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 Chapter 777: Johannes pays a visit!

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It was quite a mess after all the praise and criticism of Zhang Ye mixed together. Johannes was at a Beijing hotel reading the comments from those professionals and Chinese citizens. He did not know what Zhang Ye was feeling at this moment, nor did he want to know. All he knew was that he wanted to vomit blood right now!

This person has gone mad!

He is simply a lunatic!

"Johannes, what have you been doing?! What have you been doing!" His boss at the Abel Foundation had called up Johannes directly. Clearly, back in America, they had already been informed of the news!

Johannes panicked and said: "There was some misunderstanding, this matter..."

The superintendent shouted: "I don't care what misunderstandings there are! Can you settle this matter?"

"Yes, I will settle it immediately!" Johannes replied quickly.

His boss made his stance clear. "If you don't handle this matter well, then you can prepare to resign as administrator of the Abel Foundation tomorrow!" Du du du, the call ended!

Johannes was taken aback!

For the past few decades in the history of the Abel Prize, there had never a case of anyone turning down the award. Even when they awarded it to an 89-year-old French mathematician in the year before last, he earnestly came in person to the award ceremony with his grandson and granddaughter helping him walk up to the stage to receive the award. The value and achievement of this award were obvious. No matter which country's mathematician you were, it was impossible to remain unmoved by the Abel Prize. They would definitely feel excited to receive the Abel Prize as it was an honor of a lifetime to a mathematician!

But now?


An idiot who wants to turn the award down has appeared!

Someone who would become the first person in history to turn down the Abel Prize!

Johannes's wife who was beside him panicked. "Think of a solution quickly! Quickly!"

Johannes slammed his hands on the table and said, "I've already contacted Peking University and the embassy!"

"Make a few more calls! Tell them that the visa application can already be processed. All they need now is for Zhang Ye to show up at the embassy and submit the necessary paperwork, and that it will be approved immediately, today!" his wife said anxiously.

"Do you think that I didn't say all that?!" Johannes exclaimed. "They only said that they will try to communicate it to Zhang Ye! But did they communicate it to him? They have already communicated for so long yet there is still no news from them!"

His wife said, "You should call Zhang Ye! And tell him directly!"

Johannes said exasperated, "I've called him already, but he won't pick up!"

His wife was all pale by now. "What...what should we do now?!"

Johannes took two deep breaths and then said, "I'll get Zhang Ye's address. I don't believe he would dare to turn the award down if I pay him a visit personally! He might just be making an empty show of strength!"

When his wife heard that, she hurriedly agreed, "That's right, he won't have the guts!"

Initially, Johannes's plan was working well. He thought that by stifling Zhang Ye with the visa application procedures, he was showing him his authority. It was to tell him who the decision maker was for this Abel Prize. But who could have expected that when Zhang Ye reacted with his move, Johannes would become totally flustered by it. By wanting to turn the award down, Zhang Ye had really caught him and the Abel Foundation in America completely off guard!

Johannes understood that a comment posted on a discussion forum was very true. He couldn't be sure how badly affected Zhang Ye would be if he gave up the award, but to the Abel Foundation and Johannes, there would be grave repercussions! As such, they couldn't afford to bear it! Zhang Ye must definitely accept the award! There was no room for negotiation! Otherwise, the Abel Foundation's reputation would take a big hit! No one could bear such a consequence!


At home.

Zhang Ye was currently on the phone with his mother.

"You are not going to accept the award?"

"You know about the news already?"

"Of course, how can I not know about it!? We were bringing the child out to sightsee when we overheard some nearby tourists discussing about this matter. It wouldn't be difficult for me to find out even if I tried to pay no heed!"

"Anyways, I won't accept the award. Let Dad know about this as well."

"Rascal, are you crazy? This is a major international award and you're just turning it down like that?"

"That Johannes was making things difficult for me, so tell me, why should I treat him nicely?"

"But that doesn't have anything to do with the acceptance of the award! The Abel Foundation has nothing to do with that!"

Zhang Ye shook his head and said: "Hur hur, how could they be not related, Mom? You sure are funny. Would Johannes alone be able to halt my visa application? Do you think he is capable of that? Does he have the capability to do so? The problematic invitation documents were sent from the Abel Foundation. Do you believe that no one from the Abel Foundation knew about this matter? He has been coordinating on both sides all this while!"

His mother said angrily: "I can't help but wonder why all the good things always end up badly when it involves you. Why didn't the other award recipients have any problems and only you are running into problems every time?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said: "That's because this bro abhors evil! I can't bear having grit in my eyes!"

"Come on, you! You might as well drive me to the grave!" His mother mocked at him for a brief while before hanging up. She did not go on rambling anymore as she understood her own son well. What type of person was Zhang Ye? He could make something out of nothing while lazing around, much less if there was something going on. She was already used to it.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Zhang Ye wondered who was at the door. When he answered it, he saw Johannes standing at the doorstep. Whoa, the person in question had arrived?

Johannes was sweating profusely. He immediately said, "Zhang, I've finally found you!"

Zhang Ye smiled. "Mr. Johannes, didn't you say on the phone that you were currently out of the country? And that you could not make it back within the next two days? So what is the meaning of this? Did you come here in a space shuttle?"

Upon hearing this, Johannes looked somewhat awkward. He coughed and replied, "Zhang, after knowing that your visa application was denied, I hurriedly rushed back. Who could have guessed that when I got back, I heard that you wanted to turn down the award. You...you are being too rash. Was there a misunderstanding on this matter?"

Zhang Ye smiled but did not speak.

When Johannes saw that, he immediately said in outrage, "The embassy staff were too much! I will be honest with you, I couldn't stand those bunch of people since a long time ago! For such simple paperwork formalities like a visa application, they insist on going through so many troublesome procedures. Even I would get angry when I see them like that, let alone you! Don't worry, Zhang. When I return to America, I will give feedback about this situation to the relevant people! We must deal with them seriously! Criticize them! We will expedite the process with a separate channel for such famous academics like you in the future! We must be able to change the procedures for the processing of visas-simplify! Simplify! And further simplify! Efficiency! Efficiency! And more efficiency! We cannot let such a diligent academic like yourself waste your precious time worrying about the procedures of a visa application!"

As Johannes's wife was Chinese, he had fully mastered the essence of Mandarin!

"Zhang, you don't have to worry about this matter anymore. Give me your passport and we will go to the embassy right now. Just show your face and I will make sure they handle all the paperwork for you!" Johannes offered to bear all the responsibilities on himself.

But Zhang Ye smiled and said, "There's no need to."

Johannes hurriedly said, "Zhang, you don't have to worry about troubling me. Please don't be so polite with me. I'm your old friend from America. I will definitely handle this matter properly for you!"

Zhang Ye stayed silent.

"Zhang!" Johannes tried his best to convince him. "You shouldn't be turning down the award just because you are angry with those detestable embassy staff. It's not worth it! It's really not worth it! Although they have made some mistakes, you must also give them a chance to turn over a new leaf!"

Zhang Ye looked at him.

Johannes said, "Zhang, I'm begging for leniency on behalf of them. Give them a chance and don't take it up with those embassy staff. Can you give me, Johannes, some face regarding this matter?"

Zhang Ye asked, "Is that all?"

Johannes: "Uh? Yes."

However, in the next moment, Zhang Ye closed the door lightly. "Bye."

Outside, Johannes, who was rebuffed, was becoming even more anxious now. He banged on the door and shouted from outside, "Zhang, come out first. Let's discuss this again, please don't be rash, don't be rash! You're being irresponsible to yourself, your family, and the field of mathematics! Please open the door, Zhang! Let's talk it over again!


"Open the door! Open the door!

"Zhang Ye!

"Open the door!

"Zhang Ye, I'll curse your great-grandfather!"

After shouting for a long time, he finally let out a curse.

Zhang Ye was angered when he heard that, so he rolled up his sleeves, stood up, and opened the door. However, after opening the door, Johannes had already disappeared. Zhang Ye could only hear the sound of running footsteps coming from the corridor!

Zhang Ye shouted down the corridor, "Fuck your grandpa!"

He closed the door and returned to his room, doing whatever he wanted to do. A while later, his cell phone rang again. This time, it was a number calling from America. Even if Zhang Ye thought with his feet, he knew for certain that the Abel Foundation's people were also getting anxious. He rejected the call immediately without picking up the phone. He had already made up his mind, so it was useless no matter who they sent!


Online, on Weibo, and even on a debate program on TV, the experts and industry insiders were still divided into two camps and arguing nonstop!

A Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: "Dignity is always greater than the award itself!"

A social affairs commentator: "Zhang Ye makes a mockery of the entire world! I have never considered this to be so-called dignity and respect! In my opinion, this shows a lack of magnanimity and self-restraint instead!"

An educator: "Magnanimity does not equate to tolerance!"

The famous songstress, Zhang Xia: "This is Zhang Ye's personal award. Whether he accepts it or not, we should respect Zhang Ye's decision. Why is everyone scolding him?"

Today, all the news headlines seem to have been occupied by Zhang Ye!

Actually, back when Zhang Ye proposed the solution to Dale's Conjecture, he had already caused a stir in the world. At that time, those who knew him already knew him, so even if he received the award now, most people would find it unexpected in a sense but not beyond reason. Although it was rather surprising, it was not that shocking. Therefore, based on common sense, even if Zhang Ye went to America to accept the award, his popularity would still not increase by much.

However, Zhang Ye's sudden turning down of the award today had instead allowed his exposure to rise dramatically. With the ongoing debates and discussions, Zhang Ye's popularity soared along with them!

He wouldn't have gained much popularity if he chose to accept the award. However, by turning it down, his popularity surged instead?

That's right! In this world, there were just some things that worked in mysterious and dramatic ways!