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 Chapter 109: 'The Heart Flies With the Clouds', Tang Xinyun


Bai Yunfei was slightly surprised to hear her name. Unable to stop himself from repeating it, he thought back to the phrase 'The heart flies with the clouds.' This phrase was very similar to his own name. Was it because of this that she felt embarrassed?

"No, no. 'Yun as in the character for citrus..." The blush on the girl's face seemed to deepen a little as she explained herself.

TL Note: The character 'Yun' in her name is very similar to the character 'cloud' in Bai Yunfei's name.

"Oh, I see." Bai Yunfei shook his head in embarrassment. Although he felt that she seemed to be hiding something, he didn't wish to bother her with anymore questions. Looking around, he said, "Miss Tang is here to wash and bathe, am I right? Then I won't disturb you anymore. Tianming, let's go."

"Wha? Oh! Coming, coming." Tianming snapped back to awareness and hurried after him.

Watching Bai Yunfei leave with a vigilant stare, Aunty Zhao finally looked away and retrieved a washbasin from her space ring for Tang Xinyun to use to bathe.

"Young miss, do you still think he's not that same scoundrel? Look at how cheap he took your name to be, hmph! He has to be doing that on purpose!" Aunty Zhao scoffed at the back of Bai Yunfei.

"Aunty Zhao, don't be so suspicious. I see this was only a coincidental meeting... he couldn't have known my name beforehand in any case." Tang Xinyun washed her face and wiped away the water with a towel.

"How could it be... when the madame gave you your name, she hoped that you would not be dyed by the ruthlessness of the clan. She hoped that your heart would be free and without restraints like a cloud. Freedom in its flight, she decided on the name "Xinyun" from the phrase 'The heart flies with the clouds.' She named you with the other character for 'Yun' because it was more suited for a female. He said his name was Bai Yunfei. That has to be a deliberate attempt at copying your name!"

Tang Xinyun's face reddened a bit, but looking rather helplessly at her aunty, she replied, "Aunty Zhao, do you think he would know even the meaning behind my name?"

"Oh. That's..." The older woman's face went rigid as she realized that this thought of hers was rather far-fetched.

"Okay then. Aunty Zhao, don't be so hostile to him. Whether he is the same person from that night, it seems he doesn't have any ill intentions now, isn't that right? It would be good to get to know more people with the time we spend traveling."

"That's... fine then. As long as he doesn't treat you impolitely, I won't start trouble with him..."


"Brother Bai, why did that Aunty call you a 'pervert?' What did you do? Did you - don't tell me you..." On the other side, Tianming and Bai Yunfei were walking back to the camp. Turning to look back at Tang Xinyun, his eyes began to sparkle as he gave a mischievous smile to Bai Yunfei.

"Brat, don't frame me for something I didn't do!" Bai Yunfei glared at him and slapped his head in befuddlement. "I am a man of honor, how could I possibly do something so vulgar like that!?"

"If you didn't anything, then you didn't do it, I didn't say anything..." Tianming massaged his hurt head in discontent. Seeing the 'anger' in Bai Yunfei's eyes made him realize something however, "But brother Bai, you're really amazing! That stone the aunty shot out wasn't a small one, how did you deflect it so easily? I know that that Aunty is at least a Soul Sprite, how strong are you then?"

"Just like her, I am a middle-grade Soul Sprite." Bai Yunfei replied.

"Woah!! A middle-grade Soul Sprite! You're as strong as my older brother, and he's already thirty years old! I can see that you're no older than twenty, but you're just as strong!" Tianming cried out in complete and utter adoration.

Not sure how he should react in this situation, Bai Yunfei turned to look off in the distance where the merchant Huang was.

Although it had been a rather casual attack from the Aunty, it was filled with a very strong amount of soulforce. For the average commoner, this was an extremely astonishing attack. When Bai Yunfei had crushed it to powder, it was a feat of unbelievable strength to them, yet he had done so with ease!

"Litt-no... excuse me. Lord Bai, I didn't think that you'd... you'd be a soul cultivator... I was neglectful in the past. Please forgive me for any slight I might have committed against you."

"Boss Huang, what are you saying? It was me that was under your consideration. How could you apologize to me? I hid my identity on purpose. Just treat me like you did yesterday, there's no need to be so polite." Bai Yunfei shook his head with a smile.

"But..." Huan Wan was just a commoner, but he was a clever one. Seeing the sincerity in Bai Yunfei's eyes, his hesitation disappeared in an instant. Laughing, he replied, "Fine then... I'll be calling you little Bai from now on. Who would have thought that you'd be a mighty soul cultivator? And you're so amiable as well! It's really hard to believe. Then, please look after us for the rest of this journey, little Bai."

Huang Wan laughed. He seemed back to normal. However, there was still a glint of adoration in his eyes. As astute as he was, he naturally couldn't let this opportunity with such a strong soul cultivator slip by him. As a merchant, this was a very rare chance to evade any trouble.

"That's only natural. If I can help in any possible way, then please don't hesitate to ask. I will do my best." Bai Yunfei nodded.

"Haha, then I must thank you, little Bai. We've already prepared breakfast, come and eat then!" Huang Wan's laugh made his eyes turn to slits. Giving a signal to the people next to him, Huang Wan had several of them immediately scoop out some of the congee to serve Bai Yunfei straight away.

Shaking his head at the respectful attitude of these men, Bai Yunfei accepted the bowl and began to talk to Huang Wan as he ate. However, sometimes he would cast a glance over to Tang Xinyun and her companion.

Seeing the two of them walk over slowly, Bai Yunfei waved on over to them. "Miss Tang, come and eat with everyone so that we can leave earlier!"

Narrowing her eyebrows together, the aunty barked in annoyance, "Have someone send our meals to our tent, we'll..."

"No, Aunty. We should eat here so we can leave earlier. We can't delay mister Huang anymore than we already have." Tang Xinyun interrupted the aunty. Nodding her head to Bai Yunfei, she walked over to his side. With a shake of her hand, a small stool appeared from her space ring, and was placed down for her to sit upon.

Unable to do anything else, the aunty could only follow close behind. Taking out two small bowls to scoop congee into, she handed a bowl to Tang Xinyun and began to eat.

"Ah, where is miss Tang planning on going?" After finishing the meal, Bai Yunfei asked Tang Xinyun as they watched everyone else pack up the campgrounds.

"Why do you care where we go? Are you trying to follow us forever!?" Before Tang Xinyun could even speak, the aunty spat out a reply.

"Ehm..." Bai Yunfei stared balefully at the aunty for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. "Fine then. In order not to make aunty misunderstand, I'll say where I'm going first. I wish to pass through Guyi City to get to Gaoyi City before ultimately entering the Pingchuan Province. Now, where are you two traveling to?"

"You! You..." The aunty's eyes flew wide open as if she was preparing to get angry once more.

"Well then. Judging from aunty's reaction, I can assume that we'll be sharing the same path? What a coincidence that is. Why don't we travel together until we reach Gaoyi City then? From that point on, it would be pointless to travel as if we were strangers."

"Hmph! Forget it! We'll hire a chariot at Guyi City and hurry on our way! We won't inconvenience you with your 'consideration' for us!" The aunty adamantly refused.

"Well, if it's like that, then there's no helping it..."

Bai Yunfei laughed. He had only asked on a whim, so if they declined his good intentions, there was no point in saying anything more.