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 Chapter 131: Xinyun In Trouble

Within an enormous mansion located in the northeastern part of Gaoyi City.

The spacious hall was partly filled with the golden glow of the evening sunset, which sharply contrasted with the areas that the rays couldn't reach.

However, there were no servants within the vast hall. Only two figures could be seen sitting on the head seats of the large hall, and they seemed to be discussing something.

The person on the left was wearing a set of beautiful clothes. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, as well as a rough face. However, he exuded a faint imposing aura. This person was the head of the house of Zhao, Zhao Xing; The person on the right was wearing a black gown. He had thin lips and a sharp nose. He had black hair, but streaks of gray could be seen in it. He looked around the age of fifty. In his arms, a black cat-like beast with three tails could be seen as he stroked it rather passively. This person was called Li Chen, and he was a middle-grade Soul Ancestor from the Beast Taming School who came to subdue the house of Zhao.

"Executor Li, it has almost been a day since your men have left. They still haven't returned yet, could it be that their pursuit has failed? That Quickshade Bird..." Zhao Xing slightly furrowed his brows as he glanced outside, before carefully asking the question.

Li Chen's expression remained unchanged. However, he leaned his head slightly as he shot a glance towards Zhao Xing, before indifferently saying: "What? Does the Head of the house of Zhao think that my Beast Taming School is unable to retrieve that Quickshade Bird?"

"No, no, no, I didn't mean that. Only...that Quickshade Bird is quite strong. If it wholeheartedly tried to run away, with those two soul cultivators helping it..."

"Don't worry. Although Wu Sen is only a high-grade Soul Sprite, his Thunderbird is a low-grade fifth-class soulbeast, it won't have any problems while dealing with that Quickshade Bird which hasn't fully recovered yet. As for those soul cultivators, Wu Sen can take care of the middle-stage Soul Sprite. The master of the Quickshade Bird is merely a Soul Warrior, so Fang Hao or Tai Ping can easily take care of her without any problems. They should be returning soon." Li Chen gently caressed the three tailed spirit cat as he continued to speak with an indifferent tone.

Zhao Xing hesitated for a while, before saying: "But...that Quickshade Bird has already signed a soul contract with someone else. This..."

Li Chen furrowed his brows as he said: "Rest assured, everything will be fine. I naturally have a way to fulfill my promise to you. That soul cultivator is weak, and it hasn't been long since she signed the soul contract with the Quickshade Bird. When the time comes, I will teach you a secret technique of the Beast Taming School to let you forcefully change the soul imprint into a slave imprint, which will naturally allow you to control the Quickshade Bird. Although its intelligence will slightly decrease, it will still follow your orders."

Zhao Xing's eyes brightened, and he was almost unable to conceal his excitement;Although he would obtain the most basic secret technique of the Beast Taming School, this indicated that he was already considered as a half-disciple of the Beast Taming School. This was something that was completely beneficial for the future development of the house of Zhao.

"Yes, yes! Many thanks to Executor Li for supporting me! In the future, my house of Zhao will follow the Beast Taming School heart and soul, and I will wholeheartedly serve my School!"

When Zhao Xing saw that Li Chen had shut his eyes to rest, he didn't dare to continue with his flattery. He turned around to look outside the house, with an excited light flickering in his eyes. He thought to himself: "With the support of the Beast Taming School, the City Lord and the house of Liu won't be able to do anything. I'll have the Quickshade Bird in my hands; when Zhao Chuan delivers that brat from the house of Ye to me, I'll no longer have to rely on the help of the Beast Taming School to force the house of Ye to a compromise! At that time, my house of Zhao will be able to suppress the house of Liu to finally become the number one family of Gaoyi City!"

Within a rather vast open plains, the resonant sound of a bird cry shattered the evening tranquility as it echoed out into the distance.


Xiao Bai let out a long cry. At this moment, it was no longer that small sparrow-like white bird. Instead, it had returned to its combat mode, and was even bigger than the time when Bai Yunfei had rescued it. When its pair of three-metre long wings spread out, a green energy gathered in its surroundings. Following the movements of its wings, wind blades flew out in all directions.

Another loud bird cry echoed out from the direction that Xiao Bai was facing. A purple shadow flashed across, instantly passing through the wind blades as it shot towards Xiao Bai's right side like a bolt of lightning. The purple shadow stopped, revealing its body. It was a large sparrow, albeit smaller than Xiao Bai, which had purple energy surrounding it. Its body was also covered with faint purple feathers, and it could be seen that it originally had purple coloured eyes. However, they were currently filled with a bloody red colour, which contained no trace of spirit within them.

The Thunderbird easily dodged the many wind blades that were coming at it. However, the two birds that were planning to secretly attack the Quickshade Bird from its left weren't so lucky, and were put in a rather sorry state as they tried to dodge the wind blades. The grey bird was able to rely on its nimbleness to forcefully dodge the wind blades, but the golden eagle wasn't able to dodge in time, which caused its right wing and chest to be struck by wind blades. It was pushed back several tens of metres before finally stopping. Although it didn't seem to be injured, its movements were clearly slower than before.

These two birds were exactly the birds that had previously attacked the Quickshade Bird, the Goldfeathered Eagle and the Galebird.

The presence of these two soulbeasts naturally indicated the presence of their masters, Fang Hao and Tai Ping. Roughly two hundred meters away from the four birds were Fang Hao and Tai Ping, who were below the birds and had serious looks on their faces. They were completely focused as they repeatedly scanned the skies and the ground in front of them. They weren't moving at all, but the looks on their faces suggested that they were quite busy right now.

Down on the ground, at an area several hundreds of metres in front of the birds, the beautiful white figure of a woman was flying left and right. The metre-long flexible sword in her hand caused sword-shadows to flash out as she defended against an enormous bat as well as a small colourful snake that occasionally sneak attacked her.

It was Tang Xinyun.

Tang Xinyun looked like she was rather exhausted from dealing with the two soulbeasts. Slight tears had already appeared on her white clothes, and there were three shocking, bloody wounds on her left wrist. Although she had stopped the bleeding, the wounds and the tiny patch of red on her snow white skin were incomparably unsightly.

It could be seen that the two attacking soulbeasts, or rather their masters, were somewhat apprehensive and didn't want to kill her, which resulted in the two soulbeasts not launching any deadly attacks. Because of this, Tang Xinyun was still able to just barely withstand their onslaught, even though she was weaker in comparison to her pursuers. However, if they dragged it on any longer, she would definitely be defeated due to exhaustion.

Tang Xinyun was currently experiencing difficulties, but Aunt Zhao, who had always been her bodyguard, was unable to rescue her. This was because Aunt Zhao was also unable to escape from her opponent;At an area which was over a hundred metres away from Tang Xinyun's right, Aunt Zhao was currently fighting with a black coloured Spirit Monkey. Although she had a savage look on her face and attacked wildly, the Spirit Monkey which was shorter than her by a head was leaping around her about while screeching. It had actually trapped Aunt Zhao, leaving her unable to reach Tang Xinyun's side.

Whenever Aunty Zhao tried to forcefully push the Spirit Monkey back and charge towards Tang Xinyun's side, the ground underneath her would shake as enormous yellow pincers, like those of a crab's, to grab Aunty Zhao's legs, forcing her to dodge them. After that, the Spirit Monkey would pounce on Aunty Zhao, leaving her completely unable to move a single step away from her original location.

It wasn't just one soulbeast, it was actually two.

There were actually many wounds on Aunty Zhao's body. There was a bloody patch of red on her right calf, which had clearly been caused by the soulbeast hidden within the ground. There were also three deep wounds on her back which seemed to have been caused by the sharp claws of that Spirit Monkey. Aunty Zhao seemed to be totally unaware of the heavy wounds on her body. Instead, she continued to try to return to Tang Xinyun's side at all costs.

A middle-aged, long-faced man dressed in a black shirt was standing over ten metres away from Aunty Zhao. He had a stern face while he stared at her, and his expression was similar to Fang Hao's and Tai Ping's. He was clearly concentrated on controlling the two soulbeasts that were fighting with Aunty Zhao.

Not far away from him was a yellow-faced man who was also dressed in black clothes. He indifferently looked towards the sky. His right fingers seemed to be subconsciously moving, and a purple light was slightly flickering around him. The purple light was identical to the one that surrounded the Thunderbird in the sky-this person was the person that Li Chen spoke about, Wu Sen. He was a high-grade Soul Sprite that controlled the thunder element, and the Thunderbird was the strongest soulbeast that he possessed.