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 Chapter 118: Taking Care of the "Small Fry"

The sudden and unexpected development had surprised the entire group from the Beast Taming School. Some of them had been stupefied to see the rapid arrival of both Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng.

The taller Soul Sprite had been the first to react. In befuddlement, he had not run outwards to stop the two and had instead shouted, "What are you spacing out for stop them!"

Halfway through his speech, Jing Mingfeng and Bai Yunfei had already shot forth with their right hands to shoot something from it. By the time the man finished speaking, the daggers that had been thrown were already targeted straight at the rope he had been holding in his right hand!

Once again shocked, he hurriedly tossed his hand aside. But because of the amount of force on his right hand, he had not moved away fast enough and so a bloody gash could be seen over his wrist with blood flowing out from the deep wounds.

"That's....a soul item!!" The man had cried out in despondency. He had been extremely confident in the defensive ability of the golden aura around him, but it had been easily cut apart from that weapon. Only a soul item could accomplish such a feat-were these people using a soul item merely for a projectile to throw?!

The shock on his face had not even left his face when something else had caused him to cry out once more, "No!"

In the time he had tried the dodge the dagger and was injured by it, the slackened rope had given just enough leeway for the captured bird to escape. With a mighty flap of its right wing, the bird managed to fly back up into the air. With its legs escaping the confinements of the rope, the bird was able to let out a weakened chirp. Then with a bit of soulforce, it flew further away. But with the injuries it had, the speed of the Quickshade Bird had been rather slow. On the verge of collapse, it finally managed to regain some energy and fly several hundred meters into the forest.

As the bird flew away, Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng had already approached the other soul cultivators. Jing Mingfeng had been in front of two Soul Personage while Bai Yunfei was side by side a Soul Warrior and Soul Personage.

Despite the time it took to narrate the sequence of events, it had happened in a relatively short amount of time. Before the weaker ones could even react and turn to two to fight them, Bai Yunfei and and Jing Minfeng were already there.

"Smallfries shouldn't be getting in the way!" Jing Mingfeng had been exuberantly fast and forced the two Soul Personages back half a step before grabbing them both in the face. His muscles began to bulge, and with two grunts, he immediately smashed the heads into the ground and knocking them out....

Bai Yunfei had not been any slower and threw out a dagger from his hand. His feet moved furiously as he charged towards a Soul Personage. With a fist to the neck, the Soul Personage let out a mouthful of blood before flying a meter way and coming to a rough stop onto the ground. He did not get back up.

The other Soul Warrior had reacted slightly faster than his companion and took a full step back. His right hand lifted upwards for a black jackal type soulbeast to come out from his side with its jaws wide open to deliver a fatal blow. But with another fist from Bai Yunfei, it was sent flying back, and with the left fist, Bai Yunfei sent the owner flying sideways as well.

It had been unclear on whether or not Bai Yunfei had intended to hit them towards the direction of Jing Mingfeng or if it was just bad luck on their part, but Jing Mingfeng had not been kind to them. With a single kick at the midriff of the man, Jing Mingfeng sent the man flying away onto the ground. The jackal soulbeast had been motionless where it was because there had been no command given to it.

In a single instant, four men had been felled. Aside from the two Soul Sprites, there were still two Soul Warriors and a Soul Personage. But there was still a huge gape in strength. In front f a Soul Sprite, a Soul Warrior had very little ability to defend themselves. A Soul Personage was practically defenseless and was out of the equation in a fair match, let alone an ambush.

"Who are you two! To interfere with the matters of the Beast Taming School, do you plan to make an enemy out of our school?!" The taller soul cultivator had finally regained his wits and uttered out the very typical dialogue.

He had already staunched the bleeding on his right hand and had confirmed with the other Soul Sprite that one of invaders was a low-grade Soul Sprite and the other was a middle-grade Soul Sprite. Strength like this was not something they could afford to slight, so they called back their four soulbeasts and glared grimly at the opposing two men.

"Who cares about the Beast Taming School. If you displease me, then you'll have to right your wrongs with a beating!" Jing Mingfeng snorted before lashing forward with blinding speed towards the Soul Personage to his left.

"Bah, you bark louder than a dog!" The shorter Soul Sprite snorted. With a point of his finger, the gray bird let out a shrill chirp and flew towards Jing Mingfeng. The black bat had followed closely, but because of its injuries, its speed was slower than the bird.

The taller Soul Sprite hadn't minced words either. The other side was clearly an enemy, so words would provide no benefit here. With a wave of his own hand, the golden eagle and the rainbow snake flew out towards Bai Yunfei.

The remaining two Soul Warriors had completely woken to the situation and fell back to summon out a boar type soulbeast and a jet black python the size of an arm towards Jing Mingfeng and Bai Yunfei.

As for the Soul Personage Jing Mingfeng had been fighting, he was already knocked the ground and completely unable to battle.

"There's still two fishes to fry, one for you and one for me!" Jing Mingfeng laughed happily as the light under his feet lit up even brighter. Not even bothering to fight either soulbeasts, he gracefully dodged the jet-black ball of liquid from the bat and the gust of wind from the bird before continuing onwards. Vaulting over the boar with a gentle pat of the hand, he flew over the boar and landed on the other side without a single break in his stride.

With a sequence of movements as smooth as water thanks to his usage of the wind, Jing Mingfeng's movements had been as smooth as when Bai Yunfei used the Wave Treading Steps, but on a faster scale. Naturally, this speed had been boosted by the agility boosting equipment he was wearing and so within several seconds he had already arrived right in front of the Soul Warrior.

That man had been stunned-his eyes simply couldn't keep up with the movements of Jing Mingfeng and had thus been struck by his fist shortly after he threw his hands up to protect himself. With a banging sound, the man was sent flying away with an aching pain running through his arms and without ever being able to fight back.

As Jing Mingfeng prepared to give chase, his eyes suddenly flew up on his face and hurriedly flew back. In the moment he had done so, a blade of wind had swept past where he had originally been and left a gap a third of a meter long in the ground. After taking two steps back, Jing Mingfeng had immediately threw himself to the side to avoid a glob of black liquid spat straight at his chest. Falling to the ground, a sizzling sound could be heard before the earth had dissolved away.

"Fucking hell, how ruthless that is!" Jing Mingfeng cried out in exaggeration. With sparkling eyes, he stamped down on the ground to leap off a meter into the air to avoid the boar coming straight at home. When his feet touched the ground, another two gust of whirlwinds came once more....

As Jing Mingfeng was making a fuss over the three soulbeasts around him, Bai Yunfei himself was stuck in a siege from every side....