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 Chapter 120: Mutual Understanding

For the sake of clearing away all of the weaker hindrances, Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng did not make an earlier attempt to rush at the Soul Sprites. Weaving left and right, they continued to dodge the birds flying in the air as they were attacked.

Both the Soul Sprites from the Beast Taming School had been relieved to see that their soulbeasts were successful in caging in the two newcomers. Because of their sudden arrival and the frantic state of mind they were in beforehand, the ambush had caught them off guard. All of their weaker men were as good as gone, and only the fourth class middle-grade Galebird and Goldfeathered Eagle were left remaining. But even their strength had been reduced from their initial fight with the Quickshade Bird. It had been fortunate that they had just enough strength to refrain from being eliminated too quickly.

"Brother, what should we do now?" Feng Hao (The taller one) looked to the shorter one with an inquisitive glance.

Tai Ping (The shorter one), had regarded the situation with a grim expression, "What else can we do? We spent more than half a month to track down the Quickshade Bird, but at the very last moment, we lost it because of these people, blast it all!"

"Must we really let it be like this? The Quickshade Bird was to be delivered to the Zhao family...." Fang Hao looked off into the direction where the Quickshade Bird flew off to with unease.

"Do you really think that we have any chance of recapturing it? If it weren't for the fact they aren't willing to kill, then our men on the ground would be dead instead of unconscious!" Tai Ping spat in agony. "Did you not realize that they aren't alone either? Over by those trees....they may have hidden themselves well, but I can bet their companions are there! Think about it. Even if we got the Quickshade Bird, how would we make our escape!"


Fang Hao was about to say something when Tai Ping grew alarmed and cried out, "Careful!"

Whipping his head around, Fang Hao was just in time to see the Goldfeathered Eagle come crashing down with its golden feathers wrapped with a golden light. As if it was expanding, the light continued down onto Bai Yunfei and swiped at him.

As for the Galebird, it had been releasing a gust of wind one after another. Compressed into a blade-like shape, each blade of wind shot forth towards Jing Mingfeng like they were blades that carved the air towards Jing Mingfeng. At each critical moment, Jing Mingfeng had been able to dodge each one of them with a burst of light from underneath his feet.

But it was only now that the two beast tamers had realized that Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfei had been substantially closer than before. Somehow, the distance had been reduced to a mere thirty meters, and before the two beast tamers could send another command to their soulbeasts, the other two had already crossed over to them!

In the moment of crossing over, Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng glanced at each other with a knowing look as if agreeing on some sort of previous point. Both their hands flew up as if to push out at the air!


A sharp echo could be heard as both of their right feet slammed into the ground. Borrowing that momentum, they were able to deviate from their earlier path and shoot away at a ninety degree angle!

The Goldfeathered Eagle had been just mere moments away from bringing its talons down onto Bai Yunfei's head. But when Bai Yunfei had suddenly moved aside, the Goldfeathered Eagle had been unable to change its direction and had been struck by several blades of wind in place of Jing Mingfeng!


A dull bang rang through the air as the body of the eagle was unceremoniously sent flying backwards through the air. There had been an indent in its chest from where the blades of wind had struck and its feathers were slowly drifting down from the air from the sudden displacement. Its defenses had been extraordinarily strong and was able to resist the gust of wind from breaking aparts its iron-like shell. But it was still clear to see that this gigantic strike had done more than enough damage to it.

When the Goldfeathered Eagle was thrown backwards, Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng did not stop to admire their handiwork. As soon as they retreated several meters, they whirled around and flew off towards where the two soulbeasts would be!

The Goldfeathered Eagle had been forced to come crashing back down to the earth as a result from the attack. Just barely a meter over the ground, it regained its sense of balance, but at that same exact moment, Bai Yunfei had already reappeared and was ready to strike it down!

Lashing out with his right fist, Bai Yunfei had unleashed another Threefold Fist Force onto the chest of the eagle. Having been sent flying once more, the eagle this time was no longer able to keep itelf afloat and fell back down to the ground with great speed.

On the other side, Jing Mingfeng's target had been that Galebird who was situated just a few meters above the ground. Jing Mingfeng gave a shake of his right hand so that a black dagger would appear in his hand. Then, as he got within a ten meter radius of it, he suddenly came to a stop as both of his hands clasped onto the dagger. Looking at the bird with glowing eyes, he began to concentrate on his hands with so much attention that a bright ray of azure light began to emanate from the blade. "Wind blade? I know that move as well!"

The elemental wind began to whirl and rotate around the short dagger for a brief moment before jetting out straight for the Galebird!


A two meter blade of wind had immediately surged through the air before relentlessly striking against the bird.

Because of the delay from its initial move, the Galebird had been unable to prevent the blade of wind from coming at it. Trying its best to fly to the side, the Galebird had only just managed to slide past the blade of wind which had chafed across its left side.

But from underneath, Jing Mingfeng had a pleased smile on his face. After he had let out the first blade of wind, he had already swung both of his hands to the side.

"Blow apart!!"

Following his shout, the gust of wind that had blown past the Galebird had immediately blown apart to turn into a net about two meters wide. Its speed had not decreased in the slightest and had successfully slammed into the Galebird.

It had been unexpected that after being struck by this wind, the Galebird would flew in the opposite direction for roughly a hundred meters.


It had only taken less than a minute for Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng to cross over one another and use this 'ambush' to defeat the Goldfeathered Eagle and then the other Galebird in a single swift operation.

The cooperation between Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng had been superb. Even through silence, they were able to seemingly communicate their intentions silently as if they had been partners for many years.

Just a dozen meters away, the two beast tamers had stood deathly still with open mouths. Neither of them had expected that their 'not easily defeatable' soulbeasts would be....so easily defeatable. By the time they had gotten their nerves back, they had been shocked to realize that Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng had shot straight for them after disposing of the soulbeast!

Unable to carry out their plan for negotiations, the two beast tamers could only retreat in a hurry when faced against those two.

The golden rope in Feng Hao's right hand let out an illuminating sheen as it shot forth from his hand like a lively serpent at Bai Yunfei. Tai Ping's right hand had shot out a well. A rather long short-dagger had somehow made its way into his hand as it made a hasty swipe at Jing Mingfeng.

Bai Yunfei had allowed for the rope to coil around his right hand. As if it was alive, the rope had immediately constrained itself around his right arm with a speed that did not fully manifest its gripping strength. Unfortunately for Feng Hao, the rope had coiled around the Flameblade Bracer and had done no influence at all over Bai Yunfei....

With his right arm connected with the rope, Bai Yunfei gave a hearty tug on it. The tension in the rope had forced Feng Hao to stumble forward half a step before his mind had registered the pain coming from his wrist. Bai Yunfei's left hand had chopped down onto the hand holding onto the rope and forced him to slacken his grip on it. Now that the rope had been lost to him, Feng Hao had been dumbstruck Bai Yunfei's right hand had then let out an ear-piercing sound as it impaced against his abdomen!

On the other side, there had been the whooshing sound from a blade being swung downwards. Jing Mingfeng had merely brought his black dagger up to defend it with a smirk. Following the clanging sound afterwards, the strange weapon of Tai Ping had been stopped by the dagger and had even revealed a small jag in its blade!

Having blocked the slash, Jing Mingfeng took advantage of his opponent's delay from pulling his sword back to let loose a right kick onto his opponent's groin. The panicked man's face had quickly turned purple from the heinous blow as he clutched at his groin and let out a pained shout. All that had been left for Jing Mingfeng to do was to let out a healthy uppercut onto the opponent's chin to send him flying away.

Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng did not escalate the fight from there any longer. Both men from the Beast Taming School had been knocked away with blood coming out from their mouths. Only Jing Mingfeng had been rather cruel in method and knocked out two of Tai Ping's teeth....

Swinging his right hand carefreely, Jing Mingfeng turned his head to look at Bai Yunfei collect the golden rope into his own space ring. With raised eyebrows, Jing Mingfeng looked back to the strange weapon in Tai Ping's hand. Quirking his lips, he let out a sigh in regret as if to say, "I messed up. If only I had known that I wanted to take his weapon earlier...."

The two men that had been fighting Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng had been sent flying for a good ten meters before finally tumbling back down to the ground. It had been with terrified eyes that they looked at the two calm males in front of them.

"You'd find it in your best interest to stop the last two soulbeasts or you won't find me as kind as before!" Bai Yunfei looked to the two beast tamers as he spoke.

Blanching, the two beast tamers had immediately commanded for their soulbeasts behind Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng to come to a stop. Having seen the unflinching faces of the two, Tai Ping could only shake his head helplessly. The Galebird and Goldfeathered Eagle had then flew around Jing Mingfeng and Bai Yunfei before landing back on top of the heads of their respective owners. With a careful shake of their feathers, neither of the birds looked ready to strike anymore.

"Just who....who are you two?" After careful deliberation, the shorter man had asked with an albeit softer voice due to his mouth in pain from losing two teeth and making it harder to talk as a result.

"That doesn't matter. The only thing that does is that the Quickshade Bird is returned to us." Bai Yunfei smiled, "And now. You may all leave."