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 Chapter 793: Using the Lucky Halo again!

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During the lunch break, Zhang Ye called his team into his office. When the 20-odd people gathered in the office, the originally spacious office was suddenly very packed. Everyone stood in a circle around Zhang Ye's desk or near the sofa. Because the office area in Section 1 did not belong to Zhang Ye alone, being new, he did not want to behave too casually and did not feel at ease if he didn't treat himself as an outsider. Therefore, he summoned his team to his office instead.

"Has everyone already eaten?" Zhang Ye asked with a smile.

Zhang Zuo burped. "Yes, we just ate."

Little Wang said cheerfully, "I thought after changing to a new department, the food would be different. But I never expected that we would still have to go to that cafeteria for lunch. I'm already sick of eating the food there."

Zhang Ye chuckled, "Alright, I'll treat everyone to something special later."

"That's great. That's a promise then, Director Zhang," Little Wang laughed.

Ha Qiqi looked at Zhang Ye and noticed something was up. "Little Wang, enough of that, let's listen to what Director Zhang has to say first. It's definitely about our job arrangements."

Everyone looked at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye nodded and pushed the documents in his hands towards them. "Take this program proposal with you all, and don't photocopy or disclose it to anyone outside of our department. Just let our people read through and circulate it among yourselves to study it. Then, probably in the next few days, we'll be forming a new program team to get ourselves back to doing what we did before, so let's work well on this program together. I know that we have never dabbled in the field of documentaries before and it may seem rather unfamiliar. It's that way for all of you, as is the same for me as well. That's why we must spend more effort on it, since anything is possible, right?"

Ha Qiqi was a little taken aback. "We're making a documentary? Us?"

Zhang Zuo exclaimed, "Director Zhang, are we really going to do it? Our team will be formed in the next few days?"

Zhang Ye acknowledged, "I've already told Director Yan about this matter. Basically, it is approved and we are just waiting for some procedural documents and HD equipment. When everything has arrived, we can start work."

Wu Yi wiped his sweat away. "Is...uh...isn't this a bit too hurried? We still haven't familiarized ourselves with the work style here and have not even come into contact with documentaries before. H-how can we do the filming like this?"

Zhang Ye replied, "I've already thought of how we can shoot the documentary, so when the time comes, I'll arrange and assign the tasks accordingly. Since we are making a documentary now, everyone's job scope will definitely be quite different from before. But I'll also take that into consideration and plan accordingly when the time comes, so don't worry too much. Just get yourselves familiarized with the program proposal and also with the various job details in making a documentary. I believe that everyone will not have a problem since we are the best program team in the country's variety show industry. Be it the variety show industry or the documentary industry...that will remain the same!"

Everyone knew about Zhang Ye's temperament and knew that he would definitely not idle around. He would surely stir up something after coming to Department 14. They were already mentally prepared for it. Although they knew that the documentary industry did not have any future and it wasn't likely to have good viewership ratings or popularity, since there was nothing else to do anyway, they would just try their hands at making a documentary, treating it as a game or practice. No one could have expected that Director Zhang could not even wait a fucking day. They had just transferred to Central TV Department 14 for one day now and he was already finished with the proposal? And the program team schedules were planned out as well?

This was way too fast!

It's just a documentary, do you need to go to such extremes?

It would be fine if it was just filming for fun. Could it be that you're really planning to shoot a documentary with a viewership rating of a variety show in mind? You want to be the best in the documentary industry as well? How could you possibly get number 1? To clinch number 1 in an industry that can only get 0.0-something percent of the viewership ratings, is there any meaning to that? Besides, it was still a big question mark if they could even achieve a 0.0-something percent viewership rating. They were just an amateur team that had never come into contact with documentaries before and many of them didn't even understand the core essence of a documentary. They believed Director Zhang was just the same as them. For a director of a variety show leading a team of variety program staff who were totally clueless, how far could they possibly go in the documentary industry!?

Zhang Zuo made eye contact with Ha Qiqi.

"Are there any questions?" Zhang Ye glanced at everyone.


"Uh, we will listen to whatever you say!"


"Director Zhang, we'll follow your arrangements!"

"Please assign the tasks. We're your subordinates anyway, so anything is fine."

Everyone replied positively as they could only respond that way. What questions could they have? Some disagreements could only be left unsaid.

Zhang Ye voiced his understanding while smiling. "Alright, there's nothing more from me then. I'm just informing everyone about this. You guys don't have to feel too pressured. Let's just regard this as practice since that was also Director Yan's intention. It doesn't matter how the shoot turns out. We don't have to care about the viewership ratings either."

With Zhang Ye saying that, everyone heaved a sigh of relief!

Just film it as we like it?

And we can even disregard the documentary's viewership ratings?

Only then did they walk away smiling.

The reason Zhang Ye said that was because he did not want to give them any pressure or push them too hard. There was no point in telling them too much, but the main point was that no one would believe him even if he told them. If that was the case, wouldn't it be better to just let everyone feel relaxed and treat this as a sort of game? As long as Zhang Ye knew how to prioritize, that would be good enough. The team only needed to ensure they completed their assigned tasks up to par and need not worry about any other things. In this way, he could potentially better bring out everyone's potential instead.

Next, it was the issue of money. This must be solved immediately. If the production budget was not dealt with, they would not be able to carry out the filming for the show!

He began thinking of different approaches!

Use his own money? Impossible. The executives would not agree to it and the station would not allow this. This was not his personal show and the procedures would be wrong too. Besides, Zhang Ye might not even have several million in his account anymore. As a person who had never accepted doing commercial events, he only depended on the meager sums earned from the few novel copyrights he had. On top of that, he had bought a car, spent on food and other expenses, all this often without a second thought. There was probably no other B-list celebrity who was poorer than Zhang Ye.

How about requesting for more funding from Yan Tianfei? But he couldn't bear to touch on that. Besides, their Department 14 was not considered a large channel. It was just a new channel ranked at the bottom, and it was a question whether they even had so much money!

What should he do?

What could he do?

Zhang Ye did not know what to do. He just walked around in circles inside his office, his hands behind his back with a constantly changing expression!

This was a major stumbling block!

He had no more ideas! No ideas whatsoever!

Suddenly, Zhang Ye sat down and lit a cigarette. He concentrated and raised up his hand to open up the game ring's interface. It had been a long time since he had used the game ring, and without any other options left, Zhang Ye could only go for the last resort. The game ring!

What tricks did he have up his sleeve?

It was the upgraded Lucky Halo of course!

During this period of time, Zhang Ye had earned a lot of reputation points which he did not get to use much, so most of them accumulated until now. This Lucky Halo was very powerful, especially after he had gained the "upgraded" version of it. The reputation points that it consumed was so fast that it was like that of a running tap. This speed was so scary that Zhang Ye had not used it much since he gained the purchasing rights to the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) at the Merchant Shop. But he was left with no choice today. He had to use it!

He needed the luck and the money urgently!

Almost without hesitation, Zhang Ye took a deep breath and opened the Merchant Shop to press the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) item immediately!

The Lucky Halo was activated.

A dazzling, angelic, white ring of light appeared over his head suddenly and his reputation points decreased rapidly!




Zhang Ye clasped his hands together and prayed!

Please bless me!

Give me some power!