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 Chapter 759: The organizers are alerted!

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At Hall 2.

In front of the Plants vs. Zombies booth.

The crowd began to stir as countless nerds screamed over the dance music. Many of them nearly had nosebleeds as they stared fixedly at the booth babes' figures with eyes wider than the last, not wanting to miss a thing!


"This is too exciting!"

"I can feel my blood spurting out already! This is too exhilarating!"

"These are what professional booth babes are all about!"

"Hey, don't push! Stop pushing!"

"Can the person in front please duck a little?! I can't see a thing!"

"Dammit, this is getting to be too hot! They're wearing bikinis right from the start?"

"This must be a good game! It definitely has to be!!"

"I want to try playing the game!"

"Hey, don't cut the line! Dammit!"

"Compared to this game's booth, the other booths hold back way too much with their clothing choices!"

Everyone was bubbling with excitement as they crazily crowded their way inside. Some of them went to try out the game while others went straight to the booth babes and had their friends take photos for them as souvenirs!

Little Wang stared, her eyes wide. "This is too popular!"

Ha Qiqi looked around and said, "There aren't many people at the booths around here. Heh, those people have all been attracted to this game's booth instead."

At the moment, the four or five game booths next to the Plants vs. Zombies booth were practically deserted and quiet. Only a few booth babes dressed rather plainly stood scattered around the area, while there were hardly any gamers there. The staff of those video game companies looked aghast and were left gnashing their teeth as they stared at the Plants vs. Zombies booth, unable to do anything about it. They could only watch helplessly as the large group of gamers was drawn over to the other side. In contrast, the difference in the popularity between them was poles apart.

Over here.

The staff at this booth were very busy!

"Please line up, please line up!"

"One by one!"

"Hey, don't cut. That guy over there, please keep your distance from the booth babes, thank you!"

Of all the Plants vs. Zombies staff, Zhang Ye had only seen one or two of them before, and did not know the rest. There was also no sign whatsoever of Fat Sis. But giving it some thought, as the CEO of the video game company, Fat Sis was probably not going to personally participate in prominent activities such as this. However, all the planning and the attires of the booth babes were definitely handled and approved by Fat Sis herself.

Well done!

This was exactly the type of effect that he wanted!

Zhang Ye, who was standing not too far away, also looked very excited.

Little Wang took out her cell phone and sent a message to her colleagues: "Come quickly to Hall 2. There are a lot of pretty girls in bikinis over here. It's definitely more popular over here than where you are!"

After just five minutes, Wu Yi and the others arrived!

"Where are they?"

"What bikinis? Is it true?"

"Holy shit, it really is true!"

"This...this, this is heaven!"

"I have a nosebleed!"

The Voice's program team staff were all dumbfounded by what they saw!

More and more people were gathered at this side of the hall, creating a commotion that only got bigger and bigger. Not only did they attract almost everyone from within Hall 2, even visitors from Hall 1 and 3 rushed over with curiosity when they heard about it. They wanted to see what the excitement was about. When they saw it, everyone was stunned with astonishment!


It was too revealing!

Suddenly, those who were trying out the games in the booth also exclaimed loudly!

"This game is really fun to play!"

"The creativity of this game is just godly!"

"What a surprise! I thought this game wouldn't amount to much!"

"Is this still a puzzle game? Surely not, right? Why does this game play like a real-time strategy game?! Aiyo, this game design is too awesome and so enjoyable to play!"

"Old Liu, come here quickly. This game is awesome!"

"Seriously? Let me try it!"

"First, plant a sunflower to produce 'sun' so that you can buy and plant other plants."

"Whoa, it can even be done this way?"

"Yeah, this design is so cool!"

"I've already completed the demo! Damn, why does it only have three stages?! I haven't had enough!"

"Which company's game is this? How did they make something so awesome?"

"I don't know. I've never heard of the company's name before, so it probably hasn't been established long or have any well-known titles to it, otherwise I would surely have known about them."

"Hehe, my friend, is this game really that fun? Aren't you exaggerating? You guys must be saying so because the booth babes are wearing so little, right?"

"F**k off. It really is fun to play!"

"Right, if you don't believe us, wait for your turn and try it out yourself!"

It was a very lively atmosphere at the booth. It could be said that at this moment, this was the most popular game booth at this year's National C-G Gaming Expo. The amount of people gathered here kept increasing and the scene was almost getting out of control!

Zhang Ye, Little Wang, Ha Qiqi, and the others who wanted to try out the game got into the line too, but there were already dozens of others in front of them. There were a total of ten game consoles with demos and every line was similar. Judging by this, even if they waited in line until noon, they still would not get to play. Moreover, at the end of the long lines, there were two lines of gamers that stretched all the way to the entrance of the other game booths, occupying their areas!

The other video game companies were barking in anger!

The staff at the booth to the east said, "This is too much!"

The staff at the booth to the north said, "It's only a puzzle game! Is there a need for this?!"

The staff at booth #271 to the south said, "It's only skimpy clothing! Are they competing over the game's quality or fighting to see who can wear the least clothes?!"

In the end, the organizers of the expo were alerted. The security guards came to disperse some of the crowd to maintain order. In the end, it wasn't known why, but even some of the organizers' managers arrived. They had a quick discussion after they witnessed the scene, then made several calls before finally ordering that the booth babes at the Plants vs. Zombies booth be withdrawn!

The staff of the Plants vs. Zombies booth were not having any of this. "But why?!"

The organizers' manager said, "You have affected the other game booths. A lot of them have jointly lodged a complaint against your booth. Besides, your booth babes' attires have seriously violated the rules. They must to go immediately. Her, her, and her. They can remain behind, but the rest wearing bikinis must go. Otherwise, we will penalize you and take away your rights to put on an exhibit here!"

They were just following procedure as the clothing of the booth babes at this booth had indeed crossed the line. It would not be a problem if there were only the gamers around, but since there were also many reporters from all over the country present, if they reported in the media about this matter, it would definitely attract quite a controversy. If they as the organizers let this matter slide, it would definitely affect them greatly as well. This was why they decided to deal with the matter at once.

Upon hearing that, the players were not happy either.

"What's the matter?!"

"Isn't this great?!"

"That's right, it isn't easy for them pretty girls either!"

"They're very well covered!"

"I feel that they're dressed within the limits, so based on what are you asking them to leave?"

"Don't make them leave! We still want to see them!"

Many of the nerds began to boo loudly.

But the organizers maintained their stance and insisted on dealing with this matter as a violation.

Zhang Ye was also extremely annoyed seeing this. Why are you treating this as a violation? What rules have they violated?! Isn't this still quite acceptable?! Don't they still have their clothes on?! What's wrong with wearing bikinis? What's wrong with it? If this is unacceptable, then all the beaches in the entire country should be cordoned off! All the malls in the entire country shouldn't be selling bikinis anymore! What wrongs have the bikinis committed? What crimes are the bikinis guilty of? The bikini is one of the greatest inventions in human history. What you all are doing right now is an insult to the collective wisdom of mankind! It's a lack of respect for the masses!!

A conspiracy!

There's definitely a conspiracy afoot!

This is utterly despicable!

Zhang Ye exploded with anger and cursed all eight generations of the organizers' ancestors!

As for him previously mentioning firmly boycotting and resolutely eradicating such behavior, and how over time the nation would be in peril, this guy had obviously clean forgotten everything he had believed!