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 Chapter 2039: Past and Present Life (2)

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Seeing Jun Wu Xie's reaction, Jun Wu Yao knew that she liked the idea and the corners of his mouth lifted up in an indulgent smile.

Jun Wu Yao lifted his other hand and he cradled Jun Wu Xie's tiny face in both hands as he slowly leaned in close to finally plant a light kiss upon her forehead in between her brows.

Qiao Chu and the others standing at the side immediately averted their eyes.

[Such a public display of affections..... Have they even considered the feelings of this group of hot blooded youths here at the side! ?]

Jun Wu Xie was calm as she accepted the kiss, like she was already used to it, but she still felt a surge of warmth spreading out from her forehead under Jun Wu Yao's kiss.

That warmth gradually passed over her cheeks, and a soft sound from her face reached her ears. Small tiny beads then fell onto the front of her chest. Jun Wu Xie subconsciously lifted up her hand to feel her face and under the touch of her fingertips, there seemed to be traces of cracks, where tiny beads stick on the tips of her fingers.

Jun Wu Yao then pulled himself away slightly from Jun Wu Xie, his gaze falling upon her face. Shocked daze showed in his eyes, his gaze frozen upon Jun Wu Xie's countenance, seemingly unable to move his eyes away.

"What?" It was the first time Jun Wu Xie was seeing Jun Wu Yao look at her with such eyes, unfathomably deep and tinged with a sliver of sorrow.

Jun Wu Yao snapped back to his senses in a sudden flash, the pain that tugged at his heart continuing to swirl. It had hit him so suddenly for no reason and he did not even know why he would feel like this.

"It's nothing. Now, will Little Xie see if this will do?" Jun Wu Yao's slender finger waved slightly, and a bronze mirror materialized in his hand.

Jun Wu Xie took the bronze mirror and lowered her eyes to look at her reflection.

It was just one look, but it made Jun Wu Xie freeze, utterly shocked.

The young lady in the mirror had an exquisite countenance. Compared to Jun Wu Xie's looks, it was actually in no way inferior in the slightest, but tinged with an additional cheerless iciness, like the proud moon that hung high up in the night sky, gracefully cold.

Jun Wu Xie stared blankly at the face in the mirror. That was a face she was so familiar with, but so strange at the same time.....

That face, belonged to Wu Xie, the one who was from the twenty fourth century, the reclusive and largely isolated young lady who buried her head in her lab.

Jun Wu Xie's past life.

Jun Wu Xie had never thought that the day would come where she would see herself like this once again. Those eyes and brows that were so familiar, but the subtle expression upon that face so foreign and unfamiliar. Such a calm expression at such great ease had never belonged to this face.

Reborn into another world, Jun Wu Xie had come to learn of happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, possessing myriad human emotions, causing that cold and emotionless face to already undergo change unconsciously.

It was her, but also not her as well.

How did Jun Wu Yao change her looks to become the way she was in her past life?

Jun Wu Xie did not know the reason, but she was completely entranced as she looked at her past self.

And Jun Wu Xie failed to notice that Jun Wu Yao, standing right in front her, was staring at her face with eyes filled with what almost bordered on sorrow.

That face, pricked Jun Wu Yao's heart like a thorn, causing him so much pain he was finding it hard to breathe. The agony that had come so suddenly, Jun Wu Yao had never experienced it before, feeling like the most important thing in the world to him had been snatched away.

He could not help but reach his hand out, to wrap Jun Wu Xie in an embrace, his arms tightening bit by bit.

Gripped by a sense of panic and unease, seemingly as if he was afraid she would just disappear in the next second.

Jun Wu Xie found herself suddenly wrapped within Jun Wu Yao's embrace, with an amount of strength he had never used on her before, like he wished for nothing more than to be able to meld her into his bones.

"Wu Yao?" Jun Wu Xie asked in puzzlement. She could feel the trace of an unusual aura emanating from Jun Wu Yao.