurred to him after leaving the city, as well as Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng's situations.

After Tianming finished speaking, everyone turned silent for a period of time.

After a long time, Ye Ting started speaking: "First, let's ignore the identities of those two. We already owe them a favour because of their rescuing of Tianming. Furthermore, they have inadvertently helped us a lot by killing the people of the Beast Taming School, as well as snatching the fifth-class soulbeast that should have been passed to the house of Zhao. In addition to that, these two aren't weak. If they can help our house of Ye during the fight against the house of Zhao, our chances of victory will increase..."

"Yeah. However, I don't think we should directly ask them for help. After all, our house of Ye owes them a favour, and being too rude wouldn't be good." Ye Tianwen followed up and said, "During the following days, we should let Tianming receive them. From what Bai Yunfei said, he wouldn't be staying here for a long time. Thus, we should do our best to deepen our relationship with him during this period of time, and let nature run its course."

Tianming remained silent for a while. Then, he spoke with a trace of hesitation: "Father, is the house of Zhao really suppressing us, just like this? Are we going to let them be so unreasonable and not do anything about it?"

"With the mountain-like Beast Taming School suppressing us, what chance do we have?" Ye Tianwen helplessly shook his head and said, "Although our house is considered a big clan within Gaoyi City, we're not even considered as a small clan within the entire continent. Even though the person who came from the Beast Taming School is only a middle-grade Soul Ancestor, we don't have any power to resist him at all...If father manages to breakthrough into the Soul Ancestor realm, we might have the ability to contend with him. However..."

"Breaking into the Soul Ancestor realm is easier said than done..." Ye Ting sighed, "I've already been stuck in the peak of the Soul Sprite realm for a year. I'm only a step away from the Soul Ancestor realm, but that step is as far as the heavens. No matter how hard I try, I don't even have the slightest chance of achieving a breakthrough. If I don't obtain an opportunity, I won't be able to breakthrough, even if another few years pass..."

Tianming seemed to understand, yet not understand his father's words. He wasn't very familiar with the world of soul cultivators, and he didn't understand why his father was so scared of the Beast Taming School. In his mind, his Brother Bai and Brother Jing managed to easily fend off the people from the Beast Taming School when they were saving the Quickshade Bird; When they met the people from the Beast Taming School for a second time, his Brother Bai and the others managed to directly kill almost ten of them-they weren't that scary.

"That's enough. Tianming, I think you're tired as well? Go back and rest. Tomorrow, take the two guests to have some fun in the city, since that's what you're an expert in..." Ye Ting looked at the pondering Tianming and slightly smiled. It wasn't clear whether his last words were disparaging or joking.

"Oh, sure. Then, I'll go and talk to mother for a while before resting." Tianming nodded his head and left.

As Ye Ting looked at Tianming leave the hall, a trace of gratification appeared in his eyes. He was deeply moved as he said: "This time, Tianming has truly matured after leaving..."

"Yeah, he's actually learned to hide some secrets when talking to other people." Ye Quan lightly nodded his head and let out a smile. Actually, the three people could tell that Tianming was hiding some secrets when talking about Bai Yunfei and the others. However, they didn't point it out.

"Hehe, this also means that he's made some trustworthy friends, no? It also means that Tianming has grown up. In the future, we won't have to be so worried anymore." Ye Tianwen also smiled as he spoke.

After talking about the issue of Tianming, Ye Ting stopped smiling as he spoke to Ye Quan: "Second brother, what do you think...about these two visitors?"

Ye Quan paused for a moment before saying: "They have many secrets. They're absolutely not normal soul cultivators."

After thinking for a while, Ye Ting was still somewhat unconvinced as he asked: "They...did they truly kill those people from the Beast Taming School?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't be wrong. The first reason is because Tianming said it, while the second reason is because I personally sensed it." Ye Quan nodded his head as he answered.

"If that's the case, I'm relieved..." Ye Ting lightly laughed and had a slight feeling of schadenfreude as he said, "Humph, Zhao Chuan is dead, and the Beast Taming School has lost many people. I think that the house of Zhao should stop making moves for a while? When Zhao Xing finds out, I'm sure that his expression will be ugly..."