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 Chapter 127: The House of Zhao, and the....Beast Taming School Again?

When the snake had missed its first initial strike, the snake had contorted its body so that it came flying back to coil around Tianming!

The speed of the snake had been fast enough for Tianming to be left unable to dodge again. But Bai Yunfei had already reached him by then; reaching out with his left hand, Bai Yunfei yanked the robes of Tianming's clothes to pull him behind. At the same time, his right hand had swung to punch the snake on the head with a 'pop'.

As soon as Bai Yunfei had pulled Tianming behind, he and Jing Mingfeng carefully looked around the situation with a vigilant glare.

When they had rescued Tianming, a slight sound of surprise was heard from the left side of the forest where the snake came from. Slithering sounds from all around them could be heard before five figures came walking out. Amongst these five was a middle-aged man that wore rich-purple robes and another that wore gray robes. By their sides were soulbeasts that had vacant pupils on their faces.

"Beast Taming School!!"

Bai Yunfei's heart had skipped a beat as the hatred he had for the Beast Taming School from the last incident with the Quickshade Bird came flying back to them.

"Caretaker Zhao!!"

A startled cry had interrupted Bai Yunfei's train of thought as Tianming had finally taken note of their ambushers.

"Tianming, do you know them?" Bai Yunfei stared down the man with luxurious looking robes and a 'kind' smile on his face. This was a man that exuded the aura of a middle-grade Soul Sprite without a doubt.

"He's the caretaker of to one of the three major families in Gaoyi City, Zhao Chuan! Even though he's only the caretaker, he's practically the second ruler of the household-even the head of the house, Zhao Ling, is barely above him in strength! The majority of the internal affairs are usually up to him to handle as well. I know that he's a middle-grade Soul Sprite and has the lightning affinity as well."

"The house of Zhao....was there some sort of quarrel between your house and his?" Bai Yunfei looked at the group of people in front of him vigilantly as he asked Tianming.

"Of course there's been some bad blood between us, but there has never been any conflict like this. Something like this....this is a first!" Tianming had replied, he was more than aware of their plans as well, but he still had to ask himself, "Did....did something happen in the few months I was away?"

A look of panic crossed Tianming's face-he was clearly worried for his family now.

"I can understand the house of Zhao coming after you, but why is the Beast Taming School participating in this too?" Jing Mingfeng's eyes stared at the soulbeasts in front of them with confusion.

Tianming shook his head in confusion, "I....I don't know that either. Aside from the house of Liu who has connections with the Wood School, the house of Ye and the house of Zhao don't have any affiliations with any other school."

"Bahaha, little Tianming, you couldn't possibly guess the reason even if you tried. It wasn't in my expectations to see your friends be this strong-that was a mistake on my own part. But this changes nothing. I've come here today to welcome and receive you back to the house of Zhao for a few days. It goes without saying that I am rather unwilling to harm you, and if you cooperate with us, then your friends won't be hurt either." The caretaker smiled as he held his hand to stop the two men to his side with a raised hand.

Bai Yunfei had been silent during this brief exchange so as to ponder the situation carefully. After a while, it had been Tianming who voiced out his thoughts, "In other words, there is now an open conflict between both houses, and now you wish to make use of me as a hostage against the house of Ye? If we don't cooperate, then you will of course adopt a more forceful approach and possibly harm or even kill my friends?"

Tianming was young, but he wasn't stupid. The sudden development of the situation had only required a snap decision to realize the reality of what was happening. Staring down the caretaker, Tianming questioned, "Are you not afraid of bringing the wrath of the lord of Gaoyi City onto your heads for this blatant attack? Are you also not afraid of suffering from his hand? What has happened to the house of Ye?"

"Little Tianming, you've been away for far too long I'm afraid. It's only natural that you wouldn't know about the happenings of Gaoyi City. Just wait until we get back home to the house of Zhao and I'll be more than happy to tell you every single little bit of detail you want....now, how about it? Shall we be on our way, little Tianming?" The caretaker continued to smile at the three with the air of a businessman.

Even now, Bai Yunfei had been exceedingly silent as he continued to analyze the situation. "This caretaker is a middle-grade Soul Sprite, and the three people by his side are high-grade Soul Warriors. But most importantly is that middle-aged man right next to the caretaker; he is a middle-grade Soul Sprite, but an even stronger one than the caretaker! Two tiger soulbeasts, a wolf soulbeast, and a snake soulbeast; there's no way that this snake will be a weak one either....why is it that I see the Beast Taming School anywhere I go-even if the physical body is gone, the spirit remains I guess...."

"Hmph, don't even think that-" Tianming snorted just before Bai Yunfei suddenly realized the change in the situation and leapt back with Tianming in tow. Simultaneously, four wriggling tree root-like objects suddenly flew out in an attempt to coil around their legs from where they stood.

Seeing that their ambush had failed once again, the men from the Beast Taming School waved at Zhao Chuan to stop him from talking, "Quit the chatter, it's time to take action!"

His voice had been the catalyst for the three Soul Warriors to suddenly fly back. With hardened expressions and a faint trill coming from their lips, the three of them waved their right hands out for a command. The soulbeasts right next to them gave a low roar before leaping into the air to chase down Bai Yunfei and the other two.

Even Zha Chuan had narrowed his eyes as he barked out, "Fine! Capture the kid, but kill the other two!"

A halo of purple light had enveloped his entire body as he spoke, and in the next movement of his leg, the man had disappeared from sight with a speed faster than even the three soulbeasts. In the next instant, he had already appeared right in front of Tianming with a hand outstretched to grab at his neck.

"Fast!!' Bai Yunfei had been extremely alarmed at this speed. This was the very first time he had encountered someone with the thunder affinity. A soul cultivator with this affinity was extremely fast in short bursts and had a powerful attack power to follow it up with. This was not the only advantage they had; soul cultivators with the water, ice, or metal affinity would not be a good match up against them.

Even though he was startled by his speed, Bai Yunfei hadn't dared to fall behind either. With a twist of his foot, Bai Yunfei had flew in front of Tianming as well. With his left arm moving up to brush away the hand aimed at Tianming, his right hand formed a fist to punch at Zhao Chuan's chest.

Zhao Chuan had predicted that Bai Yunfei would move in this fashion and brought his right arm up to defend himself. In the next second, his right lashed out, and with a 'bang', the two of them had separated half a step.

The sound of wind crackling with movement could be heard a short moment later as the two tigers had pounced onto them. Jing Mingfeng had pulled Tianming out of the way to the left while Bai Yunfei had been forced by Zhao Chuan's kick to the right.

As soon as the three soulbeasts landed on the ground, they had diverted their energy to turn around into the direction of Jing Mingfeng and Tianming. The three soulbeasts were third class soulbeasts, and while Jing Mingfeng could take all three of them on and then the three beast tamers behind them without much difficulty, doing so while protecting Tianming would be a whole different problem.

Bai Yunfei had wanted to help the two, but in that one moment of distraction, Zhao Chuan had managed to slam his palm into Bai Yunfei's left shoulder. A wave of electricity had coursed into his body and numbed it before he delivered yet another punch onto Bai Yunfei's chest. Because of the Goldsilk Soul Armor, Bai Yunfei hadn't been too injured by the attack, and the wave of paralysis had cleared away sufficiently enough for him to stand up.

Just as Bai Yunfei was trying to think of some way to help protect Tianming, a startled cry had emerged from the person in question behind Bai Yunfei. Casting a quick glance to see what had happened, Bai Yunfei had realized that Jing Mingfeng and Tianming had been forcibly divided apart. Jing Mingfeng had kicked away the grey wolf in an attempt to clear the path and stretch out for Tianming, but then a black line had suddenly darted from the bush-it was the same snake from before! Coiling around Tianming's leg, it climbed up his leg and immediately sunk its fang into his arm!

Tianming's body had gone as stiff as a board while his face turned flush red. His mouth opened to say something, but no sound had come out. Ultimately, his eyes fluttered closed, and as if his strings were cut, Tianming's body fell to the floor. The snake had still been coiled around Tianming's body and had thus started to drag his body away to the other side.


Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng had cried out in alarm at this sudden development. Just as Bai Yunfei had moved to take out his Compliant Rope, a flash of purple light burst forwards him from the side. Zhao Chuan had appeared seemingly out of nowhere with a malicious glint in his eye and a small curved blade (shaped like a watermelon knife) about three fingers wide in his hands. In the moment that Bai Yunfei had been distracted, he took this opportunity to strike out!

Surprised, Bai Yunfei could only try to move his left arm out of the way so that the short blade swiped across his waist. The clothes he had been wearing had been ripped apart, but the Goldsilk Soul Armor he wore underneath had been able to take the blow with only a series of spark to indicate a collision had happened.

"Ol' Bai!" Jing Mingfeng had struck down the two tigers with a single blow before leaping out of the way from the two tree roots that moved to entangle his feet. Eying Tianming being dragged away into the forest, Jing Mingfeng let out a cry to Bai Yunfei as if trying to ask what they were to do now.

A cold light had appeared in Bai Yunfei's eyes as his anger rose, "Kill!!"

Bai Yunfei wasn't one that liked to kill people and had thus wanted to run away given the opportunity to. The situation now had no longer allowed that chance due to Tianming being captured. And with the enemies clearly trying to kill Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng, there was obviously no good will left between the two sides, and Bai Yunfei had no longer the opportunity to be as kind as before. He would kill his heart of his emotions and kill his opponent with it.

All that was left for the house of Zhao and the Beast Taming School was death! If these two were not killed, then Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng would be killed in the future! This was all there was to it!

Jing Mingfeng's eyes had lit up in recognition of the word that came out from Bai Yunfei's mouth. His right stomped onto the ground to charge towards one of the tigers. Borrowing its head as a foot stool, he leapt three to four meters high into the air with a burst of azure light accompanying him. His right hand blurred in the air before a black dagger appeared in it. And with a streaking motion through the air, his right arm came flying down with a two meter long blade of wind come shrieking down onto one of the beast tamers.

The beast tamer that had been controlling the giant wolf had been sneering when it looked like Jing Mingfeng would not be retaliating against them. However, when Jing Mingfeng had flew up into the air and unleashed a fierce counterblow, he had let out a yelp and commanded the beast to come back and protect him. With a snarl, the wolf had flown into the air from the side and took the blade of wind in substitution of its master.

In the moment that the beast tamer had been congratulating himself on his quick reaction, Jing Mingfeng's eyes had already hardened again before unleashing another blade of wind from his dagger, "Scatter!" He barked.

During the battle where Jing Mingfeng was fighting to protect the Quickshade Bird, his blade of wind had transformed into a form suitable for battle. This time, this blade of wind had not turned into a net, but a single giant blade of wind that instantly exploded into a storm of miniature blades of wind!!

The beast tamer had no time to dodge the explosion of wind blades coming from Jing Mingfeng. With a series of slashing sounds, his body had been cut into at every angle and area. Those previously happy eyes had turned to shock, but even that had slowly drained away to reveal a lifeless look to them. His body fell down to the ground with a 'plop', and then he moved no more. The wolf he had been controlling had came to a screeching halt as well like a puppet that had suddenly lost contact with the puppeteer that was controlling it.

Jing Mingfeng had killed a man in a single instant just like that, and on the other side, another completely unexpected situation was happening simultaneously!