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 Chapter 133: One Spear Shocks the Enemies

"Stay your hands!"

This sudden roar, which was accompanied by the sharp sound of wind splitting, startled everyone present. A fiery-red beam shot past the area that Wu Sen was standing on in the instant after he leapt to the side. Shortly after that, an extremely strong aura of fire approached, causing Wu Sen to be shocked. He was still in a half-squatting position as he waved his hand to summon a four-foot tall, two-foot wide golden shield to block in front of him.

The figure of a human flashed past Wu Sen, but didn't attack him. Instead, it headed directly towards the Spirit Monkey that was attacking Aunty Zhao.


Just as Wu Sen started to relax slightly, an utterly shocking explosive sound rang out to one side. Following that, a burst of terrifying elemental fire spread out. He subconsciously took a step back, and even felt that his hair had been singed by this heatwave.

An enormous pit that had a radius of almost twenty metres suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield, while a blazing spear surrounded by flames was stabbed in the centre of the pit, as if it was the descent of a divine weapon.

Everyone looked at the spear, its tip still trembling slightly, in absolute shock. A trace of despondency flashed through the minds of everyone present, and even the soulbeasts from the Beast Taming School had paused for an instant due to their masters being distracted.


Another muffled sound echoed out, causing everyone to be suddenly awakened from their stupor. When they turned over to look, they noticed that the Spirit Monkey that was only one metre away from Aunty Zhao had suddenly shot backwards. Then, a figure drew back his right fist, borrowing the counterforce to leap backwards. While leaping, he grabbed Aunty Zhao's shoulder and took her along with him as he charged off to one side.

He waved his right hand and two icy streaks of light shot out.. They were aimed at the Whirlwind Bird and the Goldfeathered Eagle, which were currently diving down. Then, he leaped into the pit and used his right hand to pull out the long spear. Landing on his tiptoes, he immediately jumped out from the pit without any pause whatsoever, creating several consecutive afterimages. He arrived at Tang Xinyun's side within the blink of an eye.

He had only used a few seconds to complete all of his actions after appearing. His movements were like flowing clouds that had no pause at all.

The newcomer glanced towards the two birds which had dodged the two daggers. Then, he glanced at the Thunderbird which had already been called back by Wu Sen for protection. He gently placed the severely injured Aunty Zhao by Tang Xinyun's side and looked towards the four shocked and serious people from the Beast Taming School with a chilly expression.

Tang Xinyun was flustered as she supported Aunty Zhao. Then, she took a deep breath after Aunty Zhao slightly shook her head to indicate that she was fine When she raised her head to look at the person who was in front of her, a doubtful look appeared on her face. She didn't recognise this person, but he seemed to be somewhat familiar.

"Take Aunty Zhao away first, I'll deal with the things here."

At this moment, Tang Xinyun's expression turned blank as she heard the words of the newcomer in front of her. Afterwards, her gaze fell on the red spear that was held by the newcomer.

"You...you are..."

Bai Yunfei furrowed his brows and interrupted her: "Don't waste time! Go!

Aunty Zhao pressed her left hand on her right shoulder, healing the injuries on it. She had obviously recognised Bai Yunfei as well, who had changed his appearance. A light flashed through her eyes, as a thought popped up in her head for an instant. Then, she used her right hand to gently pull Tang Xinyun as she weakly said: "Young miss, listen to him. We should quickly leave. Xiao Bai and I are injured, and your strength is too weak. If we stay behind, it'll only be more dangerous for us. I have a feeling that he has a way to deal with these people..."

After speaking, she couldn't help but spit out another mouthful of blood, which caused her face to turn deathly pale.

Tang Xinyun was alarmed, and she was unable to focus on so many things. She hastily supported Aunty Zhao and gratefully looked at Bai Yunfei. Then, she turned around and ran to the north at high-speed.

Xiao Bai circled around Bai Yunfei's head twice. Then, it caught up with Tang Xinyun and vigilantly guarded her.

The two people and a bird gradually moved far away. However, the people from the Beast Taming School didn't make any moves at all, which was unexpected. The four of them didn't dare to relax at all. They recalled their soulbeasts and stared at Bai Yunfei intently.

Wu Sen placed the shield in front of him, and there was even some cold sweat dripping from his forehead. That frightening explosion caused by the spear had simply terrified him- The sudden explosion of that immensely powerful elemental fire made him believe that this person was at least of the Soul Ancestor level of power.

"Dammit! Why would a middle-stage Soul Ancestor suddenly appear here? No, from the strength of the elemental fire in that previous attack, it's very possible for him to be at the late-stage Soul Ancestor level of power!"

A drop of sweat slid off Wu Sen's cheek. He was frantically thinking of methods to deal with this newcomer. From the first impression, he determined that this person was at least of the Soul Ancestor level of power. He didn't even dare to make any moves, much less use his soulsense in the event that he would anger the other party. Currently, he was temporarily too busy to even care about the escaping Tang Xinyun.

Although he was a late-stage Soul Sprite that even possessed a low fifth-class Thunderbird, he didn't have any confidence of winning a fight against this 'Soul Ancestor', even with the help of his three companions- The Soul Sprite realm and the Soul Ancestor realm were two completely different realms, and he didn't think that he had the power to jump across realms to kill his opponent- Even though he possessed the fifth-class Thunderbird, he still didn't dare to fight against this opponent.

Wu Sen didn't move, and the other three who were weaker than him naturally didn't move either. For a period of time, the spear-wielding Bai Yunfei was stuck in a deadlock with the four of them.

When Tang Xinyun's figure had vanished into the distance, Bai Yunfei inwardly relaxed. As for Wu Sen, he gradually recovered from his initial shock and fear. After calming down, he started to feel that something was wrong.

"Eeh? Why hasn't he made a move?" Wu Sen started to become suspicious. He wouldn't find it strange if Bai Yunfei had used his strength to suppress and humiliate everyone, then leave. He was even prepared to immediately start running for his life if Bai Yunfei wanted to kill them. Furthermore, Executor Li wouldn't blame him too much if they failed their mission because of an expert like this.

After the deadlock lasted for another 30 seconds, Wu Sen finally realised that he had made a mistake. He couldn't help but carefully release his soulsense...

In the instant that Wu Sen's soulsense swept over him, Bai Yunfei raised his brow. He knew that it wasn't possible to continue this ruse any longer. Actually, the fact that his ruse could achieve this much of an effect had already surpassed Bai Yunfei's expectations. He was originally planning to create an opportunity for Tang Xinyun to escape, by immediately attacking after he suddenly appeared. However, he didn't think that the explosion created by the Firetipped Spear would intimidate his foes like this. Thus, he assumed the manner of an expert to scare his foes. Now that Tang Xinyun had already escaped, being discovered wouldn't matter to him. In any case, he wasn't planning on being kind.

Since he had already killed a few people from the Beast Taming School, he didn't care about killing even more-Besides, his opponents wouldn't let him leave alive. This meant that the only option remaining was a battle in which one side would live and the other side would die. "Yes, " he thought to himself. "I'll live, you'll die."

After using his soulsense, Wu Sen was immediately stunned: "Middle-stage Soul Sprite? How can that be possible..."

He released his soulsense again, and Bai Yunfei was still a middle-stage Soul Sprite. Again. It was still the same...could it be that he had hidden his true power?

This was Wu Sen's first thought. However, he immediately pushed that thought out of his mind; If he had the ability to hide his strength so perfectly, why would he need to hide his strength?

When his gaze swept over the Firetipped Spear that was flickering with a fiery light, his eyes suddenly brightened, and a flash of understanding appeared in his eyes.

In the next moment, he finally understood what had happened-He had been tricked.