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 Chapter 135: Self Detonation

Although he didn't trigger the explosion effect, this was still a deadly attack. Because of this, the life force in Wu Lin's eyes started to gradually dissipate.

The black monkey behind him became like a puppet that had stopped moving.

Wu Sen's eyes turned red, and his face contorted as he charged towards Bai Yunfei like an enraged bull. A metre long broadsword appeared in his grasp with a flip of his right hand. This broadsword was only an incomplete soul item, which was different from the middle Human-ranked shield.

The soulforce within Wu Sen's body furiously exploded out. A purple light which seemed to faintly contain a few thin streaks of lightning started to envelop his broadsword, which caused it to let out a faint buzzing sound. The broadsword trembled, as if it was wailing due to its inability to withstand this enormous power. At this moment, Wu Sen had already charged behind Bai Yunfei. He raised the broadsword and ruthlessly slashed it towards Bai Yunfei's skull.

Bai Yunfei decisively abandoned the thought of reclaiming the Firetipped Spear as he sensed the approaching danger. He loosened his grip on the Firetipped Spear, allowing Wu Lin's corpse to fall backwards. Then, he instantly raised his right hand while turning around, allowing his right hand to block his head.


The broadsword was rebounded by the force of the collision, while Bai Yunfei's arm was completely uninjured. This was merely an incomplete soul item. Even though it was filled with soulforce that exceeded its limits, it still wasn't be able to overcome the defense of the Flameblade Bracer.

Bai Yunfei didn't even feel the expected numbness. He expressionlessly took a step backwards to stabilise his body. Then, he drew his right fist back to his waist and suddenly punched Wu Sen's chest before he could attack a second time.

Wu Sen's right arm moved, and that dazzling golden shield appeared in front of him. At the same time, he continued to bring his sword down. He was planning deliver a chop no matter what, even if it meant receiving Bai Yunfei's extraordinarily powerful fist!


The sounds of a striking clock reverberated as Bai Yunfei's fist collided with Wu Sen's shield. Wu Sen managed to block the Ninefold Fist Force, but his wish of cutting down Bai Yunfei wasn't fulfilled, because the strength of Bai Yunfei's fist had exceeded his predictions. In the instant that he received Bai Yunfei's fist, his sword was still half a foot away from Bai Yunfei's head. However, he was blown backwards along with his shield.

Bai Yunfei couldn't help but stagger backwards because of the enormous rebound force from the collision. The Firetipped Spear was still standing upright, with Wu Lin's body having slid through it to the ground. After pausing for a second, he pulled out the Firetipped Spear with a swing of his hand, then leapt forward, shooting towards the retreating Wu Sen like an arrow that had left its bow.

After Wu Sen retreated dozens of metres, he finally managed to counteract the enormous force behind the Ninefold Fist Force. Before he could even relax, he saw that a flaming spear had already pierced towards him.

Wu Sen pupils contracted as he hurriedly retreated backwards. He then loosened the grip on the broadsword in his right hand, throwing it away. After that, he gripped the shield with his hands and exerted his soulforce, causing the golden shield to appear in front of him again.


A clear striking sound echoed out. It seemed to be a single sound, yet it seemed to be a series of sounds as well....Bai Yunfei's eyes suddenly brightened. At the same time, Wu Sen seemed to have felt something as well. His eyes narrowed to slits as he threw away the shield without any hesitation, then used all of his strength to jump backwards.


Although his reaction was quick, the activation speed of the fire explosion was even quicker!

An extremely strong elemental fire exploded from the tip of the Firetipped Spear. The shield that had previously withstood the Ninefold Fist Force without any damage was torn apart like paper when facing the power of the fire explosion. If Wu Sen's reaction wasn't quick enough, his hands would've been destroyed along with the shield.

Although Wu Sen managed to survive the explosion, the price that he had to pay was the destruction of the shield. However, the following flame attack flung Wu Sen further up into the air, increasing the speed of his retreat by several times.

Wu Sen spat out a mouthful of blood while he was in midair. Even though he had sustained repeated losses, Wu Sen didn't show any astonishment or fear. Instead, his expression turned increasingly berserk as he looked at Bai Yunfei, who was about to attack with his spear.

Wu Sen allowed his body to be knocked backwards as he suddenly raised his hands, quickly putting them in front of his chest while forming multiple strange hand seals. The undulations of his soulforce varied according to the speed of his hand signs, and his lips slightly moved as if he was softly muttering something.


The Thunderbird suddenly let out a sharp whistle as it spun around in midair. After that, it dove down towards Bai Yunfei like a bolt of lightning. Its entire body was filled with elemental lightning. However, the undulations of the elemental lightning were chaotic. As its speed increased, the distance between it and Bai Yunfei decreased, and the elemental energies within its body turned even more chaotic, to the point where it was almost berserk.

At the same time, a reddish colour seemed to gradually appear in the Thunderbird's listless eyes!

"Self Detonation!"

Bai Yunfei was originally planning to ignore the Thunderbird behind him to directly chase and attack Wu Sen. However, after he took a few steps forward, he suddenly sensed the chaotic elemental fluctuations behind him, as well as the soulforce of the Thunderbird which was involuntarily expanding. Alarmed, he instantly understood the intentions of his opponent.

Wu Sen was actually making the Thunderbird self-detonate in an attempt to make Bai Yunfei perish with it!

In an attempt to cause mutual destruction with an opponent, soul cultivators could detonate their essence seed, while soulbeasts could detonate their soul crystal. This would be their life's last roar, which contained enormous power within it. Regardless of whether the enemy died or not, the one who had self-detonated would definitely die, and not even ashes would be left.

Wu Sen had clearly became deranged. His heart was completely focused on killing Bai Yunfei to avenge his younger brother, so much so that he didn't hesitate to sacrifice his fifth-class soulbeast to cause mutual destruction with Bai Yunfei. Of course, he didn't forget about the fact that there was a very high chance that he wasn't a match for Bai Yunfei. In a drawn out fight, he would definitely die. Thus, he decisively chose this method to eliminate Bai Yunfei.

Bai Yunfei's first thought was to run.

Bai Yunfei clearly understood that he would be crippled, if not killed when hit by the self-detonation of a low fifth-class soulbeast.

However, he seemed to have noticed something and raised his brow after shooting a glance towards Wu Sen, who was already twenty metres away. After sweeping his soulsense out again, his acute senses informed him that the speed of the Thunderbird had decreased!

Why? Because Wu Sen was making sure that he had retreated to a sufficiently safe distance!

If the Thunderbird's self detonation were to succeed, not only would he be heavily injured, it was very possible that his opponent would seize this opportunity to flee, or even to attack him! Bai Yunfei didn't know how strong the self-detonation would be, and he didn't know how his opponent would react. There were simply too many variables that he couldn't control.

Therefore, he only had the option of preventing the self destruction from occurring. On the other hand, Wu Sen was clearly controlling the self detonation of the Thunderbird. Thus, he had to hurry up and kill Wu Sen before the Thunderbird's self detonation!

He didn't have enough time to think things through. Bai Yunfei only hesitated for a moment, then he raised his head and glared at Wu Sen, who was already fifty or sixty metres away, with a resolute gaze. A light flashed through his eyes.

"I'll take the risk!"

Bai Yunfei ignored the approaching Thunderbird. Instead, he lightly threw the Firetipped Spear forward, then used the Ninefold Fist Force to punch the shaft of the Firetipped Spear. The Firetipped Spear slightly trembled, then shot towards Wu Sen like a fiery arrow.

Wu Sen's gaze had always been fixed on Bai Yunfei's movements. Although he was shocked by the fact that Bai Yunfei didn't dodge and instead continued to attack, Wu Sen was already prepared. As Wu Sen faced the incoming Firetipped Spear, he clenched his teeth and didn't change his hand signs. He forcefully twisted his body in midair, causing the Firetipped Spear to brush past his waist. Although he had lost his balance, he could severely injure Bai Yunfei as long as the Thunderbird self-detonated before he landed.

A sinister smile appeared on the corner of Wu Sen's mouth as he changed his hand signs. Just as he was about to give out the final command to the Thunderbird, he suddenly felt something tighten around his right ankle. He turned his head to look, suddenly discovering to his amazement that there was a golden rope that had coiled around his leg!

The rope was thin and perfectly straight, and had extended almost sixty metres. And the other end of the rope...was held in Bai Yunfei's hand!