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 Chapter 97: Night!

It was very late.

Other households were slowly switching off their lights.

Zhang Ye was still online. When Rao Aimin returned back to her small duplex bedroom on the second floor, she pushed the door open and frowned. She began to keep the clothes on the bed, hanging them up, and those that could not be hung up were thrown into the washing machine. She turned back and said unkindly to Zhang Ye, "You, I'm speaking to you. Look at the time. Quickly grab your stuff and get lost. It's time for Chenchen to sleep. Go back to wherever you came from!"

She was wearing a very homelike sportswear. It looked old on her, and the colors did not look good. It was probably worn when she cooked.

Zhang Ye glanced at her and said, "Oh, alright. I'll be done once I finish reading this."

It was news related to the first day's sales of "Ghost Blows Out the Light". Although there were no specific numbers, and the publisher firm had not made it public, by analyzing the numbers from various bookstores, there was only one conclusion, and that was that "Ghost Blows Out the Light" had a craze-like sale. Except for a few large bookstores who had still one or two copies of "Ghost Blows Out the Light" left, as they had a large inventory, the other smaller bookstores that ordered fewer copies were completely sold out!

This was just the first day!

The initial printing of "Ghost Blows Out the Light" was just 100,000 for one volume, and 200,000 for two volumes!

And almost half of it was already sold out? In recent years, very few books would have such crazy sales. They could be counted on one hand, not to mention a niche supernatural genre like "Ghost Blows Out the Light"!

After reading the news, Zhang Ye closed the page.

At this moment, Chenchen was walking heavily up the stairs. She came and took a look at Zhang Ye. In her tiny pajamas, she slipped into bed.

"I'm going, little rascal." Zhang Ye bade her farewell.

Chenchen looked at him, "Zhang Ye, tell me a story."

Rao Aimin was done packing her clothes, and she said, "Your Uncle Zhang needs to go home and sleep!"

Chenchen ignored as she looked at him with silent big eyes, "Zhang Ye, tell me a story, or I won't be able to sleep. My aunt doesn't read me stories."

Rao Aimin mumbled, "How old are you to still want to listen to stories!"

Chenchen reached out her tiny hand to grab Zhang Ye's big hand, as if she did not want him to leave.

Zhang Ye had no other choice but to sit on the bed. Seeking the opinion of the landlady, "Then I'll tell Chenchen a story?"

"Read it, then. I'll go shower." Rao Aimin did not care and went into the bathroom and closed the door. A moment later, the sound of flowing water could be heard. Maybe she was feeling the comfort of showering, which resulted in the whistling sounds of Rao Aimin coming out of the bathroom.

"Zhang Ye!" Seeing him wandering with his mind, Chenchen called out very unhappily.

"Oh. Oh, alright." Zhang Ye asked, "Have you heard my fairy tales? Which ones have you listened to?"

"Our school has read your 'Little Bunnies Be Good' and 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'." Chenchen closed her eyes as she lay in bed.

"Alright, then. I'll read you 'The Wizard of Oz'." Zhang Ye began reading. After speaking for so long, he also ended up tired. He ended up lying on the perimeter of the bed, with his shoes off and the blanket over him, as he carried on narrating to Chenchen.

However, this little thing got more spirited the more she heard. Her large eyes grew brighter, and all the sleepiness had disappeared from her eyes.

The landlady had finished her shower and, seeing that Zhang Ye was not gone, she looked at him, "Still reading?"

Zhang Ye gave a wry smile, "She doesn't want to sleep."

Chenchen insisted, "I still want to listen."

Zhang Ye said, "Let's do it tomorrow. I'll read to you tomorrow."

"No, I must listen to it today." Chenchen said, "We don't have classes on National Day. I can sleep later."

Rao Aimin may look like the devil daily who stops people and grumble daily, but whoever had long exposure to her would realize that she was a very careful and soft-hearted big sister. "This child is so disobedient. Let's see when this aunt of yours will beat you up one day." After saying these ruthless words, she added on, "Alright, alright, keep listening." Then she said to Zhang Ye, "Little Zhang, I'm not going to care about you. I'm tired, so I'll sleep first."

"Uh, alright." Zhang Ye said.

Rao Aimin tightened the towel on her body and went to the other side of the bed and slipped into it. Then she turned with her back facing them, "Keep it down. Don't disturb me."

Chenchen said like a small adult, "Sleep then. Cover your blanket well. Good night, Aunt."

There were three people in bed. Thankfully, the landlady's house was big, and her bed was big, too. It was not crowded at all. Now, Zhang Ye and Rao Aimin took up both sides of the bed, with Chenchen in the middle. This scene looked like a family, making Zhang Ye feel some warmth.

"Zhang Ye," Chenchen said softly.

Zhang Ye then said, "Alright, I'll carry on."

He read from 9:30 to 10, and then from 10 to 10:30.

When it was nearly 11, Rao Aimin turned around in a sleepy daze in an annoyed fashion, "Why are you still reading the story? Quick sleep!"

Chenchen did not answer, for she was already sound asleep.

Only then did Zhang Ye notice. He was also extremely tired. He was too lazy to make a move, so he just slept where he was in the bed.


Note: The following parts and the next chapter have been retconned by the author. The part after this is supposed to be rewritten by the author, but he has not done so. It is provided as is. However, note that the events can be considered as filler.

The next day.

The morning of the second day of National Day.

There were a lot of sparrows here, so they began chirping the moment the day broke.

The soundly sleeping Zhang Ye felt hot, so he kicked the blanket off him, then he turned sideways to find a comfortable position. He even lifted his legs over. He had the habit of hugging his blanket in his sleep.


Why was there the scent of a woman?

And it was the special body smell of a mature woman?

Zhang Ye was a bit more awake, and he finally recalled that he did not sleep at home last night. Hence, he opened his eyes to take a look and was covered in sweat!

This was the landlady auntie?

Man! Why am I cuddling her!?

Zhang Ye was still wondering why he could feel the touch of flesh on both his hands and legs. Chenchen had somehow crept to the end of the bed, and was near Zhang Ye's feet. Without any barrier in between him and Rao Aimin, Zhang Ye might have not been a honest sleeper, for he had snuck towards Big Sister Rao!

Rao Aimin was still sleeping, but after a night of tossing and turning, the red towel on her body had unwrapped. Most of her shoulder was revealed. Her thigh was just barely covered by the towel, concealing the most critical region. The remaining two firm long legs were left revealed outside. He could see a tiny trace of flesh-colored cotton underwear on her right most side. Clearly, this was revealed when Zhang Ye kicked the blanket previously. The three people were in bed, but now, Big Sister Rao had been exposed!

And it was not only that!

The scene gave too much information!

Zhang Ye's legs were lifted above Rao Aimin's buttocks. Her knees were fixed there and his knees moved floated up and down as Big Sister Rao's body breathed. What was most worth mentioning was Zhang Ye's hand. This pair of unlucky hands had happened to snuck into Rao Aimin's towel when he turned his body. His hands were located very close to her chest. Zhang Ye had never really touched females before, so he was not sure what the feeling was on his hands. He was not sure if he had touched things he should not have touched!

Things were not good!

Zhang Ye's sweat began streaming down his head. He did not dare to stay a second longer, nor did he dare to appreciate the soft touch. He quickly pulled his hand out a bit.

But this made Rao Aimin wake up!

It's over!

Bad things are going to happen!

Zhang Ye's face was green. He recalled the glorious deed of Rao Aimin beating up the two young renters in the past. Big Sister Rao was a powerhouse in the entire small district. Who wouldn't know this story? "Woman challenges two hooligans. Hooligans beaten up badly." was even the title of the article that had appeared on some small unknown newspaper! Rao Aimin had gotten fame from that one fight. Her fighting prowess was well known by everyone in the small district.

At this moment, Zhang Ye suddenly recalled his home country, recalling the parents he left behind in the far countryside. He recalled of his long lost child... Alright, it was just an artistic exaggeration.

Anyway, he was just scared out of his wits!

Zhang Ye remained motionless, hoping for a miracle to appear. He hoped Rao Aimin would not realize it and would go back to sleep.

But Rao Aimin was still awake. Zhang Ye was already prepared to get beaten, but... The development was completely different from what he thought!

"Oh?" Rao Aimin uttered.

Zhang Ye did not dare breathe. His hands were still by her chest, and his leg was still on her hips.

Rao Aimin smacked her lips, "What are you doing?"

Zhang Ye did not know how to answer, so he did not speak.

"Don't go around touching and sleep." Rao Aimin reprimanded with a sentence.

Zhang Ye's body had been tightened, awaiting the fury of the landlady, but he never expected those words. What did it mean? Why didn't you beat me up? Why were you so calm?

Rao Aimin turned around, and her back faced him. The towel on her body slipped even more. Now her entire smooth back was revealed. She carried on sleeping.

When she rolled over, Zhang Ye's hand had also slid off from her body, and fell onto her waist.

Zhang Ye's heart was beating, but he was also emboldened. This time, he began touching on purpose. He was moving his palm on the landlady's waist!


The feeling was really good!

Rao Aimin remained motionless, but she said, "Sleep. Stop messing around. I'm sleepy."

She was still not mad? Zhang Ye was excited as he emboldened himself further. He knew such an opportunity did not befall him usually. He slipped his hand downwards and touched the landlady's thigh. At first, he did not dare to move much, but after observing Rao Aimin's reaction, he noticed that Rao Aimin did not say a word this time. As if he was given permission to continue, Zhang Ye shifted his body closer, sticking himself to Big Sister Rao's body. Then he began to carefully touch her!

What about below?

What should he do next?

Zhang Ye did not know. He had no experience in this at all!