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 Chapter 132: Stay Your Hands!!

Tang Xinyun gently bit her lip. With a resolute look on her face, she slashed the body of the colourful snake that had shot out from the grass on her right, which caused some sparks to splash out from its body. Although the little snake was struck flying, it clearly wasn't injured.

Tang Xinyun took advantage of the short moment she had to shoot a glance at Aunty Zhao. She saw that Aunty Zhao was unable to break through the entrapment of the opponents around her, even though she was madly attacking them. She could hear Xiao Bai's cries, filled with anger and desperation. A trace of despair flashed through Tang Xinyun's eyes, but it was immediately replaced with a look of unwavering determination. She continued using her sword to defend against the attacks of the black bat while doing her best to slowly move closer to Aunty Zhao's location.

She and Aunty Zhao had deliberately sped up their footsteps after leaving Bai Yunfei's group of three within Guyi City, They had reached Gaoyi City in the morning, but they were unexpectedly met with an inexplicable ambush not long after they entered the city. If it were not for Xiao Bai's vigilance, the two of them most likely would've been captured during the initial ambush.

After the enemies revealed themselves, the two of them realized that it was the people from the Beast Taming School and immediately understood that they had come for Xiao Bai. After an initial clash, Aunty Zhao led Tang Xinyun as the two fled from Gaoyi City. However, the enemies didn't give up their pursuit and continued to chase after them for a long time as they escaped. In the end, they were still intercepted by their enemies in this area and were forced into a bitter fight.

Tang Xinyun was inwardly alarmed as she heard Aunty Zhao's faint groan. She hastily turned around and saw the monkey let out a screech while Aunty Zhao was dodging the underground attacks. An earthen yellow energy abruptly surged from its body, instantly gathering in its right arm. The size of its claw expanded by more than a half and its claw seemed to have been wrapped around in an orange light. Its powerful legs stamped the ground as it leapt towards Aunty Zhao. After that, it swung its right claw out, dealing a heavy blow to Aunty Zhao's waist.

"Aunty Zhao!!"

Tang Xinyun cried out in alarm as she forced away the large bat in front of her. Just as she was about to run to Aunty Zhao, a whirlwind suddenly appeared behind her, catching her off-guard and sweeping her away due to her inattentiveness. Although the whirlwind didn't have much power, it still lifted her up several metres, then threw her heavily against the ground.

On the other side, Aunty Zhao was struck on the waist by the Spirit Monkey, causing her to stagger two steps to the right. She couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood, with four deep wounds having appeared on the left side of her waist.

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, a berserk look appeared in Aunty Zhao's eyes. She rapidly rotated her soulforce and raised her longsword as the orange light was released. Then,she let out a low roar and turned her blade around to stab it into into the ground beneath her without any hesitation.

It was the same soul technique that she had previously used against Bai Yunfei in Guyi City. Only, the might of the skill now was several times higher. The ground within a radius of ten metres surrounding her surged upwards, and dazzling orange lights that resembled blades pierced through the ground. The Spirit Monkey had initially wanted to continue pursuing her, but it was struck by one of the orange lights. Blood and flesh immediately blasted out from its shoulders as a bone-deep wound was carved into its body.

The person from the Beast Taming School had a change in expression, and he immediately exerted his soulforce. That Spirit Monkey immediately shrieked as it continuously retreated, dodging the flashes of sword-light that were increasing in number.

Within the time taken for several breaths, nearly a hundred flashes of sword-light had pierced through the ground surrounding Aunty Zhao. At this exact moment, the ground on her right side suddenly shook, and a faint creaking sound echoed out. Aunty Zhao's eyes suddenly brightened, and she let out another low shout as she raised the longsword in her hand. Following her movements, the hundred or so flashes of sword-light surrounding her seemed to have received a command from her. They instantly gathered together roughly ten meters above her head, and within the blink of an eye, they formed an enormous sword that was made of a dazzling orange energy.

In almost the exact instant that Aunty Zhao raised her longsword, the enormous energy sword was formed. Without any pause whatsoever, Aunty Zhao waved her sword, pointing towards her right. When she pointed towards the ground that had just made a sound, a "pu" sound was let out, and the enormous energy sword that was originally above her head stabbed deeply into that area.


A screech echoed out. Afterwards, that area violently rumbled. However, it quickly turned silent. The enormous energy sword turned into dots of light that then dissipated, leaving Aunty Zhao half-kneeling on the ground. She was propping herself on her longsword as she gasped for air.

As this happened, the face of the long-faced middle-aged man reddened. He couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, and he had an incredulous expression on his face.

Despite being heavily injured, Aunt Zhao had been able to activate her supreme technique to kill one of the soulbeasts. This all happened within roughly ten seconds. As Wu Sen looked at Wu Lin, who was spitting blood, he coldly snorted, as if he was somewhat dissatisfied. When he looked at Aunty Zhao again, he had a trace of anger in his eyes. He waved his right hand, causing the distant Thunderbird to let out a long cry. After dodging one of Xiao Bai's wind blades, it suddenly turned around and charged at Aunty Zhao.

At this moment, Tang Xinyun was already collapsed on the ground and had yet to stand back up. When Tang Xinyun saw that the bird was about to launch a dangerous attack against the still-recovering Aunty Zhao, the look on her face immediately changed. She couldn't help but cry out: "Xiao Bai!"

Xiao Bai's thoughts were connected to hers, and it immediately understood her intentions. While responding with a low cry, it swept its wings and charged over towards Aunty Zhao with a speed that wasn't any inferior to that of the Thunderbird's.

On the other side, the gazes of Fang Hao and Tai Ping flashed as they simultaneously reacted. The Whirlwind Bird that was behind Xiao Bai suddenly stopped, and its wings swept outwards, causing many wind blades to whistle out. However, they weren't aimed towards Xiao Bai. Instead, they were aiming towards Tang Xinyun, who was trying to get up!!

The Goldfeathered Eagle also let out a cry and dove down like a golden shadow. It quickly chased after the wind blades, and its steel-like claws flickered with dense golden light.

When Xiao Bai had only flown a few dozen metres away, it noticed the peculiar situation that was occurring behind it. Without any hesitation at all, Xiao Bai let out a shriek as it immediately gave up on rescuing Aunty Zhao. Its soulforce erupted asXiao Bai's figure instantly turned back. It managed to fly back to Tang Xinyun's side in just the nick of time, then spread its wings out to protect her.

"Pu pu pu..." The sounds of attacks echoed out from Xiao Bai's back, and its white feathers fluttered about. There were even drops of blood mixed within the feathers...

A golden light flashed past, and a muffled noise entered Tang Xinyun's ears. Following that, some fresh blood splattered onto her face. Three deep wounds appeared below Xiao Bai's left wing, and fresh blood instantly dyed its feathers red.

At the same time, a muffled noise also echoed out from Aunty Zhao's location. Although she managed to dodge the Thunderbird at the last moment, it still managed to scratch her right shoulder and tear off a piece of flesh, causing blood to flow out. Most importantly, her body was numbed after being scratched by the Thunderbird's lightning-infused claw, and her movements instantly grew sluggish.

Unfortunately, right at this critical moment, Wu Sen, clenched his teeth as he waved his hand, a sinister look on his face. A bloody light appeared in the eyes of the Spirit Monkey, which had already leaped ten metres up into the air, and it pounced towards the half-kneeling Aunty Zhao!

Tang Xinyun seemed to have been frightened by this sudden turn of events to the extent where she didn't know what to do. However, her opponents were clearly not in a daze like her. After the Whirlwind Bird and the Goldfeathered Eagle injured Xiao Bai, they dove down again without any pause at all, intending to press their advantage with continued attacks. As for the Thunderbird, it let out a cry as it once more charged towards Xiao Bai, shooting towards him with such lightning-fast speed that it looked like a violet arrow.

This single moment of inattentiveness had caused her to fall into a hopeless situation.

A cold sneer appeared on the corner of Wu Sen's mouth. Although he had wasted more energy than he had originally expected to, the current situation was settled. In fact, if it hadn't been for the for the fact that they couldn't kill Tang Xinyun, who had just signed a spirit contract with the Quickshade Bird, there was no way that Tang Xinyun and Aunty Zhao would've been able to last this long. Now, they just had to bring the Quickshade Bird and the girl back to successfully complete their task. As for the middle-aged woman, they would allow Wu Lin to vent his anger on her since she had killed his Earthclaw Prawn.

Suddenly, Wu Sen's expression suddenly turned stiff. The hair on his body stood up like a needle, and he reacted as if by instinct. The purple light on his body explosively flashed, and he unhesitatingly pounced to the left, not caring about how pathetic he looked when doing so.

A fiery-red beam shot over as an explosive roar suddenly echoed within the ears of everyone present.

"Stay your hands!!"