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 After buying the sanitary pad from the online shop and retrieving it from my portable hardware, I take one pad and read the usage instruction on its wrap. I just realize I make a big mistake after reading the instruction.

This sanitary pad made by using modern underwear which looks like bikini as the model for usage, you know, something that only covers your crotch until your hips. That's why they even add 'wings' on the sanitary pad. The problem is, women underwear in this world is not bikini-like underwear but more like underwear in Victorian time which look like a short pant, which cover their waist until a bit over their knees. This makes this sanitary pad a bit hard to apply with the current underwear model.

Since it's not possible to improve the sanitary pad, then the only choice is to modify the current underwear. How to modify this underwear, of course, that would not me who will do that. Frankly speaking, I can do some patch sewing but modify underwear? I can't do that. Hey, I'm a cook, not a tailor, alright? I may good with the spatula but bad with the needle. When I'm in the middle of confusion, suddenly my eyes attached for the pouch in my waist. It's my new pouch that I receive from my sister Eliza. Yes, I can ask her to modify the underwear for me. But for a starter, I must get the underwear to modified at first place.

"Clara, can I borrow your underwear?"

I ask her when she enters my room with a flower vase in her hand to replace the already withered one in my room. Hearing my request, her cheek becomes red

"Hen...Henry...Did you just ask for my...my underwear?"

"Yes, I need to borrow one of your underwear"

"Henry...I know I'm still in my periods...but you can use my mouth to release your pressure"

I get dumbfounded when hearing what she just say. Did she think I will use her underwear to...Oh no, she misunderstands my intention.

"Clara...I need to borrow your underwear, not for perverted use"

"I see...since us still in our periods, we can't sleep with you and you want something that has our scent"

I palm faced after hearing this. This is getting worst and hard to explain.

"Clara...it is not I don't want you to sleep with me tonight. If you want to sleep with me then just come, but right now I want to borrow one of your underwear, and a clean one not the used one. I can't explain what I need that underwear, but when the time is ripe, you will know"

"Really? We still can sleep together like before?"

Oh my, she gets distracted by that sleep thing.

"Yes, you can. Now, can you give me one of your underwear? Pick the one that most fit with your hip"

"Yes, of course. Please wait, Henry, I'll get it for you"

Clara looks excited when hear she can sleep with me tonight. When she almost leaves the door I call her

"Clara, wait!"

"Yes, Henry?"

"Hmmm....can you get me one of Claire's underwear too?"

"Sure, no problem. Please wait for a moment"

After waiting for several minutes, Clara returns with two underwear in her hand. After handing these underwears, she asks me again.

"Henry, what are you doing with this underwear?"

I'm still looking at the underwear in my hand. It's really like underwear in the Victorian age, which almost covers the tight of the wearer before keep it in my table.

"Clara, I want to modify this underwear, do you mind?"

"Sure, I don't mind....but for what?"

"Ssshh...can' tell you now but that will be a pleasant surprise for you and Claire"

"Really? When I can get it?"

"Tomorrow for the fastest or the day after tomorrow maybe"

"Mmm...I feel can't wait for tomorrow"

Suddenly Clara hugs me and gives me a deep passionate kiss. Although a bit surprised, I return her kiss and lift her then carry her to the bed. We laying on the bed while still kissing each other but when my hand start to unbutton Clara's shirt, her hand stopping me

"Henry.... I'm still having my periods, remember?"

Her soft words like cold water pouring over me, make my intention to make a quickie vanished in a sudden.

"Ah, right...but that doesn't mean I hug you and lean my head in your chest, right?"

Clara giggling but she's not stopping my hand from hugging her and lean my head in her chest. Her ample breast makes my head feel like landed on something soft and fluffy there. Well, they usually lean their head in my chest now my turn to lean my head on their chest to be fair.

"Clara...I want to take a nap, wake me when lunch is ready"

"Sure Henry...Go ahead"

Since Clara already say okay, I close my eyes and start to take a nap. Clara's hand that caressing my hairs and her female scent from her body makes me comfortable and immediately fall asleep.